Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 501

Chapter 501: This world is truly unfair

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Seiji guided his companions through the darkness with the seal on his right hand. They eventually arrived at their destination.

Just like after they cleared out the Sengoku Girls' Middle School, no more skeletons, zombies, nor anything else attacked them as they walked directly to the domain lord's castle in the "I Transformed into a Smartphone in Another World" setting.

That was where Matsutani and the others saw several unimaginably beautiful girls.

"Natsuya Yoruhana?" Miyabi recognized her as they were all from the same school. "Also Hitaka Shuho as well? Also, that's"

While Miyabi was busy being astounded, these girls walked up to Seiji and his companions. One of these girls walked up to him and hugged him!

Seiji also hugged Shika and gently patted her head.

The scene fell silent for a moment.

"This must be your adopted younger sister, Harano-kun. Please introduce her to me!" Matsutani spoke up first. "Also, please introduce these others to me as well. They'll make for excellent light novel characters!"

Nobody knew quite how they were supposed to respond to Matsutani's statement. However, Nomura and all the other light novel authors silently agreed with Matsutani's last statement.

A heroic-seeming red-haired girl, a cute heterochromia cat girl, a beautiful girl with sleek long black hair All these beautiful girls seemed to be quite different, and would make for amazing character templates.

They never expected that apart from Seigo Harano's adopted younger sister, all the other people coming to save him would be also be incredibly beautiful girls!

Although they were surprised, they all felt like they understoodit was all because Seigo Harano himself was incredibly handsome.

Those that were incredibly handsome were on a different level of existence from ordinary people. Koushi Nomura and Shousei Maishi deeply understood this as they were ordinary males.

"These sisters are all so beautiful. However, the most beautiful one is still my cat onee-san," Ya-chan spoke up.

'No, I can't compare at all,' Miyabi thought to herself.

Not even mentioning Genhana High School's student council president, Natsuya Yoruhana, even the student council vice-president Hitaka Shuho was someone who far surpassed most other girls in physical appearance.

Also, Miyabi recognized that cat girl next to them as matching the description of the legendary mysterious middle school student from their combined middle and high school. The cat girl had a cute beauty to her that definitely did the rumors justice.

The girl tightly hugging Seigo Harano was obviously his adopted younger sister. Miyabi felt that this girl appeared familiar to her as well.

"Allow me to introduce everyone"

Seiji let go of Shika and did some simple introductions for everyone present.

When Miyabi got a closer look at Shika Kagura's appearance after the latter stopped hugging Seigo Harano, Miyabi finally recalled that she had indeed seen this girl before in the school library! Shika's incredible beauty and cold aura around her had given Miyabi a deep impression.

"Kagura-san, please become a character model for my story! I would like to write a new character in 'Can't Sleep with my Younger Sister' based on you!" Matsutani energetically spoke up right after Seiji introduced him.

Shika looked towards Seiji for an explanation.

Seiji had an expression of "you can just ignore this person."

"I refuse," Shika stated those two words calmly before hiding behind her adopted older brother's back.

"Please reconsider! I heard from Harano-kun that you're also a fan of my light novel, 'I Can't Sleep when I'm Sleeping with my Younger Sister'. In order to make my story even better, I sincerely request as the author that you contribute your precious part to improve my story!" There was a sharp glint in Matsutani's eyes.

"And the truth in your heart?" Seiji looked at him.

"I want to use the excuse of character modeling to make this incredibly cute model make all sorts of various poses, hehehe"

*Pound!* Another iron fist of justice smashed upon the pudgy middle-aged man's head.

"I've already warned you about this, Senpai."

"Ribbit ribbit"

Everyone was rendered speechless to see Matsutani once again with his back on the ground, imitating a frog.

After Seiji finished introducing both sides to each other, he asked Natsuya if they found the author Imai Yoshida. Natsuya indicated towards a blue cell phone that Rana held out.

"I'm Imai Yoshida" The cell phone started talking.

Yoshida really did become a cell phone! Nomura and the others had rather subtle expressions upon learning this fact.

"Please remain calm, Yoshida-san. You should be able to return to your real body after we go back to reality." Seiji took the cell phone and told this to Yoshida.

"I shall do so, Harano-san." Yoshida sighed. "There's no use even if I don't remain calm, after all. Nothing I can do about having changed into such a form."

Yoshida mysteriously transformed into a smartphone just like the main character in his award-winning light novel. He also went through his own story's events, which made him feel like he was dreaming.

Later, the black mist appeared and he lost consciousness all the way until Natsuya and the others found him.

After listening to Yoshida's experiences, Seiji explained what happened to himself and his companions to Yoshida, Natsuya, and the other girls.

"The next step was for us to return to the Moon Bunny Eatery and have the restaurant owner cast a spell to locate the final person here: Shoutarou Rinura. Then, we need to go look for him. After we find him, we are going to have the restaurant owner cast a spell to return us to our 'original world'... Well, that was our original plan. Natsuya, now that you all have entered this realm as well, things have changed." Seiji looked at Natsuya. "What's your thoughts on all this?"

Natsuya fell silent for a moment.

"Since that restaurant owner's spell successfully located two people already, that proves that his spell is indeed effective." Something flashed in her eyes. "Let's just go with your original plan and go locate the final person."

Seiji nodded in agreement.

And so, everyone started walking towards the Moon Bunny Eatery.

On the way, Shika walked right next to Seiji and held on to his large hand.

"I must have made you worry about me." Seiji smiled at her.

Shika didn't say anything in response. She merely gripped his hand even tighter.

Seiji then felt that something landed on his back.

This familiar sensation was Rana!

The cat girl pounced on his back and hugged him tightly.

"I must have made you worry about me as well, Kirin-san."


The cat girl rubbed his neck with her face.

There was a sharp glint in Shika's eyes when she witnessed this. She edged herself even closer to Seiji's body.

Meanwhile, Natsuya was walking on Seiji's other side. She walked at a distance by which she would be able to easily touch him if she just slightly moved her arm.

"I'm so envious of Harano-kun No, I'm jealous," Matsutani, who was walking behind them, spoke in a low voice. "This world is truly unfair, don't you agree, Nomura-kun?"

"Why are you asking me?"

"Because of your jealous expression."

"I showed no such thing!" Nomura denied it.

"Don't deny it. I can smell the scent of jealousy from all over your body!"

"Is there even such a thing!?"

"You're very jealous of how the handsome guy gets to have so many girls clinging on to him. You have an ordinary appearance and are just a coward inside. You know that you'll never be able to become like him, which is why you began to despair and rage, gradually beginning to loathe this cruel world"

"Don't say it like I'm turning into some villain's backstory!"

"Just admit it, Nomura-kun! You're just like me, an ugly existence that nobody accepts and who loathes the world." Matsutani acted all serious.

"Ugly existence, the hell! I don't loathe the world, nor am I someone that nobody accepts!!" Nomura retorted forcefully.

Nomura now understood what it felt like for Seigo Harano to constantly deal with this strange Senpai's antics.

"To be honest, I am a little jealous," Maishi who was walking next to them interjected. "Facing a guy like Harano-san who's so handsome, nice, surrounded by beautiful girls, and seems more like a main character than most light novel main characters, I think that any male would more or less become slightly jealous."

'I have to admit that he's right.' Nomura couldn't help but silently agree.

The first time that Nomura saw Seigo Harano, he was astonished at the latter's incredibly handsome appearance as well as impressed with Seigo's writing ability. He felt that Seigo was an excellent high school author.

After getting involved in this incident and interacting with Seigo here, seeing his strength and learning about his personality, not to mention also seeing so many beautiful girls willing to risk their lives to come save him from this strange realm Nomura couldn't help but feel a slightly strange feeling.

While Nomura did admire Seigo, and was perhaps slightly jealous as well, more than anything else, he felt that Seigo was simply far too blindingly brilliant.

The person known as Seigo Harano seemed just too cool and handsome to him.

Nomura took a look at the tall figure walking in front of him.

'Although we're experiencing such a mystical adventure together, it's difficult for someone as ordinary as me to become friends with someone as blindingly brilliant as him At most, we'll probably just be fellow authors that might see each other on occasion for a few chats,' Nomura thought to himself.

'Hmm, I wonder what the women think of him?' Nomura glanced over at Miyabi and Yuuko.