Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Twin witches

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Rion Amami and Kotomi Amami loved each other the most in the world.

Or, more specifically, the herself each girl could see reflected in the other.

Normally speaking, even identical twins would have at least a few differences. It was common for them to have differing opinions on certain subjects, and the things they liked and disliked would also naturally be different.

But the Amami twins had always been identical ever since they were born In fact, they were completely identical, to the point of sharing the same opinion on everything, without even a single difference!

This was definitely an extraordinarily rare occurrence, and it could even be called abnormal, but theyd long since gotten used to it. It was even a source of pride for the twins, as it caused them to believe that they were special and superior compared to everyone else.

And they were indeed quite excellent.

Their looks were already top class, and, in addition to that, they were at the top of their school in academics as well as excelling in sports.

In their clubs, they were the aces of the choir club and karate club respectively. Theyd also been receiving awards in everything since they could walk, and they enjoyed creating their own songs that became popular online. As well as that, they also live-streamed, and they even modelled for fashion magazines in their spare time. In conclusion, everything they did was outstanding.

Their entire school referred to the duo as the twin witches.

When they had first started attending school, there were numerous boys who had chased after them fervently, but they had ascertained the true motives of each and every one of them while teasing and toying with their feelings. This ultimately resulted in them being bestowed with such a notorious nickname.

Unbeknownst to the other students, the twins despised all other men; the only ones that were slight exceptions to this rule were their father and younger brother.

They only truly loved each other and themselves.

"Kotomi Kotomi, what type of punishment should we give our brother?"

"Rion Rion, lets make him wear a bunny girl costume, and kneel and meow like a cat!"

"Okay okay! That sounds awesome and amazing."

"Yep yep! Lets do that, lets do that."

The way they talked to each other sounded like the meaningless repetition of two young children. This was because instead of having a proper conversation with each other, they just enjoyed the process of talking.

It wasnt important what they actually said.

They continued to embrace each other intimately, soft skin touching soft skin, and they chatted about meaningless topics, leisurely letting time pass by

Hoshi Amami returned home.

When his shift was over and he had to part ways with Harano-senpai, he felt reluctant to leave just yet.

Not only was that because Harano-senpai listened to his frustrations and gave honest replies in returneven if he was so blunt that it hurtit was also because Harano-senpai happened to be an otaku!

After discovering that they had similar interests, they had an enjoyable time chatting about various otaku topics.

Even though this was only his first time meeting Harano-senpai, Hoshi could only lament at not meeting him earlier, and he already considered him as one of his best friends.

Harano-senpai was previously a fat otaku, and purely through his own hard effort, he had managed to transform himself into his current handsome form. This miraculous discovery prompted Hoshi to set Harano into his ideal lifes goal to becomethe light which illuminated his dark life!

On his way back home, he had even changed his cell phone screensaver to Harano-senpais pictureof course it was secretly taken.

If Senpai knew about it, hed probably have some stern words for him!

He really wanted Harano as his screensaver, though, so he could only secretly beg for forgiveness.

As he was about to reach home, he felt like looking at Senpais picture again to grant him the confidence he needed to confront his devilish sisters.

N no good! I have to be courageous and face them directly. Senpai told me that I must face all difficulties head-on!

Hoshi was bursting with boundless courage ever since receiving Harano-senpais encouragement.

"Im back!" He put spirit into his voice as he returned home and took off his shoes.

His sisters werent in the living room, and he felt thirsty, so he went to the kitchen, grabbed a can of juice from the refrigerator and drank it as he paced towards his room.

Two familiar figures appeared.

Hoshi instinctively shrank somewhat at seeing the familiar silhouettes of those two beauties, but he managed to stand up tall again and retain his manly spirit.

"Rion, Kotomi, Im back."

He greeted them calmly as he bravely gazed directly at them.

Rion and Kotomi simultaneously tilted their heads and glanced at each other before they looked back towards Hoshi.

"Little bro, did your work go well?"

"It definitely didnt go well; he probably caused trouble for others."

"Yep yep, little bro is always so clumsy and cant do anything correctly."

"Yep yep, without his older sisters to take care of him, hes just a good-for-nothing pretty face."

Their attacks had started.

Hoshi secretly ground his teeth.

His older sisters had always been like this: they saw through everyone and talked to each other while exposing everything.

If this had been the former him, he probably would have begun retreating already, since it was indisputable that his older sisters were indeed speaking correctly.

But he had changed vastly now.

He took a deep breath in order to keep himself spirited.

Yes, Senpai repeatedly mentioned that spirit is the most important factor.

"Yeah yes! I didnt do it too well! But so what!? Im just a normal boy; of course I would give my seniors trouble on my first day working! But all my seniors are nice people. Instead of blaming me, they trust that Ill be able to learn quickly and improve! Ive already learned so much after finishing my first day at work. None of what Ive learned is anything that I can learn at home under all of your restrictions! Sisters, youre excellent, and Im definitely a good-for-nothing compared to the two of you, but Ill do my best, and Ive always been working my hardest in order to prove my worth!"

As Hoshi finished talking, the emotions he had been suppressing for so long erupted explosively, and he almost ended up shouting. The juice can in his hand was nearly squeezed to an unrecognizable piece of scrap metal by him.

Some of the remaining juice spilled onto the ground.

Hoshi glanced at the spillage before he tilted his head back and finished the rest of the can in one gulp, and tossed the can forcefully into the dustbin.

This was quite a spirited action by him.

It definitely wasnt something he would do normally. He attempted to imagine what Harano-senpai would do in such a situation and was consciously trying to imitate him.

"Manliness sometimes is just going ahead with your own ideals you dont need to think about anything else, you dont have to be afraid, and dont be suppressed. Just do what you like as long as you dont go overboard." Those were the exact words that Harano-senpai told him.

After throwing away the can, Hoshi silently found a rag and wiped the floor clean before putting the rag away again.

That was when he noticed that his sisters were still standing in their original positions, staring at him.

"Do you have anything else to say? If not, Im going to my room," he said lightly as he passed by the two of them and went to his room.

The moment he closed the door to his room, Hoshi broke out into a sweat as released a huge sigh.

"That was so scary I thought for sure that they would scold me. But, I accomplished it I did it!"

Hoshi Amami felt the joy of releasing his true self for the first time in his life after being suppressed unfairly for the past ten-plus years of his life.

Inside the living room.

Rion and Kotomi glanced at each other with confusion.

"Kotomi, little bros become quite strange."

"Rion, little bro seems different."

Their pet puppy that theyd been feeding and training for ten-plus years suddenly bared his fangs.

Even though it was just a form of venting without much true substance behind it, he was definitely baring his true fangs for the first time ever!