Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 258

Chapter 258: Ability Test

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On Monday, during lunch break.

Seiji was rather surprised to learn that Kaho and Mika had become friends on a first-name basis.

After all, they seemed rather unfamiliar with each other last week. He didnt expect that they would improve their relationship so much over just one weekend.

Mika explained it by saying she'd met Kaho coincidentally on the street on Sundayand had found out that they actually got along quite well after chatting for a while. This was how they had become good friends. As Kaho and her had discussed female-oriented anime and manga, Mika learned many interesting things and began to take an interest in anime and manga herself.

Seiji felt that new friendships and hobbies were always good for anyone to have. Of course, the truth wasnt like this.

Kaho felt conflicted as she watched all this. She felt as if she now had a deeper understanding of societal relationships.

That indescribable feeling aside, objectively speaking, she now had a new friend, and Mika could now get closer to Seigo Harano. Harano-san seemed pretty happy about it all as well, so all was good.

So she decided not to think too much about it.

Just as Kaho was thinking this, she heard Harano-san say: "I think somethings wrong here."


Did he notice something? Kaho instantly became nervous.

"Whats wrong?" Chiaki asked.

Seiji rubbed his chin. "I was the first one here to become friends with Miyamoto-san, but Mika started calling Miyamoto-san by her name before me; I think thats wrong."

All the girls were rendered speechless.

"In order to fix this, from now on, Im going to call Miyamoto-san by name as well. Kaho, is that alright?"

Kahos heart gave a sudden lurch at hearing her name from his mouth.

"O-of course," she stammered.

Seiji smiled. "Great, just call me Seigo as well in the future."

"Okay Seigo," Kaho answered in a soft voice. She could feel her cheeks heating up.

"Since the two of you are calling each other by name now, Ill feel really awkward if Im the only one using honorifics." Chiaki smiled. "Which is why we should call each other by name starting now as well, Kaho."

"Okay Chiaki." Only after Kaho said it out loud did she discover to her astonishment that she was now on a first-name basis with the three people in class that shone the brightest.

I can actually do all this Kaho was still inwardly astonished at the unexpected turn of events.

The four of them, now bound by their new friendship, continued to chat and enjoyed their lunches.

Seiji had already given Mika a copy of Peach-senseis new drawing last night, and now he gave Chiaki and Kaho each a copy as well.

With this picture and Honey Candy Girl as the main topic of their conversation, they had an enjoyable lunch.

"Although I dont really want to talk about it, next Thursday is our final exam; are you guys confident about it?"

After discussing anime for quite a while, Chiaki changed the topic to school.

"Ill be fine," Seiji answered casually.

"I-Im not so confident," Mika replied.

"Im also not so sure," Kaho added.

"Theres a few idiots in our club that might fail, and our vice club president has decided to begin creating study groups so that they dont affect the overall reputation of the drama club," Chiaki said. "Ive been ordered to participateI'll be one of the tutors."

A study group... this is perfectly common for high school, Seiji thought to himself.

"If you two arent confident about the final exam, how about joining our study group?" Chiaki offered.

"Can people who aren't in drama club participate as well?"

"Of course; were all studying the same things anyways, and more people will create a better atmosphere."

Mika and Kaho exchanged glances. Both of them seemed to be considering it, but neither agreed immediately.

"Go ahead and participateimprove your academic ability, and try to aim for better grades." Seiji attempted to encourage them.

Both girls were swayed by his words.

"Come join as well, Seigo!" Chiaki exclaimed. "You can be one of the tutors."

"I need to work on my novel."

"You can write your novel in the study group as well, just like in class. Just do some tutoring whenever someone has a question," Chiaki said with a smile.

Seiji thought about it for a few seconds. "Whens the study group supposed to meet up?"

"At the same time as all the club activities. It starts from today and carries on all the way to the day before the final exams. Itll be in the school library."

"During club activity time alright. If Mika and Kaho participate, then Ill join in as well." Seiji glanced at the two girls.

"Ill join!" Mika and Kaho chimed up almost simultaneously.

They were both inwardly delighted when they imagined receiving personal tutoring from Seiji (Seigo).

"Excellent, everyones participating." Chiaki flashed a happy smile. "Then, lets all go together to the library after school."

"Er, wait, todays no good. Mika and I have something to do after school."

"Eh? What do you have to do?"

"Some personal matters. Right, Mika?" Seiji looked towards the double pigtailed girl.

Mika nodded at this without saying anything.

Chiaki assumed that it must involve the mystical based on their expressions and nodded. "Since youre busy, then just come join in tomorrow instead."

Kaho was rather curious what Seigo and Mika were going to go do, and judging by how Chiaki reacted, she seemed to know what was going on as well...

She faintly felt as if she was being left out, but she instantly suppressed this feeling of hers.

The three of them have been good friends for a long while, and I only befriended them recently. Its only natural that there would be some things I dont know about. Kaho decided not to pay it any mind.

After school, Seiji and Mika paid a visit to the presidents residence.

Mai welcomed them in her maid attire.

This was the first time that Mika had seen the former student council president in maid attire, and she was left stunned for several seconds before she managed to regain her senses.

Mai invited both of them into the living room, and, moments later, Natsuya appeared.

Compared to when Seiji met her last week, the president was obviously in a much better condition. She was radiating her natural beauty in full force once again.

After they greeted each other, Natsuya asked Mika to summon Mashiro.

"Chirp!" The silver-winged loli with an egg-shaped body appeared and flew towards the ceiling, chirping cutely. It flew two circles delightedly before settling down in Mikas arms.

Natsuya was rendered speechless as she watched this scene in stunned amazement.

"President?" Only when Seiji tried calling out to her did she regain her senses.

"Although I already suspected what would happen, I... am still astonished," the president exclaimed. "This creature is truly wondrous."

"President, since youve left the hospital now, why don't you meet Sakura-san and ask her about it?"

"Id like to do that as well, but she hasnt been answering my call."

"Youre unable to find Sakura-san by yourself?"

"It's possible for me to do it but that would require a lot of effort, and I havent tried it before."

Its only a possibility, and I might not succeed. Even trying is rather troublesome, so Id rather not. Seiji understood the implicit meaning behind her words.

He decided to treat Sakura-san as being unlocatable.

"Im also really curious what abilities such a wondrous Spiritual Creature will have. Come with me were going to the practice field."

Natsuya led the way. Seiji had Mika carry Mashiro as they followed the president.

"Chirp~ Chirp chirp~~" Mashiros eyes were innocent and wide as she looked around her and chirped melodiously. She seemed to be having fun.

Mika was somewhat nervous, but she felt reassured having Seiji by her side.

They entered the secret basement and went to the practice field.

Just like Seijis reaction when he saw this place for the first time, Mika was astonished that there were all these facilities underground.

Natsuya took them to one of the places within this practice field. There were various targets and practice dummies used for training here.

Natsuya turned on a nearby computer and fiddled with the controls. A white, round target started moving closer to them.

"We'll have her release her power at that target."