Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 260

Chapter 260: Yui Harutas Present

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The ability test had come to a conclusion. It would be too dangerous to continue.

The fact that Mashiro didnt seem the slightest bit fatigued after performing such a powerful attack meant that she still had plenty of power left over.

How many such attacks could she perform in a row? Did she have some even more terrifying power?

Even though they really wanted to know, it would be too risky to continue to the test under the current situation where they couldnt effectively communicate with her.

Mika unsummoned Mashiro.

"Uehara-san, you... truly hatched an unbelievable creature," Natsuya exclaimed. "She has a dangerous power. You need to keep her under control, and the first priority is to learn how to communicate with her."

Mika remained silent. She clenched her own hands and didnt say anything.

"Mika, even though Mashiro-chan made one of Presidents targets vanish, she isnt blaming you; shes just objectively saying what she believes," Seiji told her in a gentle tone. "And I agree with the President: no matter what type of existence Mashiro-chan is, you need to be able to effectively communicate with her and keep her under control."

Mika looked at Seiji with a soft expression in her eyes.

"No need to worry. Just because Mashiro-chan has dangerous powers it doesnt mean that shes a dangerous individualor at least thats what I believe." Seiji smiled. "Im standing on your and Mashiro-chans side. I definitely wont say something like making you give up Mashiro-chan or seal her away."

"Seiji..." Mikas eyes glistened.

"Controlling Mashiro-chan is a must, just like how mothers need to teach their children how to behave. You dont need to think too much about anything else or be worried." He extended his hand and gently patted Mika on the head.

"Okay..." Mika was finally able to relax somewhat.

Natsuya silently watched this unfold. "Lets wait until Uehara-san can effectively communicate with this creature before we try testing its powers again."

The president ended this test with these words.

Seiji and the others left the practice field and returned to the first floor.

When they returned to the living room, Seiji saw that a blonde-haired boy was sitting on the sofa waiting for them, and he was astonished to see who it was.

It was Naoki Hasegawa!

Why was he here?

"Hes here to see you," Natsuya explained; she seemed to have heard Seijis mental question.

"Thats right, Harano-san." Naoki smiled. "Milady had me come find you."

Yui Haruta... so she was finally giving a response.

But why here?

"Last night when you called me, I was actually having tea with Yui Haruta," Natsuya explained again.

Seiji now looked at her with a surprised expression.

Natsuya smiled in response. "I talked with her about many things, including what you are here for today, which is why she knew you would be here at this time. As for why she wants to talk to you, I wouldnt know." Natsuya looked towards Naoki. "Should I leave for the time being?"

"It would be impolite of me to have the owner of this residence leave her own living room," Naoki said with a chuckle. "Its actually not much; Im just a messenger. I'm only here to give you guys some items on behalf of Milady and to say a few words."

He took a long box out from under the table and opened it. There was a silver blade with a black hilt inside, as well as two smaller boxes.

"This is a Muramasa blade. Its a present from Milady to Kagura-san," Naoki explained.

A Muramasa blade? A present... for Shika!?

Seiji's eyes widened in surprise. "Muramasa... could it be..."

"Yes," Natsuya said, "the Demon Blade Muramasa, a Spiritual Weapon that even the general public has heard about. Authentic Muramasa blades are produced in very small quantities, and theyre difficult to purchase even at a high price, so as a present... its quite a significant one."

Demon Blade Muramasa!

This was indeed rather famous.

Seiji knew that this name didnt belong to a single blade, but rather a series of swords.

The swords crafted by the Muramasa bladesmith family not only had extravagant designs, they were also incomparably sharp and extremely popular.

In Seijis previous world, there was a legend about Tokugawa Ieyasu and his relatives all being injured by Muramasa blades, which was why they were viewed as harbingers of misfortune and banned by the Ieyasu shogunate.

That was how the Muramasa blades obtained the nickname of "Demon Blade."

Seiji wasnt certain if the history in this world was the same, but he figured it was mostly the same.

And, the biggest difference was that the "Muramasa" from his previous world was just a legend, while this one... was real!

Yui Haruta gave Shika the present of a Muramasa Demon Blade.


Seiji was astonished at this.

But Naoki didnt give any explanation. He proceeded swiftly, opening the smaller of the two remaining boxes.

There was a light gold talisman inside... or something that resembled a talisman.

There were white and black lines inscribed on it with complex formations and runes. It was rather dizzying to behold.

"This is a Taoist Spirit Raising Talisman, a present from Milady to Uehara-san here," Naoki explained.

A Spirit Raising Talisman? For Mika? Seijis surprises kept increasing in number.

"For me?" Mika was also surprised.

"This is another significant present. Spirit Raising Talismans are a magical tool that just about every Spirit Controller wants, as its an excellent aid in helping to raise Spiritual Creatures," Natsuya explained.

Naoki then opened up the slightly larger box.

There was a black cell phone inside.

"This is a present from Milady to you, Harano-san." Naoki looked at Seiji. "Please come over and take it."

Seiji blinked upon hearing this. After thinking for a few seconds, he walked over and picked up the object that seemed like an ordinary cell phone.

He then sensed something and immediately cast [Astral Vision].

His eyes flashed red, and he saw two tentacles emerging from the cell phone screen! Or, what seemed to resemble spirit tentacles.

Seiji almost reflexively tossed the cell phone away, but he steadied himself, and allowed the two spirit tentacles to touch his wrist and enter his body.

He didnt feel anything from this.

Several seconds later, the two spirit tentacles retracted themselves and went back into the cell phone.

Seiji looked towards Naoki for an explanation.

"You can use this cell phone now," Naoki said. "This cell phone is only usable by you alone. There are various pieces of important information stored inside, so please take caution with it."


Seiji tried turning on the cell phone. There was only an emblem that he didnt recognize on the screen.

"Milady only has one sentence for you." Naoki stood up and looked at the youth before him. "Become a Yin-Yang Master."

Seiji heard him clearly.

Then, he understood why Yui Haruta gave him and his friends all these presents.

He looked towards the blonde boy and was overcome by the urge to ask something, but then he realized that there was no longer any need.

"Goodbye, Harano-san. Sorry for the bother, Lady Yoruhana." Naoki politely said his goodbyes and prepared to leave.

"Wait... help me pass along one message. Tell her I said thank you," Seiji told him with great sincerity.

Naoki nodded upon hearing this and left.

Seiji decided to check out the cell phones contents since he'd already turned it on. He saw that stored within were... secret technique manuals!

The Haruta familys spells and cultivation manuals... this was just what he needed.

After all, he could borrow beginner-level technique manuals and information from the president, but intermediate and above would be difficult to ask for, as they would probably be family secrets.

Seiji was truly grateful to his older sister.

Become a Yin-Yang Master. This was her wish.

He would fulfill her expectations.

One day, he would stand in front of her again, and he hoped that at that time... they could become family again.