Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 431

Chapter 431: I bet youre still a virgin, arent you?

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'Ahh, I've received such a troublesome task.'

This was Ritsujirou Rokuhou's first impression of the task he'd received.

Searching for Awakened wasn't a big deal. However, it was a big deal because he had to do so at the Yoruhana Family's daughter's school.

Even though Ritsujirou didn't know too much in detail about her situation in her family, nor did he want to know too much, he could perceive that things were rather subtle on the surface, it appeared that she was in a fairly weak situation, but she actually still had her supporters and a significant amount of strength behind her.

Earlier, there was some guy was his name Okubo Yoshiaki? He seemed to recall that there was a guy by this name that made an error in judgement and lost badly on the negotiation table for a formal duel against Natsuya Yoruhana. In the end, not only was that guy defeated in the duel, he even died!

She seemed weak, but actually possessed power. She seemed gentle, but when she fought, she was willing to kill others

Ritsujirou didn't want to have anything to do with her. It wasn't because he was afraid, it was because he had a personality that made him prefer to avoid all things troublesome.

He heard that when she was requested by her family to find all the Awakened at her school, she had forcefully attempted to refuse, and was extremely resistant to the idea. She only obeyed in the end due to her family's strict commands.

In such a situation, Ritsujirou felt that it would be all the more troublesome.

"Why does it look like you're constipated? Rokuhou-kun," a flighty-sounding voice spoke up beside him. "This is a wonderful task that's been given to us this time. Going to a combined middle and high school to find Awakened? Heehee~ I can take this opportunity to taste some succulent middle-school girls."

Ritsujirou turned around to look at the speaker.

Sitting next to him was his companion that was also assigned to this taskShinkou Sentani.

Shinkou had dyed blonde hair, wore an earring, and was quite handsome. He dressed fashionably and was quite an eye-catching person who seemed like he would commonly go visit bars and other such places.

Well, to be honest, he was indeed such a person. He always had the smell of smoke and alcohol on him, and his words were always overly casual in nature. It was obvious that he had strong desire for women.

However, Shinkou's ability as a Spiritual Ability user was real. Although people didn't think much of his personality, his accomplishments in the field were quite renowned. He wasn't a simple idiot.

Shinkou was someone else that Ritsujirou didn't want to get close to. Ritsujirou felt like he wouldn't get along well with someone like Shinkou.

"You'll probably anger Lady Yoruhana if you casually do anything to the girls at her school. It's best that you don't," Ritsujirou spoke what he was thinking.

"So what if I play with a few girls? Lady Yoruhana wouldn't be so much of a stuck-up that she wouldn't even allow a little fun, would she?" Shinkou didn't pay any heed to Ritsujirou's words. "Besides, even if she gets angry, so what? It's not like we're her subordinates. As long as it doesn't interfere with our task, we're free to do whatever we like."

Ritsujirou fell silent.

"Relax, Rokuhou-kun. Don't always have such a tense expression. I'm getting bored just looking at you." Shinkou patted him on the shoulder. "If you always have such an expression, you won't be popular with the girls."

"I apologize, this is my usual expression."

"Then you're definitely not popular By the way, I bet you're still a virgin, aren't you?"


Ritsujirou, whose age represented how many years he had been without a girlfriend, took an arrow directly to the knee.

As a Spiritual Ability user, it would actually be quite easy for him to lose his virginity. However, he didn't want to be so casual. He preferred to find a girl he truly loved and properly have a romance with her. However, he hadn't met anyone he had particularly liked before.

Ritsujirou didn't think that this was anything embarrassing. However, when someone else brought it up especially when that someone else was a person like Shinkou who seemed like he was experienced in such things, that was another matter.

'Yes, I am a virgin, so what!? That's none of your business!!'

Ritsujirou really wanted to roar that out loud.

But if he really did that, it would obviously be inappropriate and it would be even more troublesome if he started a conflict with his assigned partner for this task before it even began.

And so, he chose to remain silent once again.

"Could it be that I was right, you really are still a virgin? No way!?" Shinkou was astonished at his reaction.

'Could you shut up!'

Ritsujirou's cheeks twitched as he turned to look outside the window of the car they were riding in.

Just as he'd thought, he couldn't possibly get along well with such a person.

Natsuya personally met with the two people that her family sent in the student council office.

One had a standard side-parted haircut and a slightly above-average appearance. He wore normal clothes and had a serious and grim expression. He appeared just like an ordinary college student would. This was Ritsujirou Rokuhou.

The other person was a handsome boy with dyed blonde hair and wearing an earring. He appeared rather flirtatious, almost as if he was a gigolo. His name was Shinkou Sentani.

After greeting each other, they went right to the main topic.

"Milady, you only need to continue surveilling the school and tell us about any spiritual reactions that you detect. You can leave the rest up to us," Ritsujirou stated.

"Alright, that works." Natsuya nodded. "Let me tell you my request for the two of you as well. It's very simple: don't harm any ordinary students or teachers here."

She had a serious expression as she glanced over at the two of them.

"As the student council president here, I don't wish to see anyone at school being harmed While I can't go against my family's orders to search for awakened, so I'm forced to accept this, I won't back down when it comes to ordinary students and teachers. I can't do anything about how you carry out your tasks in other locations. But, I set the rules here. If you break my rules and disrespect me, then I won't respect you, either."

The atmosphere was a little chilly.

Ritsujirou lowered his head in front of Natsuya Yoruhana's pressure.

"I shall respect and remember Milady's words."

After that, he left together with Shinkou.

"Houjou-san, what do you think?" Natsuya turned around and asked her maid Mai who was next to her.

"Ritsujirou Rokuhou is the cautious type, and will probably follow Milady's request. However, it's hard to say for Shinkou Sentani. This person's well-known to have personality issues, and he's a huge pervert," Mai, who was in her school uniform, gave her assessment. "When Milady was speaking just now, he seemed to have a nonchalant attitude. It's possible that he'll ignore your warning and do something to the girls at school."

"Will Rokuhou stop him from doing so?"

"I doubt it I've heard that Rokuhou is the cold type, or perhaps it's more accurate to describe him as the type that doesn't like getting involved in others' affairs. At most, he'll probably only try saying something and won't bother any more than that if he doesn't succeed."

"The cautious type, but only worries about himself, right?"


"Such a terrible combination"

"Tsk! What an arrogant little scion," Shinkou spoke condescendingly right after he left the student council office. "'I set the rules here' Who does she think she is? That attitude of hers pisses me off!"

"She's the Yoruhana Family's daughter, and we work for the Yoruhana Family," Ritsujirou told him calmly.

"So what? In the end, she's still just a b*tch that's going to get married to some guy from another family as a fuck toy!"

"It's best if you don't speak like that."

"So what if I talk like this!?"

"The last person that challenged Lady Yoruhana is dead already. That was a young master."

"Are you saying that I'll end up the same way!?" Shinkou glared at Ritsujirou.

"I didn't say that. I was merely saying something that already happened." Ritsujirou looked towards Shinkou. "It's your personal matter if you're dissatisfied with Lady Yoruhana. I won't stop you if there's anything you want to do, nor will I help you if anything befalls you. I only want to complete the task given to us."

"Hmph How cold of you, Rokuhou-kun."

"I apologize. This is just how I am, Sentani-san."

"Someone like you will never be popular with women in your life."

"I don't need to be popular, as long as I meet the one woman just for me Sentani-san, since you're so popular, have you met a special person just for you yet?"

Shinkou fell silent for a moment at this.

"You're such an annoying fellow."

"Right back at you."