Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 465

    Chapter 465: Hes awakened his desires

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    "Recover I suppose our relationship has recovered, although the situation is still a bit subtle," Seiji told her.


    "It's not easy to explain. At any rate, she's currently my ally."


    "I told her about how I became a Yin-Yang Master and about the duel I'm joining in soon. She indicated that she wanted to provide me with equipment, and that she wanted to talk to you, so I gave her your phone number."

    "Oh" Natsuya paused for a moment. "So your relationship with her has improved, but not to the point of completely recovering, right?"

    "Yes, you could say that."

    "Understood. No matter what, it's always a good thing to have more people helping out."

    Natsuya said that she would have a proper discussion with Hana and ended the call.

    Seiji was quite curious about exactly what they would discuss. But, since he didn't understand the workings of mystical equipment, he figured that there was no need for him to ask to listen in.

    He believed in the two of them, so he would simply wait for the results.

    Natsuya and Hana had a video chat and discussed in detail about the weapons and equipment that Seiji would use during the duel.

    "Let's just do it like that for the idiot's equipment apart from all this, there's a question I'd like to ask you, Yoruhana-san."

    Hana still wore her cat-eared hat and cute cat mask in front of Natsuya as well.

    "What would you like to ask? Haruta-san."

    "Do you want to get married to that idiot?" Hana asked in a very direct manner.

    Natsuya's expression froze for a second.

    "Why why are you asking this?" She started to feel panicky.

    "Because I feel like the two of you might develop such a relationship."

    "We're just friends"

    "You should take a look in the mirror at your current expression. Only an idiot would believe what you just said."

    Natsuya was rendered speechless.

    "He's already told me about the things between you and him. Anyone who has a normal amount of knowledge about relationships between men and women wouldn't believe that the two of you are 'just friends.' Actually, he's already admitted to me that he's romantically interested in you," the cat-eared hat girl continued.

    "Seiji admitted such a thing?" Natsuya's heartbeat increased and she began blushing an obvious red.

    She was literally a beauty in love Hana felt as if she could detect an acrid smell of youthful love even from across the computer screen!

    This made her feel displeased.

    "That's right, he indeed admitted it. That's why I want to know just what you think about him. Please answer my question."

    "I still haven't thought about it" Natsuya's face was burning up and her eyes became watery.

    'Seiji actually admitted it in front of his younger sister that he's romantically interested in me'

    Her mind was currently all occupied with this one thought. She felt rather dazed, while a warm feeling began spreading in her chest.

    "If you haven't thought about it yet, it's best that you think about this in detail starting from right now," Hana stated lightly.

    "This isn't it too early"

    "No, it's not early at all. As you're the daughter of the Yoruhana Family, you should have thought about this issue from the very start. See clearly for yourself whether that idiot is a good partner for your or not, and rationally see what he's really like!"

    "Eh?" Natsuya was surprised to hear the last part. What Seiji was really like?

    "You should know that Seiji Haruta used to be a depraved otaku scumbag in the past. Even if he's changed now and become a bit more handsome, some foundational things haven't changed at all," the cat-eared hat girl went on in a serious tone. "He's still an otaku, and has a problem common to all disgusting otakus. That is, he has the awful habit of wanting to start a 'harem collection!' Normally, most otakus can only fulfill their harem collecting dreams through game and anime female characters since typical otakus are limited by their personal specs. However, when an otaku with the looks and abilities to pull off such a dream appears, it will become a sinful desire! Seiji Haruta is such a person. He's already awakened to his desires, and having only one girl will never satisfy him! His true self is a shameless pervert who likes to collect all sorts of beautiful girls! He's a demon who will reach out to capture any prey that he likes at all!! His ultimate goal is to create a terrifyingly large harem with countless girls that he can vent his desires on at any time he wishes!!!"

    Natsuya was astonished to hear all this.

    She didn't know how to react for the time being to Hana's grand speech.

    "Don't be misled by his handsome outer appearance. Only by seriously observing and pondering will you be able to see the truth," Hana warned Natsuya seriously.

    "Er got it." For the time being, Natsuya went along with it. "You have such a low evaluation of Seiji your older brother. In that case, why are you still helping him out?" She couldn't help but ask.

    "Because I'm taking advantage of him," Hana replied. "Although he's a shameless perverted idiot, he still has some uses when being taken advantage of."

    "Taking advantage"

    Natsuya recalled that she had said something similar to Seiji during the Winter Snow Festival and couldn't help but smile.

    "Why are you smiling?"

    "Nothing, I just recalled something."

    Natsuya looked directly at Hana on the screen.

    "You don't actually think that, do you?"


    "What you said just now You actually don't have a low evaluation of him at all, do you?"

    "Everything I said just now was the truth!" The cat-eared hat girl averted her gaze.

    "Although I can't see your expression under your cat mask, I think that what you said just now isn't believable." Natsuya suddenly felt that Hana was rather cute. Was Hana a so-called tsundere girl?

    "It's up to you whether to believe me or not. At any rate, I've already warned you. It's your own problem if you still can't see the truth for what it is, hmph!" Hana spoke coldly. "If you really have to be with him, just go ahead and cry when you find out that he's a harem-loving bastard!"

    "A harem" Natsuya folded her arms. "I haven't thought about this topic before, but judging from Seiji's behavior perhaps inside him, he really does have a little bit of this sort of interest."

    "Far more than just a little bit! He's basically a harem story protagonist!!"

    "Harem story protagonist Ha, this description actually sounds pretty cute." Natsuya chuckled at the thought.

    "You're even laughing! Do you really not mind?" Hana furrowed her eyebrows.

    "Of course I mind. However, it's not strange for an excellent boy to have several girlfriends no, I should say that it's quite normal." Something flashed in the student council president's eyes. "Men that have the abilities and looks often have multiple girls around them. That's what I commonly see the most, not the world's common sense about one man being with only one woman. If Seiji creates a harem at first impression, it does sound rather difficult to accept, but when I compare it to situations in reality, I feel like it's not all that hard to understand anymore. In fact, a person like him a wondrous talent having only one girlfriend almost feels like a waste of his abilities."

    "W-what!?" The cat-eared hat girl even began shouting out loudly. "You actually approve of him having a harem!?"

    "I'm just considering things from a pragmatic point of view."

    "You're the daughter of the illustrious Yoruhana Family! You can actually tolerate your potential boyfriend having a girlfriend apart from you!?"

    Natsuya fell silent for a moment.

    "As long as I can maintain my status in his heart, along with making sure that he reins himself in when it's needed perhaps I'll be able to accept it."

    Hana was stunned to the point where she was staring with her mouth wide agape.

    'How could there be such a young lady from an illustrious Yin-Yang Master family!? Is that bastard's charisma truly so outstanding!?

    'No, wait, it's precisely because she's a daughter from an illustrious family'

    Just as Natsuya said, for normal people, one man being with only one woman was considered common sense. But for a daughter from an illustrious family like her in the circles that she was familiar with, in both high society and the mystical society, a man having many womena haremwas considered normal!