Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 376

Chapter 376: When I Want You To

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"I said that I wouldn't be disappointed," Izawa responded. "I have no intentions of retracting or changing what I said before."

"Thank you." Seiji smiled. "May I call you Izawa-kun?"

"Of course. Please allow me to address you as Haruta-kun as well, or should I use Harano-kun?"

"Let's go with Harano. I typically use this name."

"Alright then, Harano-kun."

And so, the two of them set new ways to address each other.

"My master wishes to see you, so I hope that Harano-kun is able to wait in this general area here for her and Yoruhana-san to arrive," Izawa requested.

"Sure. My companions and I were going to stay in the cosplay area for a while longer anyways," Seiji told him. "If by the time my friends want to leave that area but the two ladies we're waiting for still haven't arrived, I'll stay behind and wait together with you."

"Thank you."

Afterwards, Izawa indicated that he wanted to quietly wait here in this corner, with no interest in returning to the cosplay area. So, Seiji exchanged cell phone numbers with him and went back by himself.

Halfway back, he saw Chiaki and his other friends pop up.

"Seigo, who is that beauty? Why did you abandon us to be so intimate with him!? Are you already tired of us!?" Chiaki made an expression and pose as if she was an abandoned lover, acting pitifully.

*Smack!* An iron fist of justice knocked her on the head.

"Wah" Chiaki was defeated.

"I apologize, your words were so foolish, that I didn't even have time to retort before I reacted automatically," Seiji said expressionlessly as he took back his hand.

Mika, Yukari, and Kaho were all rendered speechless.

"I met him at a party on the day of the Winter Snow Festival," he explained.


Chiaki, Mika, and Yukari instantly understood. That was someone that he met on his date with Natsuya Yoruhana whoops, when he was accompanying the student council president.

Kaho was the only one who didn't know about it, believing instead that Seigo had joined some ordinary activity and made a new otaku friend.

"He said that he was a bit tired from standing so long in the cosplay area, and wanted to rest for a while no need to mind him, let's go back and look some more in the cosplay area." Seiji looked at the girls. "Or, are you guys done looking around?"

The girls exchanged awkward glances.

They noticed that he evidently didn't want to go into detail about that handsome boy.

Mika and Chiaki knew what this was that boy was definitely someone who was from the "mystical" side of society!

Yukari's curiosity intensified, and she wanted to know more, but she felt that it was imprudent to pry.

Kaho was somewhat confused, and didn't quite understand the situation.

"Of course we haven't looked around enough yet. It's just that we were concerned about you, so we followed you to have a peek," Chiaki smiled. "Fortunately, it doesn't seem like you're having an affair, which is nice."

"What's with having an affair!?"

"It's also known as cheating."

"Who'd cheat on who!?"

They kept joking around.

With Chiaki's help, Seiji was able to change the topic of conversation.

They returned to the cosplay area and continued looking at cosplay that they were interested in.

Seiji turned on his stream again and put on his Bluetooth headset, which caused him to instantly receive a question from Hana.

"Who was that boy?"

"Master sister of mine, do you know about Yin-Yang Masters?"

Hana instantly fell silent for a moment.

She didn't respond for quite a while.

"Of course I know about them."

'As expected,' Seiji thought in his mind.

He had never discussed the topic of the "mystical" with her before, but he figured that his younger sister probably knew about as well. This would the first time he had ever discussed this topic with her.

"That boy's name is Ryuuno Izawa, and he's Kanna Fujihara's Spirit-branded Retainer. Kanna Fujihara is"

He gave a brief explanation of what happened at the Winter Snow Festival, as well as his relationship to the student council president of his high school.

Hana silently listened to his story and furrowed her eyebrows.

"Are you really a hero from a different world?" She asked in a complex tone of voice.

"I am."

"Stop lying."

"I'm not lying. In a way, it's the truth." Seiji chuckled. "At least, that's what I believe. As for what you believe, that's up to you."

Hana fell silent for the third time in a row.

"Tell me about what you've experienced, and I want to hear a more detailed version." She finally spoke up after a long silence.

"Sure. But right now"

"It doesn't have to be right now."

"When, then?"

"When I want you to."


"...Does our older sister know about what's happened to you?" Hana asked in a light voice.

"She does, other than the part about me coming from a different world," Seiji answered.

"Have you met with our older sister yet?"

"Sort of, just in passing back then, I thought that it was just a coincidence, but I don't know if that's the case anymore."

Hana fell silent for the fourth time.


She wanted to say something else, but didn't say anything in the end.

After remaining silent for a while, Hana turned off the voice chat and logged offline.

Seiji wanted to leave her a message, but after thinking for a while, he didn't know what else to say, so he silently turned off the conversation as well.

After they finished looking at all the cosplay that the wanted, Mika and the others were ready to leave the convention.

Seiji indicated that he wanted to chat with the handsome boy Ryuuno Izawa some more, asking them to leave by themselves first.

After sending off the girls, he met up again with Izawa.

At this moment, Izawa had already changed back to casual attire, and was patiently waiting in a corner.

"Your companions have all went back already?" He spoke up when he saw Seiji approaching.

"Yeah. Your master sure can explore this place."

"Actually, she's already come out together with Yoruhana-san, and is currently waiting in one of the stores outside," Izawa explained. "Please follow me, Harano-kun."

Seiji left the convention together with him.

They took a taxi to the store.

Seiji figured that they were going to go to something like a high-class coffee caf, but never expected that the place they arrived at was an internet caf!

That's right, an internet caf. Well, it was a large and high-class internet caf.

Izawa led Seiji inside and they took an elevator to the top floor, a VIP area. They walked to the room labeled #1, where Izawa pressed the doorbell.

"What's the password!" They heard Kanna Fujihara's voice from the speaker system.

"Sky cliff," Izawa responded.

Then, the door opened.

Seiji followed Izawa inside.

This was a wide room with tatami mats, a kotatsu, cushions, a small sofa, computers, virtual reality sets, a small bookshelf, a tea set a complete set of various items.

Kanna and Natsuya were sitting by the kotatsu, with the kotatsu's table having a pile of books on it that were obviously purchased from the doujinshi convention.

For two beautiful girls to be reading doujinshi in a private room at an internet caf this scene seemed quite subtle to Seiji.

"Heya, Shiroya-san." Kanna greeted him. "Welcome to my secret base!"

"Hello, Fujihara-san," Seiji responded. "This place indeed feels like a secret base."

"I like it here. There's endless amounts of manga and anime, as well as games. I can go on the internet as much as I want, without worrying about a thing, and the environment is so comfortable as well. It's basically like heaven!" Kanna exclaimed in a sincere tone. "You believe so as well, right?"

"That's right, I agree," Seiji chuckled. "This place is indeed quite comfortable, and I could probably stay here for a week with no problems. But if I only play games here, I'll get bored of that as well."

"Rather than being bored, isn't it better to describe it as not wanting to continue in depravity?" Kanna looked at him. "You didn't want to stay in a dark room anymore and remain depraved, which is why you did your best to change yourself, right?"

"Indeed." Seiji smiled. "Nice to meet you, Fujihara-san. I'm Seiji Haruta, the famous piece of trash from the Haruta family."

"Nice to meet you, Haruta-kun. I'm Kanna Fujihara, the Fujihara family's nameless otaku girl." Kanna smiled back as something flashed in her eyes.