Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 320

Chapter 320: Can Only Wallow in Loneliness

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Mika fell silent for a long while. She couldn't make sense of her own feelings or just what she should do.

"I recommend that you discuss things with Yukari Asamiya," Chiaki said, breaking the silence

"Asamiya-san..." Mika mumbled thoughtfully.

"I was intending to tell her about this as an apology for what I did to her before. But considering things more closely, it might be better for you to be the one to tell her."

"Do you think that Asamiya-san will have any ideas?"

"I don't know; I have no clue how she will react. I just feel like she'll do something about it because she's not the type who can wait around and do nothing." Chiaki paused for a moment. "Since she's a weaker version of Seiji or perhaps even a female version of Seiji... I'm quite curious what she'll do after learning about this. In a way, this situation is actually quite interesting."

Mika was rendered speechless.

"Anyways, go ahead and tell her about this. No matter how the discussion goes, just make sure to tell her about Seiji's date with President Yoruhana at the Winter Snow Festival." Chiaki smiled. "Also, although this might not be too much of a comfort, don't forget that Seiji promised his adopted sister Kagura-san that he wouldn't be getting a girlfriend any time soon.

"No matter what happens on the Winter Snow Festival date, it's certain that Seiji definitely won't get together with the president immediately after."

"Yeah..." Mika felt slightly better.

"By the way, what will Kagura-san do after knowing about this? I'm quite curious about this as well." Chiaki's voice suggested that she was enjoying the situation.

Kaede really did come over to play with Reo.

At first, the little girl was rather shy around the blonde teacher, but Kaede continued to treat her gently, and Reo quickly lost her shyness.

Kaede and Reo played games together, while Seiji and Shika sat nearby and observed them while sipping some tea.

The mature blonde lady and the green-haired loli playing together was a scene that made Seiji feel warm inside.

After they finished playing, Reo went to go take a shower, while Seiji poured some tea for Kaede.

"Harano-kun, what are your plans for the Winter Snow Festival?" the blonde teacher asked.

"I already agreed to accompany someone for the whole day," Seiji replied. Shika, who was sipping tea next to him, looked sharply in his direction he said this.

"Congratulations, Harano-kun." Kaede's words seemed somewhat forced.

"Eh?" Seiji was surprised for a moment before he realized what she meant. "No, no! I don't have that type of relationship with her."

"It's not? Even though you're having a date with her on the Winter Snow Festival..."

"It's not a date," Seiji replied. "I think it's more similar to going out to have fun together with a classmate."

"No female high school student would simply 'go out to have fun' with a male student at the Winter Snow Festival. No female would spend the day with a boy they're only friends with, and they definitely wouldn't use the term 'accompany.'" Kaede directly hit the nail on the head.

"Er... maybe... probably," Seiji answered in an uncertain voice.

"Who is it with, Brother?" Shika asked calmly.

"President Yoruhana," Seiji answered honestly.

The black-haired girl was unreadable.

"President Yoruhana... the student council president, Natsuya Yoruhana!?" Kaede was astonished.


"...Congratulations, Harano-kun."

"Why are you saying that?" Seiji asked.

"Because it's Natsuya Yoruhana," the blonde teacher said, sighing.

Seiji could only grasp part of the meaning behind her words. Everyone fell silent for a moment.

"Juumonji-sensei, how are you intending to spend the Winter Snow Festival?" Seiji asked in return.

"Since the person I wanted to invite already has a date, I can only wallow in my loneliness," Kaede said wistfully.

Seiji was rendered speechless.

"Just joking. I'll go visit home since I haven't returned there for quite some time." Kaede smiled before looking towards Shika Kagura. "Kagura-san, how about you? What are your plans for the Winter Snow Festival?"

The black-haired girl didn't reply. Her gaze was fixed on her adopted older brother.

Seiji started to feel a little insecure inside.

"Could it be... that you're going to stay home?" Kaede tried asking. Shika nodded ever so slightly. Kaede looked back towards Seiji again. "Is it the same for Tachibana-chan? Are you just letting her stay at home and do nothing on the holiday?"

Seiji felt even more insecure now. He found it difficult to meet the blonde teacher's eyes.

Kaede sighed after looking at him for a while. "I don't have anything to say about you going out on a date, but... Harano-kun, I don't think this is right. For you to go out and enjoy yourself on a holiday and leaving your adopted sister and a kid who needs to be taken care of at home..."

*Ka-shing!* Seiji's chest was pierced by a vicious knife.

"I apologize for saying too much, but"

"No need to say any more, Juumonji-sensei. You're correct." Seiji sighed. "This is indeed not right." Then, he turned to Shika. "I shall mention it to the president later. Why don't I return early and spend the evening together with you and Reo-chan... would that be alright?"

Shika's eyes lit up and she nodded.

Seiji smiled. "I'll buy something delicious for you guys. No matter what you and Reo-chan want to eat, I'll buy it."

"You should buy some presents as well," Kaede recommended. "Girls are always delighted to receive a few small presents."

"Presents... you're right. Shika-chan, do you have anything that you want?"

Shika shook her head. "I only want Brother."

A gentle and beautiful smile spread itself across the black-haired girl's exquisite features.

Seiji's gaze froze on her for a moment.

Kaede widened her eyes slightly upon seeing this.

'She's so beautiful,' the blonde teacher inwardly praised.

She really wanted to get along better with Shika Kagura, but Shika always maintained a distance, which Kaede felt was regrettable.

"I'm happy to hear you say that, but it'll make it really difficult for me to pick out a present for you." Seiji reached out and patted Shika on the head. "I'll need to think hard about what I should give you."

"As long as it's something that Brother gives me, anything is a good present."

Shika truly believed this.

Yukari Asamiya was preparing to contact Seigo Harano. Of course, it was to ask him about his plans for the Winter Snow Festival.

The best possible answer would be that he didn't have any plans, but she figured that was highly unlikely, due to the two girls beside him.

Chiaki Wakaba and Mika Uehara... they definitely wouldn't let an opportunity like the Winter Snow Festival pass by. They might have made arrangements with him already.

No matter what, it was necessary to contact him. She still had a chance if she tried, and if she didn't even try, she knew she would have no chance at all.

Just as she was mentally preparing herself for her call with Seigo, her phone started ringing. The caller ID was Mika Uehara. Yukari was rather surprised to see this.

She picked up the call.

"G-good evening, Asamiya-san."

"Good evening, Uehara-san."

"Um... are you currently free?"

"I am. Is something the matter?"

Mika fell silent for a moment. "Actually, Chiaki wanted me to tell you..."

Yukari's eyes bulged when she heard what Mika had to say.

'The student council president, Natsuya Yoruhana...' She couldn't help but recall the first time she saw her fellow first-year high school student.

Natsuya Yoruhana had long black hair that flowed in the wind, an elegant figure, a perfect, beautiful face, lively eyes that would move anyone, and her lips were arced upwards alluringly

She was too beautiful! Yukari, an ero artist, had been quite shaken at the time.

If she had been a boy, she would have one hundred percent fallen in love with the scion at first sight. Yes, it was no jokeshe truly believed this!

However, she was a girl.

Immediately after she returned home that day, her strong first impression compelled her to draw several ero pictures using Natsuya Yoruhana as the character model! She was unable to stop drawing that night.

There was no helping it; President Yoruhana was simply too beautiful. Her beautiful face and excellent figure made her an incredibly alluring beauty! Yukari, who was already at the level of a professional artist, felt that President Yoruhana was the living definition of the word ero!!