Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 391

    Chapter 391: Please give me your autograph!

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    After leaving the restaurant, Seiji and his friends went to a chain karaoke store and requested a private room.

    Their private room was clean and tidy. After sitting down, the twin sisters began choosing songs.

    The first song they chose was a song that Seiji hadn't heard before, called "Zero Falling."

    As the song began, the beautiful twin sisters took their microphones and began singing in unison, instantly amazing Seiji with their skills.

    Their voices perfectly overlapped no, it was as if they had combined together! It sounded almost as if there was only one person singing, but there was also a different feeling that couldn't be obtained from a solo performance.

    It was difficult to describe, but it truly felt special and was wonderful to listen to!

    It was a classic example of being awed the moment they opened their mouths.

    Seiji soon immersed himself in their wonderful singing, experiencing the song's feelings.

    This was a song reminiscing about the end of a romance and the death of plant life in winter. Rion and Kotomi excellently sung the feelings contained within this song.

    As for the girl character they were just talking about, Seiji was now able to vividly imagine a weak and beautiful girl whose face was slightly pale due to her illness. She had long black hair and was singing softly in a garden with nobody around.

    In a garden filled with blooming flowers, there was a weak and sickly girl singing beautifully the male lead heard her singing and came to take a look, coincidentally meeting her, and was instantly attracted.

    Seiji suddenly felt an impulse to draw this scene right awayagain. He followed his impulse and took out a pencil and notebook from his sack of products purchased at the doujinshi convention.

    This notebook and pencil both had Honey Candy Girl as their theme, which was why he purchased them.

    As he listened to the twins' singing, he speedily began drawing down the image in his mind.

    'Senpai knows how to draw as well!?' Hoshi was astonished to find this out.

    As he observed, he witnessed Seiji drawing at quite a high speed. In just a short while, a rough outline was completed, and it gradually became clearer.


    Hoshi reflexively said that out loud, but he instantly covered his mouth because he didn't want to distract his senpai.

    Meanwhile, Kaede observed this as well, with something flashing in her eyes.

    While singing, Rion and Kotomi were also observing their handsome junior who had such a serious expression while drawing. Something shone in their eyes.

    When the song ended, Seiji was still drawing, and it took quite a while before he finally stopped.

    It was still only a sketch, but the scenery and character were both quite clear now.

    Seiji looked over his own drawing and felt that it was alright.

    When he finally raised his head, he discovered that everyone else was looking at him.

    "My bad for suddenly starting to draw like that." Seiji awkwardly scratched his face as he looked towards the twin sisters. "Your singing was quite excellent and gave me some inspiration."

    Rion and Kotomi smiled sweetly in unison upon hearing his sincere praise.

    "We can sing even more just for you~" both of them said cutely.

    Seiji was slightly shaken by this sudden attack.

    "Er please go ahead." He slightly averted his gaze.

    The twins were obviously even more delighted to hear this, and immediately chose a second song.

    They began singing again right away.

    Seiji imagined a new scene as he listened to their song and began drawing again.

    Hoshi used a tambourine to accompany his sisters' music.

    Kaede ordered drinks for everyone.

    The twins' beautiful singing filled the room, song after song

    Rion and Kotomi sang for almost an hour.

    Melancholy, icy, joyous, sweet, deeply emotional, grieving They were able to sing all styles of songs excellently without missing a single beat.

    And, apart from synchronized singing, they also showed off their duet abilities, with one acting as the main singer and the other as the accompaniment. Not only that, they also showed their skills in solo singing.

    Seiji felt that with their current abilities in singing, they could definitely perform on a much grander stage! To be more specific, if they went and joined an idol discovery television program, they would definitely awe all the judges.

    "Please give me your autographs! Senpais." He handed them his notebook and pencil, acting all serious about it. "If you become singers in the future, your autographs will surely be highly valuable."

    Rion and Kotomi blinked at this.

    "We refuse."


    "If we decide to take this path and become real singers in the future, as well as become famous, only when you ask us then will we give you our autographs." The twin sisters smiled.

    "Why's that?" Seiji was curious.

    "It's a secret~" The twin beauties both put their index fingers on their lips and spoke cutely.

    Their action was cute as well. Seiji was enjoying their cuteness.

    Since he couldn't obtain their autographs, he could only put away his notebook.

    "Senpai, please give me your autograph!" Hoshi's voice resounded at this point in time.

    When Seiji turned around to look. The beautiful boy was handing him an identical version of the Honey Candy Girl notebook, his eyes sparkling.

    "Why do you want my autograph?"

    "Because Senpai will definitely become someone famous in the future. Your autograph will definitely become valuable!" Hoshi said with firm conviction.

    Seiji was rendered speechless.

    He felt like he had been hit by his own boomerang as well a mysterious sense of embarrassment.

    His embarrassment made him not want to give out his autograph Was this the same reason as why Rion and Kotomi wouldn't sign for him?

    That didn't seem like it was entirely correct But he was unable to specifically tell. Seiji was rather internally conflicted.

    "Er you're overestimating me something like an autograph, I think that I have no right to give others you should"

    "Please don't reject me with such excuses! Senpai is the person I respect the most! Please give me your autograph!!!" Hoshi spoke passionately as he approached closer to Seiji while holding out his notebook to him.

    Seiji impulsively wanted to back away.

    *Click* There was the sound of a camera shutter.

    He reflexively looked to see that the sound came from Kaede.

    "I'm sorry, I couldn't help but take a photo because of how interesting this scene was." The blonde teacher smiled. "Please don't mind me and continue."

    Seiji was once again rendered speechless.

    "Senpai!" Hoshi continued getting even closer to him with stars in his eyes.

    "Don't get any closer! I'll sign, I'll give you my autograph."

    Seiji felt as if he now understood what an idol would feel like when being surrounded by fanatical fans.

    *Click click* The twin sisters began taking pictures of him as well.

    'Why are you all taking pictures of me? It's not like I'm a real idol!'

    While commenting in his mind, Seiji could only helplessly sign his name in Hoshi's notebook. After Hoshi took his notebook back, he carefully put it away in his backpack.

    "Something like this seems quite nice."

    "Yep, both of them have excellent expressions"

    The girls whispered amongst themselves.

    Seiji wanted to know what they were talking about, but instinctively felt like it probably wasn't a good idea to know.

    It seemed so mysterious to him he decided to sing a song since they were at a karaoke place.

    He abandoned his worries and picked up a microphone.

    "Next up, allow me to sing for everyone."

    "Senpai, let's sing together!"

    "I'd prefer to solo, so please allow me to sing by myself."

    After Seiji decisively refused Hoshi's request, he chose the opening theme song of Honey Candy Girl, which was called "My Dream of You."

    An upbeat tone rang out from the music system.

    When was the last time that he sang karaoke in his previous life?

    He couldn't remember, and was too lazy to spend effort recalling.

    Seiji took a deep breath, then passionately began singing together with the music.

    His singing wasn't very good, but he put his feelings into it and expressed his passion.

    "Looking at the stars~~ Chasing after dreams~~ Without stopping~~ Heading towards you~~"

    His singing filled the room.

    Hoshi shook a sand-filled instrument, Rion and Kotomi played on some hand drums, and Kaede smiled and clapped along.

    With his companions' accompaniment, Seiji sang even louder.

    He was already writing and creating a game, and wanted to do much, much more in the future as well He was currently realizing all his dreams from his previous life.