Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 278

    Chapter 278: This Must Be the So-Called 'People Shouldn't Be Judged by Appearances'

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    Not only were Rion and Kotomi Amami the ace members of the karate club, they were also ace members of the choir club.

    Ever since they were young, they had composed their own music. Their own songs had even ranked top 10 in some review site rankings multiple times, and they had some fame in the music circle. They were already at the level where if they wanted to go professional, they could easily find a music production company willing to sign a contract with them.

    After hearing that from them, and with Hoshi adding his own opinion, Seiji now had a much better understanding of just how excellent these sisters were.

    "Why didn't you two sign a contract and go professional, then?"

    "Because we don't think it's time to do so yet."

    Rion and Kotomi explained that if they signed a contract and went professional, they would be dealing with the real market, which would be a lot crueler than just putting their songs on the internet for free.

    At their current level, they didn't feel like that going professional would be beneficial for them. Basically, they still didn't think their current abilities were good enough to go professional yet.

    Singing and composing songs was just their hobby, but they weren't yet certain whether they wanted to be singers or music composers in the future, which was why they didn't take any of this seriously.

    Seiji understood. There was a large difference between those that did things as an interest and those looking to go professional, after all.

    Although they would perform well in the beginning, those that went professional due to their interests would commonly receive heavy impacts down the road.

    The twin sisters were very clear about this. They were self-aware enough to not turn professional solely based on the fact that their own created songs had good reviews on the internet. This was a wise decision by them.

    "I understand your basic situation now. Even though you don't have any experience, I believe that the two of you will be able to handle the position of music composer for us," Seiji told them. "But why is it that you want to join in? You two shouldn't have any understanding of dating sims, do you?"

    Rion and Kotomi both looked towards him.

    "That's because any game that you create would surely be interesting."

    "We want to create a game together with you. It'll definitely be fun."

    "Honestly speaking, I'm just one member of a team, and I can't promise that this will be a very interesting topic for you guys, nor can I promise that the process will be fun," Seiji told them honestly. "The only thing I can promise is that we'll all give it our best, and do what we can to create it and finish itthat's all."

    "If you two join in, you have to do this as well and work like professionals to cooperate with us in making the best game that we can."

    "Before we finish this game, there will be no salary for you whatsoever. And even after the game's publication, there may be no guarantee of much income from sales."

    "Making this game is purely due to our personal interests, but even so, there are still strict requirements. I hope that you two will consider it carefully."

    After the twins heard this, they blinked and exchanged glances.

    "Rion, what do you think?"

    "Kotomi, I think there are no problems."

    The twin beauties looked back towards Seiji again.

    "We definitely wish to join!" they said loudly.

    Seiji raised his brows at this. "Alright, thanks for being willing to join in. I'll discuss things tonight with the other members, then give you a reply."

    "Okay." Rion and Kotomi were both smiling.

    Hoshi, who was watching this, was incredibly happy.

    Within him, the desire to become the character model for this game's main character grew stronger!

    No, it was okay if he wasn't the main character; any character was finein fact, anything at all was fine! He also wished to be of assistance and join this team somehow.

    Meanwhile, as Seiji was eating lunch together with the three Amami siblings, Chiaki was also eating lunch together with a purple-haired beauty elsewhere at school.

    Yukari Asamiya.

    Yukari was rather astonished to receive an invitation from Chiaki Wakaba to eat lunch together.

    Since she was rather curious, and had no reason to refuse, she agreed. That was why they were currently eating lunch together.

    "Seigo told me something rather interesting." After some fairly normal conversation, Chiaki's mouth arced upwards in a small grin. "Asamiya-san, you're an ero artist this is rather shocking."

    Yukari heart lurched. She stopped eating and her eyes bulged in shock.

    "I never expected that someone with an elegant nickname like 'Princess' would have such a job! I was really surprised when I heard it from Seigo." Chiaki looked searchingly at Yukari's face. "This must be the so-called 'people shouldn't be judged on appearances.'"

    'Seigo revealed my secret!?' Yukari was inwardly astonished. 'No, he wouldn't!' She instantly denied this idea.

    She didn't believe that Seigo Harano would do such a thing. But how did Wakaba-san know about this?

    Yukari was unable to come up with an answer.

    She was about to ask regarding this matter when she had a sudden realization! Yukari hurriedly swallowed down the words she was about to say.

    "Wakaba-san, what are you talking about? I don't understand." Yukari slowly began to smile. "What exactly is an ero artist? I don't know what that is; could you give me an explanation?"

    Chiaki's expression froze over at this. "Stop acting, Asamiya-san"

    "I'm not acting; I truly don't understand what you're talking about." Yukari kept smiling, although there was now a fierce glint in her eyes. "Was this really something that Seigo told you about? It seems that I need to make a phone call to him and personally inquire about this." She took out her cell phone as she said this and her finger hovered over the 'call' icon.

    Chiaki's expression changed entirely at this. "Alright, you win," the tomboy said, sighing. "There's no need to make any calls."

    The purple-haired girl stopped and put away her phone.

    "How did you see through me?" Chiaki asked.

    "I didn't see through anything; I just don't understand what's going on," Yukari told her calmly.

    The two of them kept silent for a while and only looked at each other.

    "Seigo didn't tell me anything. He only mentioned that he was making a game together with some others, but didn't mention you," Chiaki explained. "I just did a little deduction, and used my deduction on you. Judging by your expression just now, was I on the mark?"

    Yukari didn't reply.

    "You couldn't know how I knew, and the only possibility you could come up with was that Seigo revealed your secret, but you still chose to believe in him. You're incredible," Chiaki praised. "This beautiful nickname of 'Princess' that you have is truly appropriate for you. I'm honestly impressed. I apologize for lying to you and deceiving you. I'll tell Seigo myself about this matter, and I'll also tell him that you really believe in him."

    Yukari remained silent and continued looking at Chiaki.

    "If it were possible, I'd become your friend, not your opponent; how regrettable" Chiaki stood up. "Have a good lunch, Asamiya-san."

    Chiaki left after saying that.

    Yukari watched the tomboy leave. When her figure disappeared from view she finally released her calm facade and collapsed on the stone table, drained of energy.

    "You actually figured all that out with only deduction you're the amazing one, Wakaba-san."

    'Seigo Harano only told Chiaki Wakaba about making a game, and just with that, she guessed that I, Yukari Asamiya, am an ero artist! This is just basically like a famous detective! So scary.' That was Yukari's honest opinion.

    She had managed to make it through only by acting calm. She was almost fooled by Chiaki's words into suspecting Seigo.

    If it wasn't for her own resolve in believing Seigo Harano's moral character, then she would have admitted to being an ero artist, she would have received an impact, she might have gotten angry at Chiaki or even Seigo and various bad things would have happened!

    'You're an amazing one, Chiaki Wakaba," the purple-haired girl muttered to herself. "If it were possible, I'd become friends with you as well, not your opponent"