Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 279

    Chapter 279: He's the Idol Type and You're the Actress Type!?

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    Later that afternoon, in the classroom.

    Seiji was astonished to learn that Chiaki had actually guessed Yukari's identity. He was even more astonished when he discovered that Chiaki had even used her guess to test Yukari.

    The tomboy sighed. "She really believes in you and was barely shaken at all; she's amazing."


    "I already apologized to her. I'll reflect on myself and not do such an action again."

    Seiji looked at Chiaki's face mutely.

    Mika was quite nervous as she watched this. She had been opposed to Chiaki doing this, but not resolutely because she also wanted to give Yukari Asamiya an impact.

    She knew that this was wrong, but that was just how she felt, and it was difficult for Mika to control herself.

    Seeing the awkward atmosphere between Seiji and Chiaki right now, Mika thought hard about what to do.

    Finally she plucked up her courage and said: "I I'm an accomplice!"

    Seiji and Chiaki both turned to her.

    "When Chiaki said that she was going to do this, I I agreed, so I'm an accomplice." Mika was too nervous, so she averted her gaze. "That's why Seigo, don't only blame Chiaki. I also"

    Seiji and Chiaki were both rendered speechless.

    Seiji sighed. 'Just what is all this?'

    Chiaki smiled faintly.

    "You can still smile?" Seiji looked at her.

    Chiaki instantly changed her expression to a poker face.

    "Deceiving others is a bad thing but since you already apologized and said that you would reflect on your actions, I'll choose to believe you," Seiji said, sighing again. "Yukari's a nice girl, and I hope that you guys can all get along. I don't know what else to say. As for her secret, I hope that you can keep it for her, since it's her own private matter."

    "I know," Chiaki promptly agreed.

    Seiji then turned to Mika. "Chiaki already admitted to being in the wrong, and I didn't intend to continue blaming her, so what's with you jumping out and saying that you're an accomplice?"

    "Er" Mika realized that she had acted foolishly.

    "If you feel that you're in the wrong as well, then go apologize to Yukari. She was the one who was almost deceived, not me. And as for her secret"

    "I'll keep her secret as well."

    "That's good, then."

    Another moment of silence fell between them.

    Seiji faced his two good friends the two beauties by his side and recalled Shika making a certain request.

    They were different from Shika, and definitely incomparable, but

    "Ah, let me tell you guys about something; I made a promise to Shika-chan," he said in a calm tone. "I promised her that I wouldn't be in a hurry to get a girlfriend so that I could stay with her for a while longer."

    Chiaki and Mika both widened their eyes upon hearing this.

    "I don't know what will happen in the future. But for the time being, I'd like to maintain the status quo, at least until Shika-chan can get used to her new life." Seiji fixed his gaze on the two girls. "Do you understand what I mean?"

    Chiaki and Mika mulled it over.

    Moments later, Chiaki smiled. "Got it."

    Mika also nodded.

    'It's good that they understand.' Seiji smiled as well.

    "By the way, how was it on your end?" Chiaki changed the topic. "What did it feel like to have lunch together with those twins and your junior?"

    "Pretty nice." Seiji told them the basic situation.

    "They actually want to be your game's music composers!?" Chiaki and Mika were astonished.

    "I was rather surprised as well I didn't expect that they would be so interested in creating a game." Seiji averted his gaze as he spoke.

    Earlier this morning, he didn't tell them about Shouzou Amami requesting that he date the twins, not to mention how the twins even accepted the idea. He only mentioned that he'd ended up becoming friends with the twin sisters, thanks to Shouzou's encouragement.

    Chiaki and Mika were rather surprised to hear this, but immediately afterwards they seemed to understand. They believed it was natural for an elder who was worried about his grandchildren to do such a thing.

    And so, they believed that Seiji having lunch with the Amami siblings was just a normal lunch. They never expected such a result.

    "I think they're not actually interested in creating a game; they just want to improve their relationship with you! This is due to their grandfather's request and also because their brother is watching them." This was Chiaki's analysis after she recovered from her astonishment.

    "Actually, I feel that as well," Seiji confessed. "That's why I told them how difficult it was to create a game, but they remained firm and insisted."

    "Did you accept their offer to join?"

    "Not yet; I need to discuss it with the other members first."

    "What about your personal opinion?"

    "If the others don't object, then I'd accept them."

    "Even if they weren't really joining to create a game?"

    Seiji shrugged. "At the very least, they showed interest and they indeed have the talent and insisted on joining, not to mention I can't just refuse someone when we still lack personnel."

    Chiaki rubbed her chin in contemplation. A few seconds later, a strange light flashed through her eyes.

    "Then, can I apply to join you using the same logic?"


    "Not because of the game, but rather to improve our relationship with you. Basically, we want to join this game team to be together with you!" Chiaki flashed a brilliant smile. "If you can accept those twins, then you should be able to accept me using that same logic!"

    "Er" Seiji was rather dazed by this attack.

    'Even so, her request... seems rather reasonable... No, no, don't get caught up in her logic! Before talking about reasons why she can or can't join, the first thing is'

    "What can you do if you join?" Seiji asked.

    "I can be a character model!" Chiaki made an elegant pose. "As the ace member of the drama club, I can play the part of any character, so I'd definitely make an excellent model."

    'The same job as Hoshi! He's an idol type and you're an actress type!? You actually thought of the exact same method! Should I say that it's to be expected of two drama club members?'

    Not to mention, with this, two traps the slightly more boyish one was now complete as well!!

    Seiji was stunned to realize that it actually seemed like it might work.

    "How is it? I'm a rare talent, you know, and if I were a card rarity, I'd be at least SR!"

    The tomboy changed to yet another elegant pose; this one looked slightly flirtatious.

    Seiji felt that her current appearance was definitely one that would compel players to spend money in game.

    At the very least, Seiji was slightly moved by her current appearance.

    "Being a character model is a nice suggestion, but"

    "That's right! For dating sims, don't you still need voice actresses for the characters!?" Chiaki suddenly had that thought as well. "I can even be a voice actress for any character!"

    Voice actress!

    Seiji had a sudden realization.

    How did he forget about this important role?

    He was only considered how to find the basic members and forgot about this important position more accurately, "these" important positions!

    In order to give life to the game characters, there would be at least several voice actors and actresses needed, not just one or two.

    And not just anyone could be a voice actress, since acting out the part of a character by voice really was quite difficult. Yet Chiaki was perfect for it!

    Seiji had personally witnessed her wondrous acting talent.

    With her acting skills, she could even be the voice actress for a professionally made dating sim!

    This was truly an appropriate suggestion.

    "You're correct." Seiji honestly agreed with her after coming to this realization. "Indeed, you could be a voice actress. Chiaki, with the level that you showed us on stage, you could even be the main character's voice actress!"