Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 214

Chapter 214 - Eyeglasses

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It was Yukari Asamiya.

The purple-haired beauty was smiling widely while looking at Seiji.

She was waving a sign, so she was probably trying to attract customers, but the part the Seiji paid the most attention to was the fact that she was now wearing a pair of silver glasses.

There was a saying that eyeglasses were the simplest type of disguise. At least, it seemed to work for a certain costumed superhero.

The purple-haired girl wearing glasses definitely gave Seiji a different impression from before. She seemed to have a more bookish aura about her.

Originally she was someone who gave others the impression of a proper lady, and now it was easy to imagine her elegantly reading classical books in the library.

Wait a momentglasses

Seiji took a looked the sign that she was waving.

The sign read "Eyeglasses Milk Tea Shop."

'What the hell is that supposed to be?'

"Our Year One, Class Threes shops main theme is eyeglasses. We prepared many pairs of non-prescription glasses for the guests beforehand, and each customer can pick a style that he or she likes to wear.

"As for the customers that already wear glasses to begin with, theres a discount for them, and we even offer the special service of cleaning their glasses for free."

Yukari noticed Seijis confusion and gave a well-practiced explanation.

"I see, eyeglasses an ingenious topic."

He supposed that people who didnt wear glasses would have some curiosity about the matter. If they wanted to try it, they would visit the store. And as for the customers who already wore glasses, they could try out different styles.

No matter who the customer was, he or she would be able to try out a new style that was different from usual. That would appeal to many.

And the preparations necessary for this theme wouldnt be all that difficult as long as they had connections to any sort of eyeglasses store.

In summary, it was a clever topic.

"Thanks for your praise. But we cant compare to Harano-sans class storethe Honey Candy Girl cosplay sweets caf is just too perfect! No matter whether its the cosplay quality or the excellent taste of the sweets, its all on another level. None of the other classes in our Year 1 can compare."

Yukari smiled as she took a glance at the long line waiting in front of Year 1, Class 5's store.

"Thats a bit of an exaggeration but thanks for your praise as well." Seiji smiled in response.

"Its no exaggeration at all, in my opinion. At the very least, many of my classmates think so, and you can include me in their ranks as well. If there was a vote for the best store, I think that, objectively speaking, my entire class would vote for your class."

Her tone of voice was sincere without any trace of simply being polite or hypocrisy. Seiji could only accept her praise.

"I heard that your classs idea was singlehandedly brought up by Harano-san how amazing." Yukari changed the topic and praised him again.

"I dont believe soit was the result of everyones hard work."

There was also the fact that Peach-sensei and the confectionery store owner Rika Amami had given him their full support.

"I knew that Harano-san would say that." Yukari smiled as she looked towards the two people beside him. "Are these two your family members?"

"No, theyre my friends."

"Oh Hello, ladies. Would you like to join Harano-san and come visit our store? As for the lady in glasses, we even have a discount~" The purple-haired girl flashed a brilliant smile.

Saki glanced at Mayuzumi.

Mayuzumi looked back at Seiji wordlessly.

"Lets go in." Seiji made the decision.

"Welcome!" Yukari was delighted at this.

With her leading the way, the three of them entered Year 1, Class 3.

Seiji instantly felt as if he was the focus of attention of all the other students from Class 3.

After thinking about it, he felt that he understood why and could only feel helpless about it.

Oh well, he just needed to not pay it any attention.

He glanced around Class 3s store. While he felt that while the decorations were rather ordinary, the atmosphere was quite nice. It seemed interesting how all the customers were wearing different styles of glasses while drinking their tea.

"Please choose the style that you like, our dear customers."

Yukari didnt let any of her classmates take care of them and personally guided the three of them to a nearby table upon which a large selection of glasses were placed.

There were various colors, shapes, and styles of glasses laid there neatly in rows with their lens flashing. This made it seem just like the display case of an eyeglasses store.

I'll just pick one randomly, Seiji thought to himself.

"Harano-san, I recommend this pair for you."

Yukari seemed to see through his intentions and made a suggestion specifically to stop him from just picking one at random.

She picked up a pair of golden glasses that seemed rather gentlemanly.

"This pair is a classical style. Although golden-colored glasses arent very common to see these days, and perhaps many young people believe that the gold color is for middle-aged or even elderly people, their belief that its not fashionable is just a misunderstanding. Classical styles always have their unchanging charisma! Its just that ordinary people are unable to activate the charisma. If someone who isnt at a high enough level wears golden glasses, itll seem just as inappropriate as a child trying to wear an adults clothing."

"Harano-san, I promise that you definitely wont have this problem! Wearing this pair of glasses will definitely suit you and create a brand-new image!"

The purple-haired girls eyes shone as she made her mini-speech.

Seiji felt that he was unable to refuse.

"Okay, lets go with this pair, then." He reached out his hand and was about to take the glasses from her.

However, Yukari retracted her hand at the last moment.

Seiji was mystified by this.

"Let me help you put these on." Yukari held on to the glasses and walked closer to Seiji with a big smile on her face.

Seiji felt that the other students stares grown more intense!

Even Mayuzumi and Saki noticed something as they watched this situation unfold between Seiji and the purple-haired girl that they werent acquainted with.

"There's no need," Seiji protested feebly. "I can do it by myself."

"Please allow me to help you put these on!" Yukari looked directly into his eyes and remained firm.

Her manner was resolute, reminding Seiji of her firm attitude when she made her confession.

Once again, Seiji found it difficult to resist her direct friendliness.

"Okay then" It was just putting on a pair of glasses, after all.

Yukari smiled once again upon receiving his permission.

She stood up on her tiptoes as she placed the golden eyeglasses on his handsome face.

In order to help her out, Seiji bent his knees slightly as there was somewhat of a height difference between them.

All the students in Class 3 were watching this scene.

The guests had also noticed and turned to look at it.

Beside Seiji, Mayuzumi and Saki silently watched the proceedings as well.

A light breeze blew past in the classroom that was currently so silent that you could hear a pin drop.

In such a quiet atmosphere, under the watch of so many people, this perfectly ordinary action actually seemed rather ritualistic.

Yukari slowly placed the glasses on Seijis face.

Seeing his handsome face at such a close distance and doing such an action caused her heart to keep beating at a rapid pace.

He was so handsome!

Regardless of whether or not he wore glasses, he was unbelievably handsome! However, they were two different styles of handsome.

The person that she liked was right before her, and she was personally changing his style.

This fact made her heart pound rapidly and caused her face to heat up and become faintly red.

This is amazing Yukari sincerely believed this.

Seiji only paid attention to the glasses and didnt notice her expression.

After the glasses were placed on him, he blinked and stood up straight again before he noticed that something was different.

The beautiful girl in front of him had a slightly flushed face, and her eyes shone with an enigmatic light. Her lips were arced upwards in a flirtatious half-smile.

Almost everyone in the classroom was watching them. Some female students had expressions as if they just saw "something good," while a portion of the male students had grudging expressions which said "popular handsome guys should just go explode and die." The adult customers had appreciative expressions like "its nice to be young."

As for the manga author and editor

Mayuzumis face was slightly red, while Saki had a cold look in her eyes.

Seiji didnt know what to say anymore.

Whats going on? All I did was put on a pair of glasses, so why is everyone paying attention to me to such a degree?

Asamiya-san, why is your face so red? Does your action have some deeper meaning? It doesnt, does it!? At least I dont think it does, right!?

He was absolutely and utterly confused.