Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 261

Chapter 261: My Sister Is Amazing

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"Seiji... whats all this?" Mika was still confused.

"You heard it as wellthese are all presents from Yui Haruta, my older sister. I suppose its... her encouragement." Seiji smiled. "She wishes for me to become a Yin-Yang Master and meet her again... probably."

"Encouragement... why give me and Kagura-san presents as well?"

"She probably views Uehara-san and Kagura-san as Haruta-kuns important companions," Natusya interjected. "I assume she hopes that the two of you will be able to assist him in the future."

"I concur with Natsuya," Seijia agreed.

"Oh..." Mika nodded in understanding. "At any rate, its a good thing, right?"

Seiji nodded. "Yep, its a good thing."He put away his cell phone and picked up the Spirit Raising Talisman. "This present is for Mika... how can she use it?"

"A Spirit Raising Talisman is a container for Spiritual Creatures. As long as you let a spiritual creature stay within it, there are many benefits, such as rapid growth, or speedy recovery after expending too much energy or getting injured," Natsuya explained. "If the owner knows how to use Mana, there are even more uses, but Uehara-san currently doesnt know how to use mana yet, right?"

Mika nodded again.

"Then all you have to do is let your Spiritual Creature stay inside it."

"Lets listen to the president, and try it out, Mika." Seiji handed the Spirit Raising Talisman to Mika.

Mika accepted the talisman and then summoned Mashiro.

"Chirp!" The silver-winged loli twirled in mid-air three times after she was summoned.

"Mashiro-chan, this..." Mika showed her the talisman.

"Chirp?" Mashiro's eyes widened. She studied the talisman with a confused expression.

"How do we have her go inside?" Seiji inquired.

"It should activate as long as she touches it," Natsuya answered.

Mika put the Spirit Raising Talisman on Mashiro.

As soon as the talisman came into contact with the silver-winged loli, it shone gold and instantly sucked Mashiro into it!

"Thats... it?" Mika asked.

"Yep," Natusya said, "if you want her to come out again, just squeeze the talisman."

Mika tried squeezing it.


The talisman lit up again and the silver-winged loli hopped out from it.

"How does it feel inside?" Mika asked.

"Yaya! Chirp~~" Mashiro revealed a brilliant smile.

It seemed that she was quite happy.

Mika touched Mashiro with the talisman once more and put her inside.

"This is an extremely valuable magical item; try your best not to let anyone else see it," Natsuya cautioned.

"Such a valuable item... is it really fine for me to keep it?" Mika looked towards Seiji.

Seiji smiled reassuringly. "Just relax and accept it. Make sure you use it properly."

"Thank you." Mika carefully stowed away the talisman.

Then, everyone fell silent. Seiji felt that it was time for him to leave, so he said goodbye to the president.

"Haruta-kun... did you mind the fact that I told Yui Haruta about you without informing you first?" Natsuya didnt reply to his goodbye. Instead, she looked into his eyes and asked a question of her own.

"Hm? Of course not," Seiji said. "Theres no need to conceal anything about me from her. If you said it, you said it. Theres no need to mind at all, President. And from the result, I should even thank you... did you put in a few good words for me?"

Natsuya smiled. "I just told her the truth."

"No matter what, I still have to thank you," Seiji told her sincerely.

"Theres no need..." Natsuyas face flushed slightly red, and a strange light flashed across her eyes.


After saying goodbye to Natsuya for the second time, Seiji returned back to his apartment together with Mika.

When he returned home, Seiji opened the box containing the Muramasa Demon Blade and gave it to Shika, telling her who it came from.

An indescribable light flashed through Shikas eyes as she listened to this. She accepted the sword wordlessly.

Seiji went to his own room, took out his cell phone, and checked the information inside. The first thing he wanted to check was precisely how to become a Yin-Yang Master.

He recalled that Mai told him the critical part to becoming a Yin-Yang Master was to materialize his own Yin-Yang Seal. But she didnt know how to obtain this "Job Class Seal."

After searching through for a while, Seiji found what he was looking for.

The secret technique manual on how to become a Yin-Yang Master and how to materialize his personal Seal!

He instantly began reading through it. This manual... the contents werent particularly hard to understand or long.

It wasnt even dinnertime by the time Seiji finished reading through it.

*Ding!* There was a notification from his system, and a few lines of words appeared before him.

[Youve understood the basic concepts of how to become a Yin-Yang Master. The [Yin-Yang Seal] option is now available under [Spiritual Abilities], and you may now become a Yin-Yang Master.]

Seiji raised his eyebrows and instantly checked the new [Yin-Yang Seal] option in his system.

As he expected, it was still grayed out, so he looked at the system explanation.

[Read a technique manual detailing how to become a Yin-Yang Master or read other equivalent information. Learn and understand it fully82% completed.]

[Cultivate your Spiritual Power and improve your levelcurrent progress 0%.]

[Cultivate your Mana and improve your levelcurrent progress of 0%.]

[??? (Prerequisites not met; will be revealed after completing the above 3 conditions.)]

Isnt the system basically telling me "Youre not even close to being at a high enough level yet?" Seiji tugged at his lips.

Then, he browsed through his [Gifts] in the system.

Yui Haruta hadnt given the Muramasa Demon Blade and Spirit Raising Talisman to him, so there were no rewards for this. But the black cell phone had rewarded him.

[All-stat improvement cardHeartfelt Relief.]

[This card contains Yui Harutas heartfelt relief for her younger brother. After using it, all of your stats will be increased. Lower stats will increase by a greater amount.]

[Ability reload cardConcerned Heart.]

[This card contains Yui Harutas concern for you. After using it, all your limited-use abilities for the day will be reset and can be used again!]

[Yin-Yang Seal activation cardExpectant Heart.]

[This card contains Yui Harutas ardent expectations for you. You may use this card on any two learning requirements for the Yin-Yang Seal, and both will instantly be increased to 100% progress!]

Seiji was rendered speechless.

Sister, youre amazing. This was all he could think of at the moment.

An all-stat increase card... he didnt need to comment on it, as it was much stronger than any other stat increase card hed ever received!

A limited-use ability reload card... presently, Seiji only had two abilities that were limited in use: [Light of Despair from the Brink] and [Lights Marking].

While it probably wasnt important to reuse [Lights Marking], using [Light of Despair from the Brink] again was critically important; it had the potential to be an extra lifesaver!

And if he saved this card for later and had more limited-use powerful abilities in the future, he could use them right away again, which was... just amazing!

As for the final Yin-Yang Seal learning card... dear lord, it would give him two requirements for free!

He could just ignore the two most troublesome or difficult conditions, which meant that this card meant he was almost a Yin-Yang Master already!

Seiji believed that this was all honestly amazing, as all these items were indicative of Yui Haruta's true feelings.

Seiji decided to stop thinking about all this after mulling it over for a long while.

I should go help Shika cook dinner.

With that, he put down his cell phone and walked out of his room.