Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 389

Chapter 389: Something that shouldnt be described between a beautiful teacher and her high school student

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Before Seiji arrived at the arranged meeting location, he first contacted Kaede and met with her before the others.

Then, he told the blonde teacher about the main parts of what happened between the three Amami siblings as well as the part that her brother Hisashi played in it all.

"Everyone is now companions working on a game together. I want to tell the twins about the fact that 'Sweet Cream Pig', or Hisashi, is actually the hacker from that time. I also want to tell Hisashi that 'Silver Crystal' and 'Disciple of Light' are actually the twins and the brother from that incident. However, it seems like Silver Crystal doesn't have a good opinion of Sweet Pig, and I'm unsure if I should tell them all the truth. Or perhaps it'll be better if I don't let them know?"

When thinking about it closely, it was truly a subtle situation.

In order to help Hoshi and defeat Rion and Kotomi, Seiji requested Hisashi's assistance.

After Hisashi helped Seiji out, Hisashi didn't request any payment, instead requesting that they create a game together, so they made this group.

In the meantime, Seiji's relationship with Rion and Kotomi improved to the point where they were no longer enemies.

After the Amami siblings learned that Seiji was making a game, they asked to join his team.

All of this should it be called fate or karma?

"You would like my advice about this?" Kaede blinked her eyes.

"Yes, you're the health teacher, as well as Hisashi's younger sister and another member of our game group. I would like to hear your opinion."

Kaede felt his trust in her, even if this trust was about a rather subtle situation. Although she was happy that Seiji was asking her about her opinion, but to be honest, she would have preferred it to be about a more important problem, and not about her idiot brother's messed-up personal relationships.

"I think it's fine either way. If you tell them the truth, it might improve their relationship, or it could be the opposite. If you don't tell them the truth, maintaining the status quo, they might notice on their own sometime later," she said after some consideration. "It's up to you to decide, Harano-kun. You were personally involved, and you're also our group leader. Just do what you think is best. The worst possible outcome would only be that my idiot brother becomes completely hated by those twin sisters. You don't need to worry that this will cause our team's self-destruction, because you're the core of our group." Kaede smiled. "Brother Hisashi is used to being despised by high school girls, so it's not a big deal. Just do as you like."

Seiji was rendered speechless.

This younger sister was so ruthless towards her older brother. He didn't know if they had a good relationship or not.

After inwardly commenting on the Juumonji siblings, he thought for a while and made his decision.

"I'd like to tell them the truth. Now, how to go about doing it?"

Harano-senpai finally arrived.

Hoshi was delighted to see him finally arrive. He also noticed the blonde-haired beauty that arrived together with him.

She was probably the person known on the internet as "Merry-go-round", right?

"Merry-go-round"'s tone of voice in the chat group made her sound like a proper lady, so the image Hoshi had of her was quite different from the blonde woman that he saw.

No matter what, she was a beauty who seemed like she had quite the presence. She seemed like a college student to him? She appeared rather mature, and didn't appear to be a high school student.

"Kaede Juumonji."

Rion and Kotomi recognized her.

"Eh?" Hoshi was surprised for a moment to hear what his sisters said. "The health teacher?"

"Yes, the health teacher from our high school," the twin sisters said.

Hoshi was astonished to hear this.

It was obvious from the chat group that "Merry-go-round" had romantic interest towards Harano-senpai. And, "Merry-go-round"'s real identity was that of the health teacher in their high school, which meant

He instantly imagined various scenes that shouldn't be described between the beautiful nurse / health teacher and the cool and handsome high school boy.

'This this is so amazing, Senpai!'

Hoshi was inwardly newly impressed with Seigo Harano.

If Seiji knew what this guy was thinking about in his fantasies, he would definitely give Hoshi an iron fist of justice.

Seiji and Kaede walked up to the three Amami siblings.

Seiji was relieved to see Amami siblings appearing so intimately close with each other, and happy that they seemed to be recovering a normal sibling relationship. It was just that due to the problem of Hoshi's appearance, they appeared more like three sisters instead of two sisters and one brother

"Good morning, Senpais, Hoshi. Did you all wait long?"

"No" Hoshi reflexively answered.

"We just waited for five minutes," Rion and Kotomi said together.

Hoshi instantly paused in surprise as he looked to the left and right at his sisters.

The twins smiled.

"Judging by the amount of snow on your umbrellas, you've definitely been here for far longer than five minutes." Seiji easily saw through the white lie.

The twin sisters chuckled.

Hoshi felt rather awkward.

Seiji was somewhat confused to see them like this.

After they finished chuckling, Rion and Kotomi said "Good morning" in a normal voice. Hoshi greeted Seiji and Kaede as well.

"Allow me to introduce her, she's 'Merry-go-round.'" Seiji indicated at Kaede who was next to him. "I believe that Senpais probably recognize her already. She's the high school infirmary nurse as well as health teacher, Kaede Juumonji."

"Good morning, Amami-sans." The blonde teacher smiled and greeted them.

"Good morning, Juumonji-sensei." The three siblings greeted her back.

This sounded like a greeting between teacher and students er, that was indeed what this was.

"This makes us sound so distant from each other I'm not coming here as a teacher, I'm coming here as a member of our game team. So, if you call me 'Nee-san,' I'll be happier," Kaede said.

The Amami siblings exchanged awkward glances.

"Juumonji nee-san" Hoshi tried calling her this.

"Yep, that's pretty good." Kaede happily nodded her head. "I'll just call you 'little brother Amami.' And as for you two, I'll just call you the 'Amami Sisters,' is that alright?"

The Amami siblings all nodded in agreement.

And then, Kaede looked towards Seiji, indicating with her eyes that he should address her in a similar fashion.

'Please allow me to continue calling you Juumonji-sensei.' Seiji indicated this nonverbally with his expression.

Kaede could only give up for the time being.

Afterwards, the five of them headed to the doujinshi convention together.

Even though it was snowing, that didn't affect everyone's passion for the convention one bit. On this final day, there were even more people waiting in line than before.

After Seiji and his friends began waiting in line, they casually chatted about various topics in a joyous atmosphere.

"There's something I'd like to tell you guys." Seiji felt that nowwas an appropriate timing. "It's about Juumonji-sensei's older brother, 'Sweet Cream Pig.'"

He looked towards the twins.

"His real name is Hisashi Juumonji, and he's the hacker that I asked to break into your room before."

Hoshi was obviously astonished to hear this.

However, Rion and Kotomi's expressions merely flickered slightly as they maintained their calm.

"You don't seem to be so surprised did you already guess it?"

The twin sisters both nodded.

"Did you dislike him because you guessed at his identity?" Seiji blinked.


"It's only because we feel like he's a pervert."

The twins shook their heads in unison.

Seiji was rendered speechless.

Kaede chuckled.

"No matter what he did in that incident, my brother is my brother, an idiot who has perverted fetishes," she said. "It's only natural for him to be disliked by high school girls. Harano-kun, no need for you to mind it."

"We don't dislike him," Rion remarked.

"Nor do we hate him," Kotomi added.

"We just biologically feel repelled by him," the two of them exclaimed together.

'What exactly is feelingbiologically repelled supposed to be?' Seiji really didn't know what to say.

He felt that Hisashi wasn't quite that bad, but the girls in front of him seemed like they already had their opinions set in stone, with no way to change them.

'Sweet Pig Knight, my apologies that I was unable to help you' The Idle Fish King silently felt pity for Hisashi for a good two seconds.

"Junior, did you want us to get along well with him?" the twin sisters asked.

"No I just wanted to tell you the truth, not to force you into anything," Seiji answered. "Since we're all companions working on the same game together, of course it's the for the best if we all get along, but there's no need to force things. Just maintaining a normal working relationship is fine."