Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 457

    Chapter 457: Bite you!

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    "Shika-chan" Seiji was quite moved by his adopted younger sister's heartfelt intentions... as well as troubled.

    If he promised her as she wanted it, what should he do if there was a truly dangerous battle in the future?

    Even though he had the ability to save and load, he still didn't want to see Shika come to any harm.

    "I'm quite happy that you feel that way, but"

    "No buts allowed!" Shika prevented him from saying anything more. "Promise me, Brother!"

    Not promising seemed impossible. Seiji could only smile wryly.

    "Alright, I promise you with conditions."

    "No conditions allowed!"

    "Just allow me this tiny little thing."

    "Not permitted, I want the entire promise with no conditions attached!"

    "Don't be so willful."

    "Brother Seiji, you're the person with the least right to say such a thing!"

    "Er then allow me to willfully set my own conditions!"

    "Not permitted, I'm willfully requiring your unconditional promise!"

    "I willfully deny your willfulness!"

    "Denial refused!"

    "You're not allowed to refuse my denial!"

    "Stop trying to struggle, Brother!"

    "A man should struggle to the end, no matter how unseemly he is!" Seiji used a cool line in a wrong situation.

    "If you keep forcefully struggling against me, I'll" Shika lifted her head. "I'll bite you!"

    Seiji suddenly felt a strange sensation on his neck.

    "Eh!?" He was quite startled that he was really getting bitten.

    "Ahh" Shika returned to her senses and discovered that she had acted impulsively again, actually biting him.

    But, she didn't want to let go she absolutely had to get her idiot brother to surrender to her!

    And so, she continued biting down on him, while carefully controlling her strength in order notto injure Seiji.

    'This is Brother's taste'

    When she thought about how she was currently clamping down on his neck, a vital area, and tasting his flavor, a strange sensation welled up within her.

    She didn't know how to describe his sensation, but it felt quite good.

    "Ahh, ahh"

    "Ehh!?" Seiji was even more startled as he felt Shika starting to bite down even harder.

    It felt slightly itchy, slightly painful, and slightly moist it felt like things were turning bad!!

    "Shika, don't do this Ahh!"

    She was now biting on his ear!

    At this moment, he felt like an electric shock ran through his body!!

    "Mmm!" Shika detected that his ears were sensitive and focused on his ear instead.

    "Ahhh Stop biting!" His ear felt itchy, moist, and numb, and things were turning worse!!

    Seiji wanted to forcefully push her away, but was unable to muster up his strength.

    "Ahmm~ Whoosh~~"

    She actually blew into his ear! The feeling of an electric shock running through his body became even stronger!!

    'This is bad, this is bad!!' Seiji's face flushed completely red.

    "P please stop"

    "Mmm~" *Blow~~*

    "I can't take it anymore"

    "Ahmm~ Whoosh~"

    "No more"

    "Mmm~ Ahmm~~"

    "I I surrender! Hurry and stop!!"

    Shika finally heard what she wanted to hear.

    The strange sensation within her became even stronger as if she had achieved nirvana. She couldn't control herself and smiled victoriously.

    Her face was flushed and there was a seductive look in her eyes. With her smile, she seemed almost demonic in her devilishness.

    "Demon King" was the nickname that Chiaki had given to Shika before.

    If only Chiaki could have seen the "Demon King's" current expression, she would have definitely been astounded at how appropriate this nickname had been!

    "Brother since you've surrendered, you have to listen to me."

    "Yes I'll listen to you."

    "From now on, we'll always be together. You can't abandon me."

    "Don't say it like I really will abandon you. I just didn't want you to meet with any danger." Seiji smiled wryly.

    "I know but I can't stand it if I can't be at Brother's side," Shika told him softly.

    A moment of silence fell between them.

    'If a dangerous situation that I'm worried about really does happen in the future, I'll just have to deal with it when the time comes.' Seiji could only inwardly sigh.

    By the way, that was really fierce just now Shika was quite wild when she lost control of herself!

    He couldn't help but recall the sensations he felt from just earlier, which caused his face to heat up again.

    Meanwhile, the black-haired girl who had achieved her goal and calmed down gradually began to feel embarrassment at her actions.

    'What did I just do!!'

    Shika really wanted to shout out loudly.

    'I actually did such things? I I'

    At this moment, there was the sound of a key turning in the front door of Seiji's apartment.

    Reo had returned!

    The moment that Shika realized this, she suddenly moved. She darted out of her brother's embrace and returned to her room at top speed while slamming the door!

    Seiji was rendered absolutely speechless.

    "I'm back Harano onii-san, you've returned!" Reo smiled when she saw him, but she soon felt that something was strange.

    "Harano onii-san, what happened to your neck?"

    Seiji suddenly covered his neck as he realized there must be hickey marks.

    "Um I was feeling rather itchy just now, and scratched my neck I scratched myself a little too forcefully." He did his best to fool the elementary school girl.

    "Your face is really red."

    "That that's because I'm feeling a little hot"

    "Why would you feel hot?"

    "Er I was exercising just now and sweated a lot I'm going to go take a shower right now!" Seiji decisively made an escape.

    Reo was rather mystified.

    Her Harano onii-san seemed rather strange today just what could he have been exercising? She was rather confused.

    Later, Seiji finally managed to fool Reo after making great efforts.

    He felt like he had now experienced what it felt like for adults when their child accidentally interrupted them in the midst of something romantic.

    Seiji believed it was quite fortunate already that Reo only returned after Shika was done instead of in the midst of what Shika was doing to him he really wouldn't have known how to explain things away then!

    Shika's out-of-control behavior her way of throwing a tantrum was simply too amazing. Seiji could only inwardly exclaim at it.

    Biting his neck, biting his ear, even blowing in his ear it was all so ero!

    His adopted younger sister actually had such an ero way of losing control of herself and previously, she secretly borrowed his adult doujinshi to look at. Was that also another way of her expressing her ero tendencies?

    'My adopted younger sister couldn't possibly be this ero!'

    But, that was just how things were. It was truly something.

    What would happen if she lost control of herself like that again?

    Seiji help but try imagining it. However, he then used his strong willpower to force himself to stop!

    'Let's stop thinking about it, it's time to sleep I have something to do tonight after I fall asleep.'

    He lay on his warm bed and hugged the soft loli Reo as he relaxed himself and went to sleep

    Inside the soul realm.

    "Are you prepared?" Yomi asked him this question.

    "I don't even know what I need to do, so please tell me about that first. Then, I can tell you if I'm prepared or not," Seiji responded.

    "True enough indeed, heehee." The female spirit chuckled. "Actually, what you need to do is to talk with that child and provide your Mana to her."

    "Talk to her, and provide Mana?"

    "Talking to her is to teach her, while providing her with your Mana is to help raise her. These two combined will be her 'education.'"

    "What will happen as a result of doing so?"

    "She's a child who was just born. How she turns out will depend on the education that you give her. But no matter what she turns out to become, you will become an incredibly important existence for her, just like a mother to a child."

    Seiji was rendered speechless.

    "Heehee, I apologize, it would have been better if I said father for my analogy." Yomi chuckled.

    "Akatsuki is her creator no matter if you compare me to being her father or mother, it still feels unpleasant!"

    "Then, would you like to give up on her? If you don't teach her, she'll almost certainly end up devouring her creator Akatsuki Mitarai and become a powerful demon that's a choice you can make as well."