Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 254

Chapter 254: Peach-sensei's Present

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After Seiji checked out his new ability on Hoshis card, Seiji took a new look at [Beginner-level Astral Vision], and discovered that there were three new options under it: [Near Vision], [Far Vision], and [Total Vision].

Seiji was astonished when he saw the explanations.

[Near Vision] was a special type of [Astral Vision], and under this mode, he could focus on any target within his vision. He would be able to see every little detail of his target and every movement theymade, as if he were using a microscope.

[Far Vision] extended his vision and enabled him to see things clearly even if they were far away. It was as if he were using binoculars.

[Total Vision] was another way of seeing everything. Under this mode, he would be able to see 360 degrees around him with perfect clarity.

Just what was all this?

This is just like combining every eye power in Naruto together! Seiji was energetically commenting in his mind about all this. System, youre basically ripping off of Naruto here! How incredible!

Although it did seem weaker than the powers from Naruto, this was just [Beginner-level Astral Vision]! If he improved it even further, it might be just like the powers from Naruto.

It didnt seem like copying Sasukes signature ability was just a fantasy anymore. What was next, copying some of Narutos greatest forbidden techniques!?

Cough cough, I should stop getting sidetracked. First, I should check out the conditions to learn these.

[Read a manual or equivalent information on Intermediate Astral Vision. Understand and learn its contentscurrent progress 0%.]

[Continue practicing Astral Vision, and improve your control of Astral Visioncurrent progress 0%.]

[??? (Will be revealed after the previous two conditions are met.)]

All three new modes to his [Astral Vision] had the exact same requirement.

Seiji was rendered speechless.

'Fine then!' He knew that it wouldnt be so easy.He could only sigh as he closed his system menu.

At any rate, he had finished learning [Astral Vision], and now he would be able to see spirits whenever he wished.

What should he learn next, then?

For the time being, he didnt have anything essential to learn, so he decided to focus on writing "Brother Monogatari" for the time being.

Seiji glanced at the time.

It was already getting pretty late, so he felt it was inappropriate for him to go visit Mika and ask to see Mashiro-chan. He decided to spend some free time browsing the internet.

And so, he left his room, went to the study, turned on the computer, and began browsing.

Suddenly, his cell phone rang.He checked the caller ID and saw that it was from Peach-sensei!

Seiji answered the call.

"Hello... Haruta-kun, good evening."

"Good evening, Sensei."

"I apologize for calling so late... were you sleeping?"

"No, I was merely surfing the web," Seiji answered casually. "Most high school students dont go to sleep so early on the weekends."

He heard Mayuzumi chuckle at this.

"Its good that I didnt bother you, then," she said. "Actually, I drew a picture that I would like to give to you as a present for accompanying me all this time during the school festival."

"A picture drawn by Sensei? Thats awesome!" Seijis eyes lit up at this. "I dont think that its necessary for Sensei to give me a present for what I did, but I feel like its impossible to refuse such a gift from Sensei, because Id really like it!"

The manga author chuckled even more heartily at hearing Seijis obvious and direct delight.

"I got your email address from Saki, and Ive already emailed it to you."

"If its a picture drawn by Sensei, Ill definitely like it."

Seiji immediately logged on to his email, opened up the message, and downloaded the attachment.

When he opened up the picture, he noticed that it was drawn in the art style of "Honey Candy Girl," with the school being the setting... and as for the characters... all the people that toured the school festival with Mayuzumi were drawn in it!

Saki, Mai, Hoshi, Chiaki, Mika, Kaho, Seiji, and Mayuzumi herself were there. All of them were drawn in the "Honey Candy Girl" anime style by Peach-sensei, who was both the author and the artist of her own series.

In the center of the picture were Seiji and Chiaki. Seiji, who was making an exaggerated pose, was wearing angel wings and extravagant clothing. Chiaki, who was clothed in her drama costume, was dancing.

Everyone else in the picture were standing around them, watching. Saki was wearing glasses and sipping on tea; Mayuzumi was joyously eating some cake; Mai, in maid attire, was holding a huge tray containing large amounts of food; Hoshi was clapping; Mika was eating some takoyaki; and Kaho was wearing the laser tag game uniform and was carrying a large gun.

Every character was drawn in a cute fashion, moe and lively. The entire picture had a joyous atmosphere about it.

Just like Seiji said, he loved the picture the moment he laid eyes on it.

"Sensei, you did an excellent job! I really love it." He smiled at his own cell phone. "This present is just perfect for me; Im truly grateful."

"Its just a small present for you, so Im glad that you like it."

"Id like to show this picture to the others as well; Im sure theyll also love it."

Seiji examined the picture again when he thought of something.

"Sensei, you can draw male characters now?"

Had she already overcome her androphobia? It seemed that she hadat least in the field of art.

"N-not yet." Mayuzumi sighed. "I can only draw you and Hoshi... not anyone else."

"Oh..." Seiji thought about it. "Then, Sensei, how about you try treating all male characters as either me or Hoshi wearing various styles of clothing?"


"For example, if Sensei draws an older version of me or Hoshi, wont that be a brand-new character? Or draw either of us in some type of costume or uniform. It's a way of circumventing your phobiawhat do you think?"

Seijis phone remained silent for a few moments.

Mayuzumi broke out into laughter."I never thought about such a method... it could be worth trying."

"Haha, its good as long as its useful. Although this isnt truly overcoming your phobia, at the very least Sensei will be able to draw more characters."

"It feels a little strange for all the male characters to either be based on you or Hoshi, though..."

"Nobody will know!"

Seiji and Mayuzumi had fun chatting for a little while longer.Then, both of them said good night, and hung up the call.

Seiji immediately went to his system, and checked his [Gifts].

The picture that the manga author had given him rewarded him with -

[Art stat increase cardGrateful Heart.]

[This card contains Mayuzumis heartfelt thanks. After using it, your [Art] stat will permanently increase. The lower your [Art] stat, the higher the increase.]

[Defense buff cardGentle Thoughts.]

[This card contains Mayuzumis belief that you are gentle and reliable. After using this card, your defense will temporarily be doubled for the next 7 minutes!]

[Item exchange cardTrue Praise.]

[This card contains Mayuzumis sincere praise for you. You may exchange this card for any one item without needing to pay the point cost.]

The rewards were truly marvelous.

He could use [Grateful Heart] immediately to improve his [Art] stat.

As for the defense buff card, [Gentle Thoughts]... according to his systems explanation, defense referred to his personal stats, as well as any defensive equipment and spell effects on him. All of the above would temporarily be doubled for seven minutes!

Seiji felt only one word was necessary to describe this: strong! It definitely was on a cheat-like level.

Seven minutes was a rather short amount of time. He would have to pick a good timing to use it, either to save his own life or to forcefully withstand an enemys attack and counterattack.

As for [True Praise], that was just a one-time free item exchange, but there was nothing Seiji currently wanted, so he decided to just leave it in his inventory for the time being.

Seiji closed his system menu after he finished inspecting everything.

He decided to use [Grateful Heart] after he returned to his own room.

While it was good that he could improve his [Art] stat, he was currently busy writing his own novel. Even if his artistic ability improved, he didnt have any plans for his own artistry for the time being, apart from grinding daily points.

His current main focus was to hurry and finish writing "Brother Monogatari" as quickly as possible.