Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 212

Chapter 212 - I'm Strong Enough to Accept it!

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"By the way, do you really not mind? About my past" Seiji scratched his face awkwardly.

He believed that what he'd just told her about his past would be difficult for anyone to accept.

It was certain that her impression of him would take a blow. As for how much of an impact it was

"If you think its disgusting, then feel free to say it. I can accept it."

He didnt want Shika to force herself.

If shes disgusted by the past me, she can just tell meIm strong enough to accept it!

Shika blinked her eyes upon hearing this. "Yes, its unpleasant."

*Schtick!* Seiji felt as if a sharp arrow had pierced his chest.

"Yes, its disgusting."

*Stab!* Seiji felt as if a knife had pierced his brain.

"Its basically perverted human scum."

*Boom!* Seiji felt as if he had been blasted away by a bomb.

"But thats all Brother in the past," her soft voice stated calmly. "My current Brother isnt that type of person nor will he ever change into that type of person again, isnt that right?"

Shika smiled gently at him.

Seiji who was (mentally) injured all over felt as if he was seeing his goddess!

He felt indescribably moved.

"Yep, of course!"

After all, he wasnt the same person as the original Seiji Haruta to begin with. It wasn't the same soul, either.

That guy was already dead. No matter how terrible of a person that bastard was, it was all over with since he was dead.

But Seiji had inherited his body and received a second chance at life. Inheriting this body meant inheriting the name, identity, and everything this body did in the past.

So even though those terrible deeds werent his own, it was still his responsibility.

"Even if I die, Ill never become that type of person again," Seiji stated with steely resolution.

Shika simply continued smiling gently at him. "Thats fine, then."

This is my Brother, my beloved adopted older brother, my most important and only family member. I definitely wont allow him to be harmed!

An emotion that the black-haired girl had never experienced before welled up within her.


As according to the promise, Seiji planned on visiting the school festival again together with Peach-sensei.

Even though he really wanted to take Shika with him, she was the "Reapers Curse..."So he could only leave her at home to do whatever she liked.

"Ill purchase something for you as a souvenir."

After promising Shika this, he left his apartment.

He immediately went next door and knocked on the Uehara familys door.

The landlord opened the door for him.

"Mika said that shes not feeling well today, so shes holed up in her room and doesnt want to go to school."Nozomi Uehara could only smile wryly.

She exchanged glances with Seiji before both of them sighed.

"If shes going to stay at home, take good care of her, Miss Landlord."Seiji could only sigh again. "Both Chiaki and I have no idea why she became like this, so we need to find out something from her... no, lets not force herit might be better to give her some time for her emotions to calm down before talking to her."

"Yeah... Sorry to make you worry, Haruta-kun."

Seiji smiled lightly. "There's no need for thatMika is our good friend."

After that, he waved goodbye to the landlord. Just as he was about to leave, he saw the blonde-haired nurse descending the stairs from the second floor.

"Good morning, Juumonji-sensei."

Kaede flashed a brilliant smile at him. "Good morning, Harano-kun. The weathers nice today."

Then, she noticed something was wrong. "Wheres Uehara-san?"

"Shes... not feeling well today."

"Not feeling well?"The school nurse/health teacher blinked in surprise. "Then I should go visit her; perhaps I can help."

"Er, its not about her body; its probably..."Seiji mulled it over.

He doubted that Kaede would be able to accomplish anything if she went over, but if Mika wouldnt tell her best friends or her mother anything, would reverse psychology work and she might tell someone she wasnt very familiar with like Kaede?

That seemed possible.

There were many examples in real life of people that were unwilling to tell things to their close friends and family, but would easily say to random strangers or people on the internet.

"So its not about her body. Is it a psychological problem then?"

"Im not sure if its serious enough to be called a problem.At any rate, the situations like this..."

Seiji explained Mikas recent odd behavior to Kaede.

Kaede revealed a serious expression befitting of her status as a teacher.

"Right now she wont tell her good friends and family anything about what happened, so Im thinking that maybe shell tell you as her teacher."

"Hmm... You may be right,"Kaede said, nodding, "but although Id like to go see her right now, I cant be late to work at school. Ill have to go and visit her after school finishes."

"Ill trouble you to do so, Juumonji-sensei."

"Im the health teacher, you know. Its my job to worry about my studentshealth."Kaede smiled gently. "Uehara-san is a good girl; Id really like to help her both as a teacher and a tenant."

Seiji felt the power of a mature ladys charisma from her gentle smile, and he couldnt help but feel slightly shaken in his heart!

"As her friend, I give you my gratitude."He averted his gaze as he steadied himself.

Kaede detected something from his action and felt delighted inside.

"No need to be so polite, Harano-kun."

After that, they didnt talk much, since Seiji split up from Kaede at the next intersection due to needing to go pick up Peach-sensei.

Already being familiar with the way, he walked to the front door of her apartment and pressed the doorbell.

The door opened before long. It wasnt Peach-sensei that opened the door... it was Editor Yoshizawa!

"Good morning, Harano."

Saki Yoshizawa was wearing a shirt, long pants, and a formal jacket with a collar. This outfit, coupled with her cold beauty and sharp atmosphere, almost made her seem like a female special agent.

Seiji felt like it would be really cool if she suddenly pulled out a gun and made an aiming pose with it.

"G-good morning, Editor Yoshizawa."Seiji was rather dazed by her appearance.

Why was Editor Yoshizawa here? No, more accurately speaking, why was Editor Yoshizawa here at this particular hour?

"Mayuzumi and I are currently eating breakfast... have you eaten already?"

"Yes, I have."

"Then come in and sit down for a little while. Ill pour some tea for you."

"Oh... sorry for the intrusion."

Seiji entered the apartment and removed his shoes at the entrance before following Editor Yoshizawa inside.

He saw that Peach-sensei was sitting at the dining table.

"Good morning, Sensei."

"Good morning, Haru... Harano-kun."

Mayuzumi smiled wryly as she greeted Seiji.

Seiji instantly understood what was transpiring when he saw her expression and no longer felt the need to inquire about it.

Editor Yoshizawa acted like this was her own home as she played the part of the host for Seiji. She had him sit in the living room, before pouring tea for him, bringing some desserts, and turning on the TV. After this, she headed back to the dining table to finish her breakfast with Mayuzumi.

Seiji sipped on his tea as he glanced around the living room.

The decorations were quite appropriate, being neither too plain nor too gaudy. There were various items from the "Honey Candy Girl"franchise, such as dolls and so on set in appropriate locations. They represented the apartment owners identity, but it wasnt too otaku-ish in nature, so it all seemed natural.

It was quite a nice living room, and, honestly speaking, Seiji even felt that it seemed too normal, as he didnt expect that Sensei would be able to create such an atmosphere in her living room.

Cough, perhaps that was a bit rude of him to think.

Compared to the living room, Seiji was more curious about Senseis work roomand felt a sudden desire to see it.

However, it was a professional manga authors work room after all, so he doubted that he would be allowed to just casually enter it.

He suddenly thought about the work room of the two main characters of Bakuman and wondered if Peach-senseis work room was similar to theirs...