Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 342

Chapter 342: What Will It Take in Order for You to Become My Woman?

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"Indeed, the host knows my identity, and I'm sure that there are also several guestspresentat this party who have the ability to see through my disguise. As you said, my action may be meaningless, but it is my attitude that is meaningful. I don't want everyone here to know who I am in order to avoid unnecessary trouble."

"You have a rather sensitive identity?" Izawa asked.

"Not sensitive... well, perhaps just a little." Seiji tilted his head. "It's actually not for some top-secret reason. I just wanted less trouble for myself, that's all."

Izawa fell silent for a moment. After a while, he turned to look at the light novel in Seiji's hand. "Do you really enjoy that type of story?"

"Yes, I really enjoy them."

"What about manga... and anime?"

"I love them as well."

"Your likes are highly compatible with my master. The two of you would surely get along. However, you're not willing to show your true self to others." Izawa sighed. "How regrettable."

Seiji blinked at this. "You want to introduce me to your master so that she'll be able to talk to someone who shares her interests, which leaves you free from this subject, right?"

"...I had no intentions of the sort." Izawa averted his gaze.

Seiji chuckled. "You're bad at lying, Izawa-san."

The handsome, gray-haired boy revealed an awkward expression.

Seiji was rather curious about Izawa's master, but right now Seiji was someone everyone viewed as strange as he wasn't willing to reveal his identity. He figured it was best not to pry into others' affairs.

He continued to read the light novel he had borrowed.

In the luxurious and opulent grand hall, Natsuya did her best not to reveal a stiff expression as she listened to the girl in front of her.

This beautiful girl had long shiny auburn hair and a silver hairband. Her bangs were neatly clipped with cute bunny hairclips, revealing a white and soft little face beneath. Her large eyes were shining, and her tiny mouth kept moving in an unending stream of chatter.

Natsuya tried responding appropriately, but she was actually unable to follow the topic of conversation. Topics like boys' love, semes, and ukes she really couldn't follow them at all!

Natsuya liked anime and manga, but it was only at the basic level. She didn't understand higher-level topics like boys' love at all.

This was her first meeting with the girl named Kanna Fujihara from the Fujihara family. Since Natsuya recognized that the bunny in Kanna's hairclip was the mascot of Honey Candy Girl, Natsuya struck up a conversation with Kanna using the anime as a topic to break the ice.

Afterwards, they started chatting about other anime, and this Kanna Fujihara began to grow excited and passionate as the conversation went on. Finally, she had reached an extremely high-level topic.

This girl was an otaku girl.

Natsuya understood this clearly now. She was pleased that to hold a conversation about anime in such a venue, but Kanna's level was too high for her. Natsuya felt the sudden urge to summon Seiji over for defense... whoops, to deal with Kanna.

Natsuya felt rather awkward listening to Kanna waxing about boys being together with boys, but she didn't intend to stop her or leave.

Compared to talking to others at this venue, it was still more relaxing for her to listen to this Fujihara family daughter.

The two of them were having "a passionate conversation." Despite this, someone still approached them and impolitely interrupted.

This person was a handsome boy wearing dark blue Sakura Island clothing. He had dark blue medium-short hair that was of a similar color to his clothing and even bangs. His eyes were light purple, and his complexion was clear and pale. His lips were tilted slightly upwards, making him seem gentle.

"Sorry to interrupt you. The impatience in my heart caused me to be so impolite," he said in a gentle voice. "Please give me a little bit of your time, so that we can talk, alright, Natsuya?"

"Our relationship isn't at the extent to where you can just call my name directly, Mitarai-kun." Natsuya's eyes flashed as she looked towards the boy. "I was in the middle of a fun conversation with Fujihara-san, and I don't wish to be interrupted. I'm sorry, but please allow me to politely refuse your request."

Akatsuki Mitarai's expression didn't change whatsoever. He even smiled.

"Your icy demeanor is beautiful as well. No matter. I will wait by the side and hope that it'll be my turn when you and Fujihara-san are finished chatting."

After that, he revealed a lonely seeming expression and turned around. He took a few steps and stopped by a window to look out of it.

Natsuya looked back towards Kanna Fujihara and saw that Kanna's eyes were wide with surprise.

"Um... Yoruhana-san, what's the relationship between you and Mitarai-san?"

"Former classmates," Natsuya replied calmly. "We're not friends."

Kanna blinked at this and looked towards the handsome boy who was putting on a lonely front in front of the window. She then looked back at the beautiful girl before her who had a cold expression in her eyes. She instantly started using her overactive imagination to think of various common scenes of lovers' disputes from shoujo manga...

And then, she came to an understanding of what she should do in such a situation.

"Yoruhana-san, I'm a bit thirsty now after chatting for so long. I'm going to go grab a drink, so I'm going to leave for a while."

Natsuya guessed couldn't help but feel slightly helpless. What Kanna was thinking was obvious from her smile and tone of voice.

She really wanted to explain, but this was her first meeting with Kanna Fujihara, so it wouldn't be appropriate to say too much.

She could only politely respond by saying, "As you wish."

Kanna Fujihara immediately walked off, but after taking a few steps, she suddenly looked back at Natsuya and gave Natsuya an encouraging expression which said: "Don't act like a tsundere; catch your opportunity!" before she left.

Natsuya didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

As she expected, Akatsuki Mitarai approached her again.

"I'm grateful to Fujihara-san's understanding towards others. She allowed me to chat with you again after such a long parting."

"I don't want to talk to you, but even if I refuse, you probably won't give up, so... just let me hear it. What is it that you want to say, Mitarai-san?"

"There's so much that I want to say. Your recent duel, the injuries you sustained, your Spirit-branded Retainer's condition, what you've been up to recently... I'm concerned about all of the above. I want to talk more with you and get closer to you." Akatsuki Mitarai smiled wryly. "But no matter how much of an effort I make, you probably won't abandon your resistance, so... just let me be direct. Natsuya, what will it take in order for you to become my woman?"

The president's thoughts stopped working for a moment. She didn't expect him to take such a direct approach.

'Why? Does he have some intentions behind this? Is this a trap? A plot?' Many thoughts flashed through her mind.

No matter what he intended, she only had one answer.

"I refuse." It was a simple, direct, resolute rejection.

She could have used some fancier or more elegant words. She could have said that they were two parallel lines that wouldn't cross or that things wouldn't work out between them, but this wasn't an eight o'clock soap opera, nor were they some forceful CEO and a commoner girl.

Akatsuki Mitarai laughed at this.

"I knew you would say that. It was exactly as I imagined, which even makes it seem hilarious." He was still smiling, but his eyes were slightly cold. "Just why is it that you reject me? From every angle I'm someone who's incredibly suitable to become your husband, and everyone believes us to be a perfect match, including your own family. Yet you... have never truly given me a chance."

"Please don't go around saying a word like 'everyone.' That's rather foolish. As for why I reject you, I've explained myself quite clearly before," Natsuya said lightly. "I don't want to repeat myself, but if you really insist on making me answer this question of yours again, all I have to say is... because you're incredibly disgusting."