Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 273

    Chapter 273: The Twin Witches' Final Counterattack!

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    Before this, Hoshi had requested for Seiji to "become his twin sisters' boyfriend" during their first meeting.

    Seiji never expected to hear the exact same suggestion coming from the Amami family elder after all this time!

    What was with the grandfather and grandson of this family!?

    Should he say that it was to be expected of grandfather and grandchild?

    'For them to actually say the exact same thing...' Seiji didn't even know how he should react.

    Even though he really wanted to comment on this, he felt that it would be inappropriate to do so in front of an elder.

    Ultimately, he didn't know how else to express his feelings, so he chose to remain silent.

    Shouzou looked back towards the twins.

    "Just now, what I said to Harano-kun, was also for you. Rion, Kotomi, consider it carefully. Is there anyone better for you than Harano-kun at your school? And in the future, do you think that you'll meet someone more suitable for you?

    Rion and Kotomi remained silent.

    Seiji sensed their gazes upon him and turned to see that the twin beauties were both looking in his direction. Their eyes flashed with a mysteriouslight, and they appeared to be in deep contemplation.

    Seiji suddenly had an ominous premonition. 'Hey, hey, these two wouldn't really...'

    "Rion, what grandfather said... seems to be accurate."

    "Kotomi, I also feel that... there's nothing wrong with what he said."

    'Nothing wrong, the hell! Try disagreeing a little!!' Once again, Seiji was stunned. 'No way! How could you two accept it so easily!? Are you that obedient to your grandfather's words!?

    'Even if you aren't the 'witches' anymore, there's no need to become docile to such a degree, is there!? This is too much of a contrast!!'

    "Rion, objectively speaking, Seigo Harano is the most excellent boy in our entire school. He's excellent all-around, and he completely fits the requirements to be our lover!"

    "Indeed, Kotomi. We've sworn to become stronger than himand then defeat him. We can use the method of going out with him, becoming his girlfriends, and completely conquering him to realize our oath!"

    "That's right, Rion. This is an even better method to defeat him with... in fact, it's the best method! That's because even if he becomes even stronger and more charismatic, he'll still belong to us!"

    Seiji was rendered absolutely speechless.

    He didn't even know what expression he had any more or what he should say in response to them.

    They had indeed changed, but it was obvious that some aspects of their personality remained the same.

    'It's to be expectedafter all, how could they possibly make a full 180-degree change!?'

    Seiji really felt that he was in a precarious situation. This was an entirely different type of threat one worse than facing off against the 'twin witches' from before.

    'No, wait!' He thought back to his last meeting with them, and the critical words that they'd said.

    "Didn't... the two of you say that you hated me?" Seiji asked.

    Rion and Kotomi blinked upon hearing this.

    "Rion, have we ever said something like that?"

    "Kotomi, I recall nothing of that sort at all."

    The twins smiled mischievously.

    Seiji's eyes widened in surprise. 'They're actually straight-up lying now!?'

    "You definitely did! At that time in the stairwell you said that you hated me, which was why you'd become stronger and defeat me!" He recalled the scene in his mind.

    These two girls definitely remembered it! It was impossible for them to forget!!

    "Eh, is that so, Rion? I still can't remember anything."

    "Er, it seems like it, but it might not be the case. My memory's not too good either, Kotomi."

    The twin beauties continued to smile.

    'So they're going to deny it to the end!' Seiji felt the urge to choke; he didn't know how to continue accusing them anymore.

    "Even if we really said that, sometimes when girls say they 'hate' a boy, it doesn't really mean hate~"

    "Indeed, so you shouldn't take it too seriously when girls say they 'hate' you, Harano-san."

    'Stop pretending like that's the case! At that time, you definitely meant hate; there's no mistaking it!' Seiji expressed his thoughts using his resolute look in his eyes.

    "No matter what things were like in the past, the current us would like to get along well with Harano-san."

    "Yep, we feel that it's completely fine to date with Harano-san... probably."

    Rion and Kotomi exchanged glances and imagined something that caused both their faces to flush red.

    "Rion, I think... it's not just probably."

    "Kotomi, I also feel that... it's not probablyit's definitely."

    The two identical beauties now looked directly towards Seiji and said their next sentence softly: "We can definitely truly fall in love with you, Seigo Harano!"

    Their eyes were clear, and their faces were red. They spoke sincerelyas if they'd realized the true feelings in their heartsand it didn't sound fake at all.

    At the very least, Seiji didn't feel like they were faking it.

    That was why he was so shocked. He was suddenly struck by a huge impact because his mind was wholly unprepared!

    Inwardly, he was slightly shaken. He couldn't help but feel the twins before him were incredibly cute.

    His face also reddened slightly.

    "Don't you... feel that you might be wrong about what you're feeling?" Seiji averted his gaze.

    He seemed embarrassed. No, he was definitely embarrassed!

    Seigo Harano was embarrassed.

    This was the first time that the twins had seen such a side to him, and it caused their hearts to skip a beat.

    They were rather nervous to meet the handsome boy again today.

    As for feelings like hate and wanting revenge? Those emotions were long gone already; it was as if they had never existed. They had imperceptibly disappeared with time. The twins were astonished to discover this, but that was how it was.

    They maintained calm appearances on the surface as they greeted him and ate dinner together.

    After hearing his sincere praise for their cooking, receiving his thanks, and seeing his gentle smile they noticed for the first time how handsome he was!

    Seigo Harano was handsome to begin with.

    After dinner, when they heard their grandfather's suggestion, they were indeed just as shocked as Seigo.

    But upon closer consideration, they thought that their grandfather was correct.

    There was no boy more suitable for them than Seigo Harano.

    He received full points from them in physical appearance, body shape, and he was handsome and gentle and the most important part was that he was the man who utterly defeated them!

    They personally experienced just how strong he was.

    That's why, in order to defeat him no, conquer him! They were willing to give their everything.

    In order to obtain his body and heart, they were willing to pay using their own bodies and hearts Seigo Harano was the only boy in the world that they felt was worthy of them doing so, and the only one they would be willing to do so!

    This was their wholehearted "revenge;" it was the twin witches' final counterattack!

    Thoughts like these ran through Rion's and Kotomi's minds.

    And after seeing his embarrassment, they were inwardly movedand confirmed that this was the best way to conquer him.

    "We don't believe ourselves to be mistaken," Rion said.

    "Seigo Harano, you're handsome and gentle."

    "We want you for ourselves, and we're willing to pay ourselves."

    The twin beauties smiled sweetly at him. Their flushed cheeks and sparkling eyes made the sisters almost irresistible.

    Seiji was shaken even further by this astonishing attack from them.

    'Witches' he couldn't help but think this again.

    The 'twin witches' still existed right here and now, and they were targeting him!

    This was their true final attack, the most honest and straightforward type of attacka strong declaration that they would conquer him!