Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 281

    Chapter 281: I Can't Take It Anymore...

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    It was the Knights of the Round Table's first-ever conference.

    Going along with the flow, Seiji casually suggested a name, but he never expected that this conference would later be recorded in the history books as the beginning of this legendary team's first accomplishment!

    Just kidding.

    "First of all, I need to tell you all that I have a friend who wants to be the music composer for us"

    After the Amami twins determined that they wished to join in, Seiji asked them if they wanted to reveal their real names or not.

    Rion and Kotomi discussed it with each other and decided to stay anonymous for the time being, having only Seiji know their real identities.

    That was why Seiji hid the twin sisters' true names and identities. He only told Yukari and Hisashi that an experienced singer and songwriter had learned that he was making a game, and, upon learning that they lacked a music composer, volunteered to join the project.

    "This person has excellent songwriting abilities and has been rather successful with their songs on the relevant websites, but doesn't wish to be identified, so I won't go into the specifics. He isn't very knowledgeable about dating sims, and he's mainly interested in joining due to being my acquaintance, but he is interested in it and is willing to learn more. He promised to cooperate fully and put in all his effort to contribute to this game."

    "I personally think that we should accept his offer. What do you guys think?"

    "I have no objections to a person that the king has recognized."

    "This humble one has no objections either, so let us welcome this new knight to join us!"

    "Hey, hey, you guys are agreeing just like this? I wanted to have a good discussion about it"

    "I feel that there's nothing to discuss as I believe in my king's judgment." Yukari sent an elegant-smile emoticon.

    "Our king's vision can perceive everything, so a person that he has recognized must be excellent!" Hisashi sent a saluting emoticon.

    "I'm happy that you believe in me so much, but I'm also feeling pressured." Seiji sent an emoticon with a wry smile. "Is this really fine?"

    Yukari and Hisashi indicated once again that they had no objections.

    "Then I'll let him know tomorrow."

    "Why wait until tomorrow? Why not just tell him now and have him join our chat group immediately? I want to meet the third knight right away!" Hisashi sent an expectant emoticon.

    Yukari copied Hisashi's emoticon.

    "Right now fine, I'll call and ask."

    Seiji took out his cell phone and called the twin sisters.

    He explained the situation to them when they picked up.

    Rion and Kotomi responded by saying they would be delighted to join the chat group right away.

    And so, Seiji invited the twins, who had the internet username "Silver Crystal," into the chat group.

    "Good evening, everyone," Rion and Kotomi greeted.

    "Good evening, and welcome," Yukari responded.

    "Good evening. Nice to meet you, knight #3!" Hisashi answered.

    "Nice to meet you knight #3?" the twins asked.

    "This is the theme of our team!" Hisashi gave a brief explanation.

    "That's a fun setting. In that case, I'll be the Silver Knight #3," Rion and Kotomi said after hearing the explanation. They added a brilliantly smiling emoticon to the end.

    "Crystal Knight #3 sounds pretty good as well," Yukari suggested.

    "Both sound great! Damn it, this humble one definitely needs to change his name!" Hisashi seemed to have worked himself up into a fervor. "Both Sweet Pig and Milk Cream Knight sound so uncool!"

    "Stop worrying about the name," Seiji said coolly. "If we're going by these terms, then I'm the Idle Fish King, but I don't mind at all."

    "Idle Fish King" Yukari sent an emoticon with a can't-help-but-laugh expression.

    Rion and Kotomi sent the same emoticon.

    Seiji sent a calm-face emoticon in response.

    Hisashi sent two emoticons: one with its head bowed in shame, and another in admiration.

    "Silver Crystal, welcome to our group," Seiji typed. "Let me introduce you to everyone. Romance of Ice and Fire is our artist, and Milk Cream Sweet Sweet Pig is our programmer. I won't bother talking about their true names and identities, but regardless, they're both people with excellent abilities, and I hope that you can get along well with them."

    "I will. I'm delighted to be working together with you guys! Please take good care of me in the future!"

    "Please take good care of us as well," Yukari and Hisashi responded in tandem.

    "Let's discuss another topic... Ice and Fire, do you feel that there's a need to have a model for the main character?" Seiji inquired.

    "Model for the main character?"

    "I have a friend; his physical appearance isfine, I'll just directly say that he's quite cute even though he's a boy! His physical appearance is similar to the trap main character that we intend to create, and he's willing to be our character model. Do you feel that it's necessary to have him join?"

    Seiji then noticed a private message pop up for him from Yukari.

    "Eh could he be possibly Could he be Hoshi Amami!?"

    "You know him?"

    "I do. He's the junior that you helped before in the past, Seigo! I've even seen him before, and he indeed looks incredibly like a girl. In fact, he's even cuter than most girls!" Yukari sent a heart emoticon.

    "Yep, that's him. When he learned that I was making a game with a trap as the main character, he volunteered to be the main character's model of his own volition I think he's definitely suitable for the task, but whether it's necessary or not will be up to you as the artist to decide."

    "It's necessary! Of course it's necessary!! With him as the main character's model, I'll definitely be able to draw something wonderful!!" Yukari sent a spirited emoticon.

    "Oh let's have him join us, then."

    Seiji felt the strong passion Yukari had as an artist even through the computer screen.

    "I'm really looking forward to meeting him, ha Just imagining what clothes to have him wear and what pose to make him do... I can't take it anymore"

    'Can't take what anymore!?' Seiji was instantly stunned.

    "No I can't stop myself! I keep having so much inspiration! I have to start drawing right away!!"

    And then, Yukari's username suddenly switched to the "Away" status.

    Seiji was rendered speechless.

    In the chat group, Sweet Pig and Silver Crystal, who were still discussing the topic of the "cute boy," also noticed that Ice and Fire had gone away from the keyboard.

    "What happened? My king, why did Knight of Ice and Fire suddenly leave!?"

    "He suddenly had something important to do"

    "Did something bad happen?"

    "No He just said that he had a flash of inspiration and had to immediately start drawing."

    "I see, as expected of the second knight! He's so strong that he can't control his own power," Hisashi praised.

    "I can understand as well," Rion and Kotomi agreed. "That's just how it is when you have a sudden flash of inspiration."

    'She left because her imagination became overactive when she pictured Hoshi in female clothing' Seiji felt that it was best to not tell the twins about this.

    "I apologize on his behalf. It seems that he won't be back anytime soon."

    "No problem. This humble one is actually quite delighted to have such a strong companion."

    "I agree as well. I believe that anyone who's so passionate about their work is worthy of our trust."

    "That's good, then."

    "By the way, did Knight of Ice and Fire feel the need to have that cute boy be the character model?" Hisashi asked.

    "He said yes," Seiji replied.

    "Then that means we're about to welcome our fourth knight! A cute boy who's more beautiful than any girl!! Please introduce him to me in real life!!!" Hisashi sent a series of excited and expectant emoticons.

    Seiji silently sent a private message to Rion and Kotomi's mutual internet account.

    "Is this really okay with you two? Introducing Hoshi to this person."

    "Definitely not! This guy's a true pervert, and Hoshi will be in danger!!" The twin sisters sent an emoticon of resolute refusal.

    Why did they have such an impression of Hisashi Juumonji in such a short time? Although Hisashi was indeed somewhat perverted, it wasn't that bad, was it?

    "How did you two realize that he was such a pervert?" Seiji asked, astonished.

    "His pervert stench is thick enough to smell even fromacross a computer screen!"

    They actually said something so similar to Yukari!?

    What type of ability was this supposed to be? Did all girls have such a sixth sense!?

    It really seemed somewhat mystical to Seiji.

    Seiji silently mourned the first knight's fate for two seconds, before rejecting his request in the group chat.