Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 464

Chapter 464: Basically the distance from Earth to Mars

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Hana was astonished to learn that Seiji had become a Yin-Yang Master already.

Last time, the fact that he took only a wooden sword with him to adventure in a Spirit World was already beyond her imagination. She didn't expect that this time

"You actually became a Yin-Yang Master already? How did you do it!?"

"Actually, I myself don't know how I did it, either."

"Why would you not know!?"

"Because just like changing job classes in a game, I did it simply by choosing the option. I don't know how the specific process went." Seiji awkwardly scratched his face.

"How is that possible, bastard!!" Hana retorted forcefully. "There has to be a limit to your joking around!!!"

'No, it's actually the truth.'

Seiji really wanted to say that out loud, but he felt that she would be unable to handle it judging by her current reaction.

"I really don't know. I just fell asleep, and when I woke up, I had already created a Yin-Yang Seal," he told her instead. "It felt like I experienced something in my dream, but I can't recall."

The cat-eared hat girl fell silent.

"I'm even beginning to wonder if I'm Seimei Kamijou's reincarnation, haha."

The cat-eared hat girl still remained silent.

Seiji felt rather awkward because he didn't hear a retort as he had expected.

"Er aren't you going to say anything?"

The cat-eared hat girl sighed.

"You're a reincarnator, a body stealer, a transmigrator, and a hero from another world. It doesn't matter anymore if you were a double reincarnator on top of all that," she spoke as if she didn't care about anything.

"I think that you should care at least a little more."

"Then should I be calling you Kamijou-sama? Or Milord Seimei?"

"That won't be necessary."

"Hmph it's good that you were able to become a Yin-Yang Master so quickly and all, but don't be too proud of yourself. You're still quite far from reaching Yui's power level," Hana warned him.

"About how far apart are our power levels?"

"Basically the distance from Earth to Mars."

"An astronomical level!?"

"That's right, are you scared now?"

"It's too exaggerated, so I actually can't feel anything at all. It absolutely isn't scary this way."

"Then I'll say it in a way that you can understand. Our older sister could easily kill a newbie like you who just became a Yin-Yang Master by only using one of her hands no, just one finger will be enough!"

'Just one finger will she flick me on the forehead?' Seiji couldn't help but think that to himself.

"Wow, so amazing, so scary~"

"With how fake your acting is, you might as well not act at all." The cat-eared hat girl folded her arms. "Sister Yui Haruta is truly strong. She's the strongest among all members of the Haruta Family that are in our age group, and she received an incredible nickname as well'Qilin Girl.'"

"Qilin Girl?"

"She's excellent all around and highly skilled at fire and thunder magical spells, which is why she received this nickname." Hana paused for a moment. "Before, there was a fellow from the Tendou Family who was also a genius Yin-Yang Master. He challenged Sister to a duel, and as a result, he and all his Spirit-branded Retainers were burned to death, turning into nothing but ash that was a huge incident."

"The Tendou Family is that one of the Seven Major Yin-Yang Master Families?"

"Yes. They had a bad relationship with our Haruta Family to begin with, and it only worsened after Sister's actions. Right now, Sister is hated by every young person in the Tendou Family, but nobody dares to challenge her anymore."

"How dominating." Seiji was sincere in exclaiming this.

Killing off another major family's genius, and suppressing all the young ones in that family to the point where they didn't even dare to do anything? Just what was that like? Seiji felt that it was on the level of a main character from a xuanhuan novel.

No wonder even someone like Akatsuki Mitarai was worried about Seiji's family background Seiji now felt that the only reason why a bastard like Akatsuki was so "polite" to him must have been directly related to Akatsuki's fear of Yui Haruta.

This Qilin Girl who even dared to kill a genius from another of the Seven Major Families, and all the young ones in the Seven Major Families were nothing more than trash in her eyes Akatsuki Mitarai probably recognized her power. His family wasn't even one of the Seven Major Families, after all.

"That's right, she's truly dominating. Now do you understand just how strong our sister is?"

"You actually want me to defeat someone as strong as her? What a request for you to make of me."

"Shut up! I've told you that it would be extremely difficult."

"It's not even at the level of extremely difficult, it sounds basically impossible."

"Hmph, are you actually scared now? Reincarnator transmigrator body stealer hero from another world."

"You're wrong, you should be calling me the double reincarnator transmigrator body stealer hero from another world. Since I have all the traits of the main character, how could I possibly be afraid!" A flash appeared in Seiji's eyes. "Even if I'm up against a god, I'll show you how I win!!"

"Yeah, yeah, so cool, you're truly amazing~"

"With how fake your acting is, you might as well not act at all." Seiji threw Hana's line right back at her.

"Apart from the fact that you became a Yin-Yang Master, was there anything else you wanted to tell me?" Hana changed the topic.

"Yeah. I'm about to participate in a Yin-Yang Master duel soon."


Hana no longer knew what expression she had anymore after she finished listening to yet another one of his explanations.

"Are you intending on marrying Natsuya Yoruhana?" she asked in an icy tone.

"No. I don't have that type of relationship with her."

"Even if you don't right now, it's basically almost at that stage! You harem protagonist, are you intending on making her the main wife, the female lead?"

"I wasn't thinking of anything like that at all. I want to help her half because she's my friend, and half because her opponent really pisses me off."

"You're doing so much just for the sake of a friend!? Who the hell would believe you!!"

Seiji awkwardly scratched his face.

Even he himself didn't believe it when he said he felt only "friendship" towards Natsuya.

"Alright then, I admit it, I am romantically interested in her But currently, our relationship really is just that of friends."

"Disgusting. Stop giving off the sour scent of a teenage idol love drama in front of me. Winners in life can all just go explode and die!"

"You were clearly the one who brought this topic up."

"Hmph." The cat-eared hat girl averted her gaze.

"That's all I wanted to tell you. I'm going to focus on cultivating this week to prepare for the duel. If there's anything else, let's talk again next week."

"Wait a moment! That's all?"

"Yep." Seiji nodded.

"Just how are you going to prepare? What about weapons? What about equipment?"

"I'm just going to work my hardest on cultivating and practicing. Natsuya will prepare weapons and equipment for us."

"Just how good could the things she can prepare even be" Hana muttered as she seriously considered something. "Give me Natsuya Yoruhana's cell phone number," she told Seiji.

"Eh?" Seiji paused in surprise for a moment. "Why do you want her cell phone number?"

"Obviously to contact her."

"Contact her for what?"

"To talk to her about your weapons and equipment, idiot!"

"You want to provide me with equipment?"

"Yes, idiot! Didn't I say such a thing last time as well!?"

"But this is a duel for Natsuya's sake, not a visit to a Spirit World"

"If you're going to participate in a duel, since I'm your ally, I still have to help you out!" the cat-eared hat girl said fiercely.


"Don't act all moved like that. It's disgusting."

Seiji was rendered speechless.

What should he do about the fact that he still felt she was quite cute despite her calling him disgusting?

*Ding!* Congratulations on becoming a masochist siscon! Seiji imagined such a system notification in his mind.

'No, no, I'm not a masochist, it's just that my sister is being tsundere which is really cute!!!' the siscon Seiji commented inwardly in his own mind.

He gave Natsuya's cell phone number to Hana, and Hana turned off the video chat after that.

A moment later, the student council president called him.

"I suddenly received a phone call from Hana Haruta. Were you the one who gave her my phone number?"

"Yes, my apologies."

"It's fine I was just really surprised." Natsuya sighed. "I didn't think that you had already recovered your relationship with your younger sister."