Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 390

Chapter 390: In order to escape the evil intentions of this world!

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Something flashed in Rion and Kotomi's eyes as they heard this.

Afterwards, Seiji changed the topic of conversation and left this issue behind.

After the five of them entered the convention, they explored the stalls, bought what they liked, and had lots of fun while chatting with each other.

Although Seiji had been here on the previous two days as well, he was quite excited and in high spirits as he discussed various products on sale here and purchased everything that interested him.

Hoshi was in high spirits as well, while Rion, Kotomi, and Kaede were relatively calmer.

Rather than the products, they were all more interested in the two boys with them.

For a tall and handsome boy to be walking together with a shorter and beautiful boy, chatting and smiling it was too wonderful!

The twin sisters almost wanted to take out their cell phones and secretly snap some pictures.

The blonde teacher's eyes were also lighting up at this scene.

When they coincidentally noticed what each other was looking at and thinking, they instantly came to an unspoken understanding and smiled at each other.

'This is just as I imagined no, even better than I imagined.' Hoshi was currently fully immersed in a blissful feeling.

His senpai was right next to him and smiling while his sisters were accompanying him and being so gentle He felt like he was dreaming and about to float up to cloud nine.

'If this is a dream, I hope that I never wake up.

'Luckily, this isn't a dream, so I don't need to worry about waking up.

'I shall remember this feeling for my entire life.'

Hoshi was thinking such things as he smiled brilliantly from the heart.

*Click click*

With Kotomi and Kaede covering her actions, Rion secretly took some photographs of her junior and her younger brother.

These pictures would become their precious treasures. To them, these pictures were more valuable than anything they would buy here at the doujinshi convention!

Hoshi who was fully immersed in his bliss didn't notice Rion's tiny, little actions. Seiji was fully immersed in browsing all the available products and also didn't notice what happened.

After they finished looking around the stalls, they visited the cosplay area.

In such cold weather, everyone that was still persisting in cosplaying were doubtlessly the ones with the most passion for it.

Seiji truly respected their passion.

He took pictures of cosplayers, as well as photos together with the cosplayers, and even had photographs of himselftaken just like the first day when he was here. And this time, perhaps due to Hoshi's presence by his side, he was photographed even more than on the first day.

"I feel that as long as you two make a pose together, you'll attract quite a lot of people to take photos." Kaede chuckled as she looked at them.

Hoshi looked at Seiji, and obviously wanted to try it.

Seiji's cheeks twitched as he looked towards Hoshi.

"Let's try it, Senpai!"

"I don't want to."

"Why not? You were making so many poses yesterday, Senpai."

"That's something different. Or, perhaps I should say that because I did too many poses yesterday that I don't want to do any today."

"I want to try some poses together with Senpai"

"I'm not in the mood right now"

Right after he said that, Seiji felt like there was something off about what he said. When he realized that what he said sounded like a double entendre, he instantly felt like covering his face.

"Senpai, what's the matter?" Hoshi noticed the change in Seiji's expression and was concerned.

"Junior, please remain quiet for a moment."


"In this cosplay area, don't talk to me, and don't get within a three meter radius of me."

"Eh, eh? Why?"

"In order to escape the evil intentions of this world!" Seiji made a serious expression.

Hoshi was stunned by this.

Teehee Kaede laughed upon seeing this scene, and so did Rion and Kotomi.

The snow kept increasing in volume.

After Seiji and his friends left the convention, they ate lunch together at a nearby restaurant.

As they ate, they started chatting about the game scenario.

Seiji explained the outlines for the female lead and the second female character's character settings and rough storylines, then asked Rion and Kotomi about their thoughts for the third female character's settings and storyline.

The twins exchanged glances.

"We'd like to make the third female character into a weak and sickly girl that's a skilled singer," the two of them said in unison.

"She has very poor grades and is terrible at anything involving exercise. Although she's beautiful, she leaves others with a dark impression," Rion spoke next.

"She doesn't want to receive sympathy from others, so she keeps others at a distance and doesn't have any friends," Kotomi elaborated.

"She's very sensitive towards lies and hates liars. She views those who are honest in a better light."

"She's quite sharp-tongued towards those she dislikes while she speaks gently to those she likes."

"She's excellent at singing, but she only sings for herself. She doesn't want to sing for or in front of anyone else."

"On the surface, she seems to be resolutely living on, but she's actually feeling despair about her own illness, and has considered suicide in the past."

The twins continued talking in turns as they described a female character with a unique personality.

The story would be that the male lead coincidentally came across her while she was singing and was attracted by her song, becoming interested in her, so he attempted to understand her better and get closer to her.

At first, this girl kept him at a distance, and even spoke harsh words towards the male lead who was treating her with kindness. However, she was slowly moved by his gentleness and slowly fell in love with "her," as the male lead was still disguised as a girl.

After noticing her own feelings, she was internally conflicted and began to keep the male lead at a distance even more than at first. At this time, she accidentally found out the secret that the male lead was a boy disguising himself as female!

After much shock, confusion, and frustration, the girl decided not to report him to the school, but requested that he leave the school of his own volition.

The male lead confessed his love for her, then trudged off in a lonely manner.

As she watched him gradually walk away, she felt very uncomfortable inside, and couldn't resist at the last moment to call out to him and ask him to stay, crying while admitting her feelings for him.

The male lead ran back immediately and hugged her. And so, the two of them became a couple and had some fun and sweet days together.

However, the girl was still despairing inside as she didn't have any confidence in the future. The happier they were, the more anxious she felt.

When her anxiety reached its peak, she wrote a letter to the male lead, telling him that she wanted to break up with him so that he wouldn't be sad in the future when she died of her illness, and took a break from school, escaping him.

After leaving school, she felt even more pained due to breaking up with the male lead. Plus, with her illness tormenting her, she was finally unable to take it anymore and intended to commit suicide.

As she was about to commit suicide, the male lead found her just in time and hugged her tightly! He used a deeply moving confession to pull her out of the abyss.

She found inner peace due to him and wanted to be together with him again, working up the courage to live on.

This wasn't any groundbreaking story that avoided clichs.

However, when Rion and Kotomi were the ones telling the tale, it sounded incredibly moving.

Seiji, Hoshi, and Kaede had all immersed themselves in the story. This was the best evidence.

"I think that this story is excellent. Nice storyline for this character!" Hoshi energetically supported his sisters.

"Nice story, it's quite interesting," Kaede praised them.

Seiji didn't say anything at first.

After hearing the twins' story, he was able to picture a clear image of a weak and sickly beautiful girl.

She had a weak body and also lacked spirit, and wasn't resolute. She had obvious shortcomingsin fact she had more shortcomings than strengthsyet she wasn't the type that people would dislike, but the type that made people want to care for her this wasn't only because of her strengths, but also because she seemed so real.

With such a clear image in his mind, Seiji even wanted to draw this girl right away.

He silently mulled over things in his mind, and then noticed what was missing.

The sound of singing!

Rion and Kotomi only described the character and told a story, but they didn't sing.

Song was the final piece of the puzzle. As long as he could hear her singing, he would be able to clearly imagine the way this female character appeared!

He told them about what he just thought about.

"Let's go to the karaoke then. We'll sing for you," Rion and Kotomi said together.

"My sisters are excellent singers! Senpai, you'll surely enjoy their singing," Hoshi told him proudly.

"Can I go together as well? I haven't gone to karaoke in so long," Kaede said.

And so, they decided to go visit a karaoke place.