Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 245

    Chapter 245: Actually, Im Writing a Novel

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    "Senpais going as well!?" Seiji was shocked at this sudden revelation.

    "Yep, I also want to take a vacation soon, and going to a hot spring hotel seems like an excellent choice," Mai explained.


    "Could it be that you dont want me to come along?" Mai asked sharply.

    "No, of course that isnt it," Seiji said hurriedly. "Its just... if you want to go out and have some fun, wouldnt it be better to go with your friends?"

    "Of course it would be nice, but from time to time Id like to change things upand go together with my cute junior~" Mai had a seductive look on her face.

    Seiji was speechless.

    "Of course, it'dbe nice to chat to Amami-sensei and Yoshizawa-san again. How about itis it alright?"

    "Of course, youre more than welcome," Seiji replied.

    He didnt expect that Mai would want to go as well. +1 to his team of beauties.

    *Ding-dong!* [Congratulations for leveling up from a four-winged angel to a six-winged angel.]

    Seiji imagined hearing such a notification from his system.

    Afterwards, Seiji said goodbye to Maiand walked back home together with Mika, who had been waiting for him.

    Not long after he arrived home, Takagi-san from the renovation company brought over the contract.

    Seiji and the landlord went over the contract together, and satisfied that there were no problems, they signed the contract and Seiji paid the deposit.

    Takagi-san left with the signed contract and promised that he would send workers over to begin renovation tomorrow.

    That night, Seiji inspected his system in the privacy of his own room, and since he had a plethora of points, he decided to exchange for [Writing Cardtyping on the computer]!

    Being able to write by typing on a computer would surely be much faster than writing by hand.

    The card's price was a hefty fifty-five points, so he hoped that it was worth the cost.

    After exchanging for it, the card materialized in front of him as usual. A black shadow typing rapidly on a white keyboard was depicted on one side.

    Seiji laid on his bed as was his habit now when activating cards, and applied it to himself.

    The card transformed into a flash of light that drilled into his brain.

    Seiji felt his head heat up. Suddenly, he felt that he'd been enlightened somehow.

    This is rather easy, compared to activation cards, he mused.

    A few minutes later, Seiji sat in front of his computer and opened his novel document.

    He thought about what he wanted to write, and the moment he placed his hands on the keyboard, he felt a familiar, wondrous feeling.

    *Clack clack clack clack.*

    His hands moved with blinding speed; the information he imagined wasquickly typed onto the document.

    His new typing speed was definitely twice as fast as his writing speed!

    Seiji felt as if he was just like a hacker in a movie; he typed at such a rapid pace that he saw the afterimages of his hands as glided across the keyboard. The only difference was that he was typing a novel, not coding for a program.

    This is really cool!

    This was just the speed that Seiji wanted.

    Shika came to the study to check out what was going on due to hearing the clatter of Seijis keyboard.

    She was astonished to see Seiji "viciously" pounding away at the keyboard.

    Amazing... Shika wanted to get closer to see just what exactly he was typing.

    In order to not distract her adopted brother from typing, she walked over as stealthily as possible and peeked at his screen from over his shoulder.

    After watching for a while, her eyes lit up.

    His writing skills were amazing! Not only could he write quickly, the quality was also high.

    Words kept appearing on the screen as if he was tossing down handfuls of sand. In almost no time, he had filled up an entire page. He didnt even make a single typo or miss a single word anywhere.

    This was... simply wondrous.

    No, it was beautiful! That was Shikas sincere opinion.

    Watching her own imagined scenario being written so exquisitely by her adopted brother was a wonderful feeling for Shika.

    Seiji completely lost himself in creation, so he didnt even notice Shika behind him as his imagination worked at a furious pace to keep up with his hands.

    Shika secretly watched him for a long time before she left on tiptoes.

    She felt that Seiji was truly amazing. In order to not be a burden on him, she felt that she needed to work even harder!

    Shika knew in her heart that Seiji had the ability to write excellent stories even without her assistance, but he chose to cooperate and write a novel together with her.

    This was done with warm intentions. Even if she didnt do a good job, she was sure that he would insist on continuing to cooperate.

    Shika was very grateful to her adopted brother, and it was her wish to continue writing stories with him. For that purpose, she needed to continuously raise her own level, so that she could write stories worthy of being his eternal partner in writing.

    I'll read more light novels and other stories! I'll improve my own powers of imagination and writing so that I can do better!

    Shika firmed her resolve as she returned to her room.


    The next day, during class time.

    "Seigo, what are you writing during class time?" Chiaki asked.


    "It doesnt seem to me like you were taking notes since you were writing continuously without stopping," Chiaki said before turning to Mika. "You agree with me, right, Mika?"

    "Yeah." The double pigtailed girl nodded and shot an inquisitive look at Seiji.

    "Ah, so you guys caught me." Seiji scratched his face awkwardly. "Actually, Im writing a novel."

    "Writing a novel?" Both Mika and Chiaki's eyes widened in surprise.

    "To be more specific, Im writing a light novel... you guys know about light novels, right?"

    "Of course, I read them occasionally on the internet," Chiaki said.

    "I... Im not sure," Mika said hesitantly.

    Both Chiaki and Seiji turned to look at Mika with expressions of horror.

    It seemed that it was time to train her... whoops, teach her some knowledge.

    "Light novels... just like its name, it means a novel thats light to read, although theres no strict definition of it," Seiji explained.

    It would be rather difficult to define just what exactly was and wasnt a light novel, so he decided to make his explanation as simple as possible.

    "Overall, light novels are rather relaxing to read, and they have exquisite cover and insert art, so its more enjoyable to read than traditional novels. Their story types are very similar to manga and anime, and many of them have been adapted into anime or vice versa, so many people think of light novels as a novel version of manga. Mika, you can interpret it that way as well."

    "Oh..." The double pigtailed girl nodded.

    "Im currently writing a light novel in cooperation with Shika-chan. Shes in charge of coming up with ideas, and Im in charge of the actual writing... we dont intend to put it on the internet and are intending to have it officially published instead.

    "Actually," Seiji continued, "Ive already submitted my draft, and it was accepted; its scheduled to be published in Thunderbolt Literatures magazine."

    "Published!?" Mika and Chiaki's eyes bulged in surprise once again.

    "Thunderbolt Literatures magazine... isnt that the company that Yoshizawa-san works for?" Mika asked.

    "Yep, thats how it is." Seiji proceeded to explain how he'd gotten to know Editor Yoshizawa.

    "I see... amazing! Seigo, your story is about to be published," Chiaki said, impressed.

    "Yes, youre really amazing," Mika praised. "The story that Seigo wrote... I really want to read it."

    "Youll be able to see it when its published."

    Seiji felt a little embarrassed when faced with the two beauties sincere praise.

    "Whens the magazine being published?" Chiaki asked. "Ill definitely buy a copy... by the way, whats the name of the novel youre having published?"