Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 211

Chapter 211 - Having a Joyous Bath

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Did this count as soaking in his sisters "juices?" No, no, this didnt count!

Seiji kept thinking of various strange things and commented on his own thoughts while he washed his body.

While he was staying at Natsuyas temporary residence, since every bedroom had an individual bathroom, there was no opportunity for him to see a scene like a beautiful girl that had just finished bathing. The chance to use the same bathwater as another girl was also non-existent there.

When he thought how Shika-chan had just been using this same hot water, Seiji felt a subtle feelingit almost felt as if this water seemed different from all other ordinary water.

Was this a mistaken impression? Yep, it had to be.

Even if Shika had also soaked in this water, it was still just normal hot water that wouldnt have a special scent or taste

How about tasting it a little?

No, no, what was he thinking!?

I am a gentlemanly sis-con! Not a perverted sis-con! I definitely wont taste it!! I definitely wont!!!

Seiji used his mighty willpower to stop himself from falling into the abyss.

But it would be fine to bathe longer than usual, right?

He temporarily put all the worrisome things out of his mind and enjoyed this bath to the utmost.

After he finished, Seiji headed for his room.

He discovered that Shika was sitting on his bed waiting for him.

Could she be Would the "I want to sleep together with Brother" request appear here!? That was the first thing that popped into Seijis mind.

Then she stood up, walked up to him, and said, "Good night, Brother Seiji," with a smile.

Seiji blinked in surprise. He returned her smile as he felt the warmth in her tone.

"Good night, Shika-chan."

Shikas smile seemed to grow even more blissful.

She didnt say anything else as she walked out of Seijis room and to her own bedroom.

I shouldnt think of all these random things Seiji silently reflected.

Its too difficult for me to say "I want to sleep together with Brother" right now... Shikas face was slightly red.

And so, the two of them were lost in their own thoughts as they spent their first night together under the same roof.

The next morning.

Seiji, who had been worried about various things all night, heaved a sigh of relief when dawn arrived uneventfully, although he was still left with some lingering concerns.

Even though he didnt want Shika to begin worrying right after moving in together with him, he still felt obliged to tell her.

He should have told her last night to begin with, but the atmosphere made it difficult for him to speak up. And besides, he felt that his worry was still only a "possibility."

It was a good thing that Yui Haruta didnt come looking for him last night.

Would she come today? It would be good if he was wrong about Flying Fishs identity, but he still had an ominous premonition.

He could only mentally prepare himself. As for actually preparing for combat if Yui was serious, Seiji doubted that the current him could stand up to her, so he might as well not do anything.

If the situation truly became dire, then he would just need to load.

He got out of bed, exited his room, and heard the sound of a knife against the cutting board.

Going to the kitchen, he saw Shika wearing casual indoor clothing with an apron on top while preparing food in the kitchen.

"Good morning, Brother Seiji."

Shika turned around and smiled at him when she heard his footsteps.

Seijis expression froze over.

For the black-haired beauty to be wearing an apron while cooking and smiling at him while saying good morning this was such a classical sight to behold!

The scene before him seemed so beautiful that he could only freeze in his tracks.

He only responded after he had finally regained his senses.

"Good morning you get up really early."

"It's not that early I just wanted to make some breakfast."

I want to make some breakfast for Brother.

Seiji detected such an intention from her and was moved by it.

It was truly worth becoming a sis-con!

Wait a momentthat doesn't seem like the correct comment to be making!

However, there was nothing wrong with Shikas intention, and since he now had a cute sister who was willing to get up early to make food for her brother, how could he not become a sis-con!?

He looked forward to tasting Shikas cooking.

Well, before that, he should go brush his teeth and wash his face.

After cleaning up, Seiji changed into a new set of clothes before walking into the dining room.

He saw that Shika had already brought the plates of food to the table.

Miso soup, fried eggs, tofu, and dried salted fishit was a very typical Japanese-style breakfast.

"Please go ahead and try, Brother."

"Okay, Im going to start eating."

Seiji took his chopsticks and placed a piece of egg in his bowl.

He noticed that Shika currently seemed to be rather nervous.

The dishes were all common ones, so Seiji was curious to see how they would taste. He placed the fried egg in his mouth.

It was good!

It wasnt extraordinarily delicious or anything, but it definitely tasted good.

"Its delicious." He gave his honest assessment.

Shika smiled and her cheeks flushed red upon hearing his praise.

She had only ever cooked for herself in the past. At this moment, she was feeling a satisfaction that she had never experienced before.

"Dont just watch meyou should eat as well."


The two of them ate together.

With cooking as the topic, Seiji had a nice and relaxing casual conversation with Shika.

They quickly finished their breakfast.

Seiji wanted to wash the dishes, but Shika insisted on doing it herself, so he could only let her do so.

As he watched her figure that was washing dishes, he honestly felt that it was great to have an adopted younger sister like her.

As for the topic of younger sisters Seiji inwardly sighed as he recalled the younger sister that was blood-related to him.

"Shika-chan, I have something to tell you in a little bit."

After Seiji told her this, he went to the living room and waited for her quietly.

Shika came to the living room after she finished washing the dishes and sat across from him.

"Actually, something happened last night and it might have to do with my blood-related younger sister." Seiji had already thought about how he should tell her as he began speaking.

While thinking, he noticed the real reason why he didnt want to explain things to Shika, and felt rather helpless about it.

But he had to tell her and she had the right to know.

"This started from an incident about my past, where I"

He didnt go into the details, but he let her know what had happened.

Especially about the incident that caused the original Seiji to be exiled from his family.

The original Seiji had been such a scumbag, and it was a truly outrageous incident he had never told anyone about it before.

Nor did he want to tell Shika about it, because he was afraid that she would be disgusted with him.

Yes, that was the true reason why Seiji didnt want to explain the situation to Shika.

He didnt want her to be disgusted, but since this was an undeniable incident caused by the original owner of his body, it would only make things worse for him if he attempted to conceal it.

And, most importantly, Shika was now his adopted sister, his family, so she had the right to know.

That was why Seiji steeled his resolve as he told her the story.

Shika listened to him quietly.

Her expression didnt change at all, and she remained calm all the way to the end of Seijis story.

After a brief period of silence, she finally spoke up.

"So, this means that Brother Seiji might be hurt by that Yui Harutas Spirit-branded Retainer?"

Seiji noticed the worry in her tone of voice and was surprised by it.

He had expected that Shika would be somewhat disappointed in the past him, and, at the very least, require some time to digest his previous selfs atrocious actions.

He didnt anticipate that her first sentence would be filled with worry about his current situation.

"Its just a possibility. If Cat-loving Flying Fish is who I suspect she is, it would probably cause an incident. However, it is still only my inferenceits the worst possibility I can think of. The truth might be something else entirelyand I hope that it isnt the case, but you know theres the saying to always be prepared for the worst. I need to mentally prepare myself." Seiji smiled wryly. "Ill probably be taught a vicious lesson, and although I dont know what I might face, I doubt that my life will be in danger."

Shika looked searchingly at his face, which Seiji believed to be her way of discerning whether he was telling a white lie to her or not.

"In the past, even though I did such a terrible thing, I was only exiled, nothing else. This time I think that Ill be alright in the end. Thats why you dont need to be nervous. Ill accept the lesson I deserve and apologize sincerely so that they can let go of their anger."

Seiji smiled faintly at Shika.

This smile gave Shika an indescribable feeling.

Her hand clenched on tightly to Seijis hand.