Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 215

Chapter 215 - Magic-Devouring Dragon vs. Smiling Executioner

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Just as Yukari said, the golden eyeglasses looked amazing on Seiji. It made him seem almost regal, which definitely lit up many girls eyes.

Mayuzumi suddenly felt a flash of inspiration as she looked at him, and thought about a new character to write about.

She reflexively began thinking about this new characterand was lost in her thoughts for a while.

When she finally regained her senses, she noticed that she was already sitting next to Saki and Seiji at a table.

"You were lost in your thoughts just now, so you must have been thinking about a new storyline." Saki adjusted her glasses, causing the lens to flash.

She was wearing a pair of rather classical black glasses that definitely went well with her appearance and aura. Even the action of adjusting her eyeglasses seemed as if she had practiced it for many years.

Mayuzumi felt that this was a fresh experience for her. She didnt expect that her good friend would look so good in eyeglasses; it was almost as if Saki had been wearing eyeglasses to begin with.

"Yeah, Harano-kuns appearance gave me an idea," the manga author answered. "As for you, Saki you look great in those eyeglasses; Im rather moved."

"You already used me as a character anyways; the only difference is that Im wearing a pair of eyeglasses now."

"Eh, Sensei used Editor Yoshizawa as the template for a character in Honey Candy Girl? Which character?" Seiji instantly became curious.

Even though he was still confused about what just happened when he put on the eyeglasses, it was just a small matter to him. He instantly put it behind him.

"Ah, dont say yet, let me guess!"

Seeing that Mayuzumi was about to tell him, Seiji changed his mind and wanted to have fun guessing.

"The cold swordswoman Kulu whos bold and unconstrained?"

Mayuzumi shook her head.

"Then, the scar-faced female oracle Roleta?"

Mayuzumi shook her head again.

"Hmm the cannon soldier girl Okalia of Three Nots?"

Yet another no.

"I cant figure it out... Just who is similar to Editor Yoshizawa?"

Saki was rendered speechless by all his guesses failing.

She currently had complex emotions because she felt that he must have a weird impression of her.

"She isnt an antagonist character, is she?"

Seiji didnt feel like Sensei would write her editor into an antagonist character, but there were exceptions to everything, so he wanted to confirm it.

Mayuzumi chuckled. "Nope, shes one of the main characters companions that was introduced quite early."

Having received this hint, Seiji quickly went over the possibilities.

"Could she be the gentle elder sister-type Ursia?"

"Yep, thats correct."

"Oh" Seiji blinked in surprise. He turned his gaze to the female editor with a look of wonder in his eyes as he mentally compared her with the character Ursia from Honey Candy Girl

"Feel free to say whatever youre thinking," Saki said calmly. "Most people say that I don't resemble that character at all."

"No, in Senseis eyes, Editor Yoshizawa probably seems just like a gentle big sister that always takes care of others, just like Ursia." Seiji smiled in understanding.

"Yep," Mayuzumi agreed and smiled as well.

Saki, faced with both their gentle looks, averted her gaze, and her face flushed red with embarrassment.

The three of them had fun in Class 3s glasses store.

After they left, they went to check out Class 5 again, but found that the line had actually increased in length! It seemed like it would only get longer and longer.

Prince Chiakis charisma was simply too high.

The three of them decided not to wait in such a long line and went exploring other places and participating in various special activities.

To sum it up simply, they toured the school festival.

There were various activities set up all around the school, and they could join some simple games. Winning would reward them with a red emblem, and losing would still reward them with a blue emblem. At the end of the day, they could exchange their colored emblems for some prizes at the exchange booth at the schools entrance.

Not only were there some small prizes, there was also an option to exchange for tomorrows large-scale activitys participation rights and equipment that was also the final day of the school festival.

When Seiji saw the large-scale activitys topic, his first reaction was Wow.

It was a "Field Battle Game!"

Field Battle Games were mock gunfights involving paintball guns or laser gunsand typically took place outside, which was why they were called Field Battles. Seiji understood it as a real-life edition of Counterstrike.

The schools plan was to use laser guns, which were safer than paintball guns. But even so, was it really alright to play such a game in the school?

Games were definitely interesting.

Girls aside, the boys would definitely be interested! At least, Seiji really wanted to participate and play. Especially since this would take place at school, and this type of opportunity was rare.

When he asked his companions opinions, the manga author felt that this large-scale activity was a fresh experience, while the editor was also somewhat interested.

After discussing it, they agreed to all join together and exchange their emblems for the right to enter as well as some related equipment for tomorrow.

That meant that they would need to participate in many activities today as they toured the school festival.

The three of them immersed themselves in the fun atmosphere of the school festival as they explored various stores and activities.

The haunted house wasnt too scary. Seiji and Saki went through it with no trouble at all, and even Mayuzumi wasnt all that afraid. At the very least, it was much easier for her than dealing with unfamiliar men.

When they had their fortunes told, Mayuzumi was told that she would be successful in her career, but that she had problems with social communication. Saki was told the exact same thing.

As for Seiji he was told that he would have women problems! His upcoming future regarding women would be quite unlucky and the fortune teller warned him to be careful about everything.

Seiji felt that their forecasted fortunes were unexpectedly accurate. That girl telling their fortunes was quite a genius!

There was also an old bookstore, which none of them expected. Mayuzumi and Saki were both attracted to the excellent quality of the books within it.

While they were busy browsing through the books, Seiji used the excuse of going to the bathroom to temporarily leave. He used this chance to politely meet and reject a girl who had called him out at this time to confess to him.

Finally, both women ended up buying several old books.

They didnt realize what Seiji had been up to at all. He returned with time to spare and helped carry their books as he continued accompanying the two beauties.

He felt as if he was advancing on the path to becoming a scumbag man?

Er, that must be his mistaken impression

The first activity that they came across was Rock-Paper-Scissors, one on one, best two out of three.

Mayuzumi was told to compete against Saki, and Seiji was arranged to compete against another girl and, to Seiji's surprise, it was Mai Houjou!

Because she was wearing a school uniform instead of her typical maid attire, Seiji didnt even notice it was her. He was shocked when he noticed her identity.

This was the first time he had ever seen Mai wearing the school uniform or anything at all other than her maid uniform. Even though she was quite beautiful in the school uniform as well, her perfect performance as a maid left too deep of an impression in Seijis mind, which made him feel that her current appearance was slightly lacking in comparison to normal.

"Oh my, I ran into you at such a place, Junior."

Mai smiled when she saw that she was competing against Seiji.

Seiji felt that there was nothing lacking anymore when he saw her smile Yep, thats right, this was Mai indeed.

"I was going to say the same thing, Senpai." He smiled in response as well.

"But," Mai said, "to come to the same stall at the same time, and to be arranged as competitors, its such a coincidence."

"Yep, its almost as if it was fated to be."

"Hahaha" Both of them chuckled at this.

"My apologies, Senpai, but I wont go easy on you. The red emblem shall belong to me, the victor!"

Seiji lifted up his hand and made a pose that he copied from Yugioh. He looked like he was about to draw another card.

"Youre so cute, Junior. The blue emblems losing color is more suitable for someone as nave as you~"

Mai also raised her hand and unfurled her Duel Disk whoops, she smiled in a mock condescending manner.

Their surroundings seemed to blend into the scenery.

The two of them focused only on each other.

Both of them had an intense aura of competitivenessas they made their initial moves.

The Magic-Devouring Dragon vs. the Smiling Executioner.

Its time to duel!