Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 277

Chapter 277: I Can Become the Model for the Main Character!?

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After Seiji ended the conversation with Hana, he suddenly remembered that he had forgotten to ask her why she didn't tell Yui about him.

Hana probably had her own thoughts on the matter. He would simply ask her next time if he had the chance.

No matter what, being able to regain a normal relationship with his blood-related younger sister was something wonderful for him.



Rion and Kotomi Amami were concerned about a certain matter.

After saying goodbye to Seigo Harano last night, they thought of their younger brother, Hoshi.

They wanted to tell Hoshi about what had happened, but they didn't know how to go about telling him.

Rion and Kotomi felt deep regret towards their previous treatment of Hoshi.

Although they had already apologized, what they did to him wouldn't be so easily forgiven with just an apology. It was only natural to not be forgiven for even their entire lives.

Yet, Hoshi chose to forgive them.

He even wanted to get along better with them and be normal siblings again.

This made Rion and Kotomi's hearts ache.

Hoshi could have shouted at them or be angrier at them.

They wanted to make it up to him, but they didn't know how to go about it. Whenever they saw him or called him, they wanted to express something, but were unable to say anything other than the most ordinary of words.

With their grandfather's assistance, they were able to become friends with Seigo Harano although for now it was still only in name.

Afterwards, if they could improve their relationship with Seigo, then they would probably be able to get closer to Hoshi again.

But before any of that, how should they talk to Hoshi about this?

Just as Rion and Kotomi were pondering this question, they received a phone call.

It was from Seiji Haruta Seigo Harano.

They had just exchanged phone numbers during their meeting, so they hadn't expected him to call right away!

"I'd like to eat lunch sometime together with Hoshi and the two of you; what do you think?" he asked in a casual tone.

Rion and Kotomi were unable to respond for a full three seconds.

After they finally regained their senses, they expressed their confusion, and learned that he'd already told Hoshi about what happened last night. He'd even taken the initiative to invite Hoshi, and Hoshi had accepted!

Just how proactive was he in taking action?

They almost impulsively wanted to tell him to also consider their own feelings.

Rion and Kotomi exchanged glances and smiled wryly.

He was just such a boy.

They could always feel a powerful strength from his method of dealing with situations. When they had opposed him, his strength had instilled them with great fear.

But now that they were on the same side, they felt fortunate and safe. Of course, their response was that it was a great idea.

As for when they had free time, they said that any day's lunch break was fine.

"Let's go with tomorrow, which is Monday, then," he said casually.

His tone was so relaxed. He treated it like an ordinary lunch.

Rion and Kotomi hung up with complex emotions in their hearts. Afterwards they had difficulty sleeping all night.

It played on their minds all throughout Monday morning, from the first to the final morning class of the day. The bell finally rang, signifying the end of the last morning class.

It was now time for lunch break.

Rion and Kotomi took out their lunchboxes and exited their classroom. They met him in the hallway.

He smiled at them gently.

The tall and handsome boy was illuminated by the sunlight streaming in through the window. This scene of him gently smiling hit Rion and Kotomi in their hearts.

He was just too charismatic.

The twins' heartbeat began to increase in pace.

"Let's go," Seiji said, before he began walking through the hallway.

Many students witnessed the sight of the "Magic-Devouring Dragon" walking together with the "Twin Witches."

All the students who knew the rumors about them were shocked by this sight! A few students furtively took pictures of them together with their cell phones and immediately began uploading them to their social media accounts.

"Why are they together!?"

"Could it be the continuation of the original incident?"

"It couldn't be"

"There seems to be a good atmosphere surrounding them"

"Could it be that due to the previous incident, special feelings were born between them!?"

"After a fierce battle, they actually hooked up with each other? This is basically just like a scene out of a television show!"

The bystander students' desire to gossip was strong today as well.

Seiji didn't mind their gossiping, nor did Rion and Kotomi.

They headed for the middle school section where they met up with Hoshi.

From a distance away, Hoshi saw the sight of his senpai walking together with his sisters, which caused his eyes to glisten.

'No, I don't want to cry; that would be too unsightly.'

Hoshi did his best to control himself and revealed a brilliant smile as he greeted them.

After meeting up, the four of them found a quiet place in the school to sit down and eat together.

Seiji naturally started a topic of conversation and began chatting with the Amami siblings.

The atmosphere between them quickly became friendly with all awkwardness disappearing.

"Senpai, how's your novel going?" Hoshi asked. He already knew about the publication of Become Handsome and that Seiji was writing a new story called Brother Monogatari .

"It's already completed, and I've sent it to my editor already. I think she'll probably respond today," Seiji told him. "If there are no surprises, it should be able to get published by itself."

"Getting published by itself rather than in a magazine amazing!" Hoshi exclaimed with a sparkle in his eyes. "Senpai is incredible!"

Seiji felt rather awkward upon hearing his junior praise him so directly and look at him in adulation.

"I still need to hear from my editor on the final decision whether to publish it or not, and some final edits will probably be necessary. And even if it's published, I still need to observe how well my story sells the market can be cruel, after all."

"I believe in Senpai. Senpai's story will be the best! After it's published, I'll definitely purchase a copy to support you!"

"Thank you."

Seiji noticed that Rion and Kotomi had curious expressions, so he explained the situation to them.

After hearing this, the twins also hinted that they would buy a copy of Brother Monogatari after its publication to check it out.

"Senpai, what are you going to write next?" Hoshi asked. "Volume 2 of Brother Monogatari , or something else?"

"I'm going to write a game scenario next I'm going to cooperate with some others in creating a dating sim game."

"Dating sim game!?"

"Yeah" Seiji looked towards Hoshi. "The game's storyline is mostly set already; a 'trap' is the main character"

"Oh? Senpai means that I can become the model for the main character!?" Hoshi instantly became overjoyed.

Seiji was rendered speechless.

"No, that's not what I meant but if you want to be, you really could be" Seiji replied, feeling and sounding somewhat conflicted.

The pretty boy clenched his fist tightly. "Please allow me to do so! I'd like to help out Senpai as much as I can!"

"Er, thank you for your willingness, but deciding whether we need a model or not is up to our artist, not me. I feel that you'd be a good model, but I don't know our artist's opinion."

"Then please allow me to meet that artist!"

"That person doesn't enjoy meeting others I'll let that person know about this, and then give you a response, alright?"

Hoshi agreed with an expectant look on his face.

Rion and Kotomi inquired about the game this time, and Seiji obliged them with an explanation of the game.

"Right now it's just the beginning. There's only me, the artist, and the programmer, and we still need to find a music composer in order to finish our basic team."

Music composer Rion and Kotomi exchanged glances, their eyes flashing with a strange light.

"What's the specific job of the music composer?" they asked.

"Setting appropriate music for each of the game's settings and certain scenes, just like arranging music for a movie," Seiji answered. "All the music needs to be original creations or something that the composer holds the copyright to."

Rion and Kotomi both began smiling upon hearing this.

"Perhaps we could take the part of the music composer," they told him in unison.