Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 447

Chapter 447: There was this type of trick!?

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After eating lunch, Natsuya and Seiji had a discussion in her study.

"How did you do it?"

Although Natsuya felt that it may be improper to pry, she was unable to restrain her curiosity and still asked it in the end.

It definitely was no easy matter to create one's own Yin-Yang Seal. Every Yin-Yang Master knew just how difficult it was, which was why Natsuya found Seiji's situation truly incomprehensible. Perhaps it was a bit of an exaggeration to call Seiji a god or demon because of it, but having these types of thoughts were understandable.

"Actually, I recalled my previous life's memories." Seiji pretended to be serious. "In my previous life I was Seimei Kamijou!"

Natsuya was rendered speechless.

The study fell silent for several seconds.

"Haha, I was just joking." Seiji chuckled. "I don't really know how I did it myself, either."

That was the truth. It was all taken care of by his system, and Seiji really had no idea what the process of creating a Yin-Yang Seal should have been like.

Natsuya didn't laugh at his joke. Instead, she continued staring at him.

"Perhaps that really is the case"


"Perhaps you really are Seimei Kamiaki's reincarnation," the student council president stated with a serious expression.

This time, it was Seiji's turn to be rendered speechless.

The study fell silent for another several seconds.

"Cough let's discuss something else instead." Seiji forcefully changed the topic in order to avoid the mysterious awkwardness he was feeling. "What do you feel now about us dueling together against Akatsuki Mitarai?"

Something flashed in Natsuya's eyes.

"You became a Yin-Yang Master this is an excellent ace up our sleeves. If we use this well, we can indeed defeat him."

"I know, right? I said before that we can win."

"There's still a great amount of risk, though. After all, you only became a Yin-Yang Master today, and you're a complete newbie." Natsuya folded her arms. "Rather than dueling with him right away, I think that it would be much better to stall for time. After all, with your rate of growth, it probably won't take long before you're at a level where you'll surpass him completely."

Seiji didn't say anything to this.

"But you don't want to do things like that, and I think that doing things that way would be relying far too much on you." Natsuya chuckled lightly. "Akatsuki Mitarai is my opponent as you said. You can't retract those words of yours."

Seiji simply looked at her.

"You've already worked so hard that you've successfully become a Yin-Yang Master. If I still want to retreat after all that, it would be so unseemly. That's why, for the sake of your willfulness and my pride"

There was a sharp glint in the Yoruhana Family daughter's eyes.

"Let's get rid of that guy together!"

Seiji smiled as he heard her words filled with battle spirit.

What was the correct strategy for two weaker Yin-Yang Masters allied together to deal with a much stronger Yin-Yang Master?

The first and most basic strategy that anyone would be able to think of would be to use an advantage of numbers in Spirit-branded Retainers. Use swarm tactics to take care of the enemy's Spirit-branded Retainers, then finally surround and defeat Akatsuki. Or, at the very start, use swarm tactics to overwhelm him.

However, Natsuya eliminated this option immediately. It wasn't because it was too shallow, but rather because they wouldn't be able to carry it out.

"To my knowledge, Akatsuki Mitarai has three Spirit-branded Retainers. If there's no limitations set on the duel, then he has the capability to hire another two temporary Spirit-branded Retainers for a total of five," Natsuya explained. "As for our side, if I cancel my temporary contract with you, I can have one additional temporary Spirit-branded Retainer. As for you even if you're capable of maintaining two Spirit-branded Retainers with your current level of Spiritual Power, if you add two to Hitaka, Rana, and a temporary hired Spirit-branded Retainer, we'll still only be two Yin-Yang Masters and five Spirit-branded Retainers, an advantage of only one personover Akatsuki. That's not much to speak of."

"Also, since I don't possess a Soul Spirit yet, I'm currently still your temporary Spirit-branded Retainer; if you cancel the temporary contract and I lose my bonded spirit, my combat strength will be greatly decreased," Seiji added.

"Indeed. So, assuming that the duel won't have any number restrictions for the participants, it still wouldn't be an advantage for us. And only restricting the number that he can have on his side without restricting our side that's pretty much impossible to negotiate for as a condition."

Since they were unable to have the advantage in quantity, they would have to turn to quality instead.

"We should form a 'Spirit-branded Alliance,'" Natsuya suggested.

"What's that?"

"That's a process by which two Yin-Yang Masters summon spirits for each other, making both Yin-Yang Masters into each other's Spirit-branded Retainer. This will form an intimate alliance, and it's also slightly stronger than typical Spirit-branded Retainer contracts." Natsuya paused for a moment. "That is to say, I'm going to modify the type of contract you have with me, and you need to summon a spirit for me and make me into your Spirit-branded Retainer."

There was this type of trick available? Seiji raised his eyebrows in surprise.

"After forming a 'Spirit-branded Alliance' with each other, both of us will become a bit stronger, but it'll also put more of a burden on us. Since I have a Soul Spirit already, adding a bonded spirit to myself as well will increase the burden upon me even further, although I'll also become stronger."

"So, it's just like equipping yourself with a second weapon that's a bit heavy. While your attack power will increase, there will be a greater burden to carry?"

"Yes, that's an apt analogy." Natsuya nodded. "As for the problem of the burden, I won't be able to maintain this Spirit-branded Alliance indefinitely. However, maintaining it until the conclusion of the duel should be fine. Also, since the Spirit-branded Alliance is two-way, it's a more intimate connection compared to normal Spirit-branded Retainer contracts. The effect of 'Mana Exchange' will occur."

"What's that?"

"Simply speaking, after spiritually connecting to each other, your Mana and mine will be connected as well. It might help to improve both our powers, but also might cause the opposite effect and decrease our powers if we lack compatibility."

"Then what should we do to make sure that our powers are increased rather than decreased?"

"That depends on the compatibility. I don't know the specifics, either. We can only find out by trying."

"We'll be able to become much stronger if we're highly compatible. If not, we'll actually become weaker" Seiji blinked at this. "This sounds rather similar to some situation from a hot-blooded battle manga."

"Hah, I totally agree." Natsuya smiled.

"I believe that we should be highly compatible. Let us become powerful partners no, the strongest combination of all!" Seiji made an immature pose that he copied from a battle manga's main character as he spoke in a passionate tone.

When the president heard him say "we should be highly compatible," her heartbeat rapidly increased and her face began to slightly flush red.

"Partners that sounds really nice." More ripples appeared in her heart when she tried imagining this.

'No, no, I can't be thinking of such things right now.'

Natsuya forced herself to regain her senses as she continued explaining, "Also, after making the Spirit-branded Alliance with me, if you still have extra Spiritual Power remaining, go ahead and make Rana into your Spirit-branded Retainer as well."

There was this type of trick as well!? Seiji was incredibly astonished.

"Kirin-san is your Spirit-branded Retainer already. It's possible for me to contract with her as well?"

"Yes, as long as I, the original contractor, agree to it." Natsuya nodded. "This is known as a 'Double Spirit Contract.' Similar to how I'll have to undertake the burden of both a Soul Spirit and a bonded spirit, Rana will undertake an additional burden as well, and also receive a suitable increase in her power level."

"Can she undertake such a burden?"

"It's not a problem. Rana's probably more capable of maintaining this burden for longer than even I am. No need to worry."

"Alright, then and if I still have extra Spiritual Power, should I do the same thing for Shuho-san?"

"Yes, if you're still capable of it."

Having Natsuya and her two Spirit-branded Retainers all become his own Spirit-branded Retainers as well Seiji felt that this was all quite subtle.

More accurately speaking, he was acting the part of something similar to being an additional equipment storage warehouse for them, rather than truly becoming their master and them becoming his servants.

But even if it was only in name, having three beautiful girls join him as his Spirit-branded Retainers sounded really nice to him.

He tried imagining Natsuya, Hitaka, and Rana, the tree beauties calling himself 'Master' all together Yep, he gave this scene one hundred and thirty-two likes!

Hey wait, wasn't this scene similar to what he saw when he was undergoing [Visualization]?