Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 264

Chapter 264: A Promise to Publish

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"Dont misunderstandIm just going by my impression as a reader, not my review as the head editor," Souzoexplained after he noticed the editors expressions. It seemed that he'd realized what they were thinking."This story made me recall the feeling I had reading that story from ten years ago... and as the head editor, I can only say that so far this story seems to be written quite well and has a good chance of becoming popular. As for how popular it can become... that will depend on luck and the audiences tastes."

The editors finally understood.

A popular storys success didnt depend solely on the quality of the written work. Luck was also a factor, and more precisely, it depended on what the general public wanted to read at the time.

If luck wasnt on a storys side, even an excellently written story wouldnt become popular. And if the audience simply wanted to read a certain genre, some stories that had only average writing quality could also become a huge hit.

Another way of putting it was that some stories mysteriously fell flat, while others became popular for no apparent reason. The light novel market was just such a mysterious creature.

This was already the case for popular stories, so of course it also applied to legendary stories.

Even Head Editor Hattori, who had been in this business for several decades, and read countless amounts of light novels wouldnt be able to tell just from a draft if it would become hugely popular or a legendary success.

"Yoshizawa-san, give me a report about this storys situation... as for everyone else, why are you just standing around here? Hurry up and go do your work!"

All the other editors scattered after being reprimanded by the head editor.

Saki then informed Souzo about the story and the author.

"He doesnt want to publish Become Handsome and wants to publish this Brother Monogatari instead," Souzo muttered to himself. He mulled it over, considering the matter deeply as he stared at the computer screen. "Judging by the quality of his draft so far, its probably okay. But still, we should wait until he finishes the final draft to set it in stone. Yoshizawa-san... tell him that if he can finish the final draft with this same qualityif he passes our standardsthen well give him the highest-level contract for newcomer authors and promise to get his story published as soon as possible!"

A strange light flashed in Head Editor Hattoris eyes as he made his decision.


Seiji received another phone call from Editor Yoshizawa during his lunch break.

Although he hadnt finished his draft yet, his word count was quite high already, so Seiji had figured that she wouldnt call him until later this afternoon or even tonight as it would take time to finish reading his draft. This was earlier than he expected.

Saki gave him a glowing review of his draftand told him that he would receive the highest-level contract for newcomer authors if he could finish the final draft with the same quality. She also informed him the head editor had promised to get his story published as quickly as possible.

Seiji was delighted to hear all this, and, moved by Thunderbolt Literatures sincerity, he agreed.

He immediately called Shika to tell her about the good news.

Shika was also delighted and said that this was only to be expected. "Brother Seijis story is the best!"

"No, this wasnt written by me alonewe wrote this together!"

Seiji wished that Shika could be prouder of herself, instead of giving him all the credit.

After he finished talking to Shika, Seiji also informed Mika and Chiaki, who were both eating lunch with him, of the situation. Kaho wasnt with them this time.

More than ever, Mika and Chiaki were anxious to read the finished version of Brother Monogatari now that it had received recognition from a professional editor.

After school, Seiji and his friends walked to the library again to join the drama club study group.

Hiroshi Fuuma, who had collapsed yesterday, didnt come today.

The club members asked Vice President Shiina about how he was doing.

"Fuuma-san didnt tell me why he fainted; he simply thanked me and also asked me to thank Harano-san and Wakaba-san for helping to take him to the infirmary," Shiina said. "He also mentioned that we shouldn't worry about him. As for today, he took a day's leave to rest at home, so he hasn't come to school."

In the end, they still didnt know the real reason. It wasnt actually the so-called "truth" from yesterday, was it?

Seiji and everyone had rather subtle expressions as they thought about it.

"Whats the matter?" Shiina felt that everyone was acting a little strange.

Everyone looked in Nakajimas direction.

"The cruel truth shouldnt be told more than once; it should be allowed to disappear peacefully and rest in the darkness," Nakajima murmured, looking off into the distance wistfully.

The hell with disappearing! Youre probably just afraid of Demon Face Shiinas forceful retorts! was what ran through the drama club member's minds.

Shiina was mystified by his vague words. "Nakajima-san, what are you saying?"

"Dont mind him, Vice President," Chiaki said quickly. "Its just a joke. We should begin studying now."

Shiina still wondered what was going on, but afterChiaki told everyone to study, she decided not to pursue her inquiry.

Everyone began studying diligently. Seiji continued working on his novel and tutored Mika and Kaho whenever they had any questions.

Time passed steadily just like that.

After the study session was finished, Seiji and Mika said goodbye to Chiaki and Kaho and went back to the apartment together with Kaede.

When they reached a certain street intersection, they saw a boy who was walking rather unsteadily.

Seiji recognized himit was Hiroshi Fuuma.

This actor who had played the "Ice Prince" now looked much worse than yesterday. His face was as pale as paper, he had dark circles under his eyes, and he seemed incredibly fatigued. In combination with his unsteady gait, it seemed like he had been hollowed out.

Hiroshi was also crossing the intersection, but apparently he didnt notice the fact that the traffic light was red. He walked to the middle of the road shakily.

A truck was passing through the intersection; the driver was going rather fast.

The truck driver suddenly noticed that there was a pedestrian jaywalking through the red traffic light and hurriedly ground his foot on the brakes, but he wasnt going to make it in time.

Just as an accident was about to occur, a figure rushed over at an incredible speed and dragged the curly blue-haired boy to the roadside just in time to avoid the truck!

"Seigo!?" "Harano-kun!?" Mika and Kaede both shouted in astonishment.

The other bystanders were also awed by this spectacle.

The truck driver broke out into a cold sweat as he reflected how lucky he was to have not hit this person.

"Bastard! Dont you see that theres a red light!? Do you want to die!!?" the middle-aged driver stuck his head out and yelled at the blue-haired boy. He was evidently angered by the fact that the pedestrian was clearly in the wrong.

He then drove off in a foul mood, swiftly escaping from the scene.

Seiji glanced at the truck as it left, before looking back at his fellow schoolmate, who he'd just saved.

"Are you alright, Fuuma-san?"

Hiroshi Fuumas expression was rather blank; it was if he hadnt realized what had just happened.

"You didnt pay attention to the red light just now, and you were almost hit by a truck," Seiji told him.

Hiroshi finally reacted and blinked his eyes. "Oh youre Harano-san thank you for saving me," he said in a weak voice as he lowered his gaze. "I wasnt being careful"

Seiji furrowed his brows upon noticing that Hiroshi was absolutely shattered.

At this moment, the light turned green, and Mika and Kaede hurriedly crossed the intersection.



Both the double pigtailed girl and blonde beauty had expressions filled with concern.

"Im fine; there's no need to worry." Seiji smiled in an attempt to reassure them.

Only when they confirmed that he was indeed fine did both ladies finally relax.

"Honestly, suddenly rushing out like that its quite startling!" Mikas tone carried a trace of complaint.

Kaede didnt say anything, but her eyes flashed with a strange light.

"My apologies for having scared you two," Seiji said sincerely, before turning back to look at Hiroshi. "Fuuma-san, your complexion really seems terrible, you cant even walk steadily, and its obvious that your attention was elsewhere. Just what exactly happened to you?"