Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 202

Chapter 202: Farewell, Light-chan

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Keep that room just for my use? That feels a little

In the end, Seiji just decided to treat it as having an extra personal room.

"Thats what Ill reward you with for the time being. This isnt everything that I want to to give you, but its the most appropriate gift I can think of for the time being."

"In the future," Natsuya said in a gentle tone, "if you ever need anythingnot just money, anything at allfeel free to ask me. Ill help you to the utmost of my ability as long as its reasonably within the range of the payment you deserve."

The president gaze was fixed on Seiji while she was speaking, and her voice seemed especially gentle.

Seiji faintly felt that he was being flirted with.

Saying that she would take care of his needs did this count as her financially supporting him?

Hey, it felt like this was rather similar!

He suddenly came to this realization and immediately denied it.

No, no, the president was simply paying him for helping her with the Yin-Yang Master duel, and her tone of voice was gentle merely because she viewed him as a true companion, just like Hitaka and Rana.

Shes definitely not financially supporting me or anything! Yep, Im definitely not a gold-digging man!!

Seiji resolutely calmed himself down and smiled.

"I feel that youve paid me more than enough, so theres nothing else that I could request."

"If you dont request of your own volition, Ill save the favor I owe to you and give it to you when I feel its appropriate," Natsuya said with a wide smile.

Thats truly something that fits the presidents style, Seiji inwardly thought to himself as he admired her character.

This concluded their discussion.

Seiji bade farewell to Natsuya and left with the bank card and key.

Natsuya-sama is such an amazing beauty! It was my honor to fight on her behalf!

A voice suddenly spoke up in Seijis mind.

"Light-chan? Youre awake?"

Indeed, Seiji-sama. I happened to wake up just earlier and heard that you were in the middle of a discussion with Natsuya-sama, so I decided not to distract you, came the heroic spirits reply.

"Hows your current condition?"

Great! Ive already recovered my strength after all this resting.

"Thats good then."

But theres also something that's not so good.

"What is it?"

My task is already complete, and its time for me to leave now.

While the last sentence was still spoken in his mind, Seiji instantly detected a presence and turned around. He was greeted by the sight of a tall warrior's figure who was clad in light green military attire with a longbow on his back and a sword clipped to his waist.

"Light-chan" He instantly realized that this must be Light-chan.

The handsome man was surrounded by an aura of heartiness. He had a mustache, fierce eyebrows, and eyes that were glowing green. The man smiled widely at Seiji when he saw him turn around.

"Thats me, Seiji-sama," Minamoto no Raiko acknowledged. "In this final moment, please allow me to take this form to walk a few steps together with you."

"So you could materialize yourself in such a form" Seiji looked at him. "Of course I allow it or rather, Im happy that I can see you like this."

The warrior spirit smiled faintly.

The two of them walked onwards together.

"Times up already. It seems so fast. I still wanted to chat more with you. Id really like to drink alcohol and feast together with Seiji-sama as well."

"Youre able to drink alcohol in that form of yours?"

"Of course! Its a pity that theres no time remaining. If there was, Id definitely have a drink together with Seiji-sama!"

"Sorry, but Im still underage."

"Dont mind such a small matter! Seiji-sama is an outstanding man, so you should drink alcohol when you want, and have fun whenever you want, without paying attention to what people around you think!!" Minamoto no Raiko spiritedly waved his hand with a grand flourish.

Seiji didnt even know what to say to such a remark!

"You probably just want an excuse to drink alcohol, dont you, Light-chan?" He ended up chuckling. "Even if your personality is somewhat questionable at times, all in all youre an incredible person, and an amazing heroic spirit."

Seiji looked deeply at him.

"Im truly grateful to you. If it wasnt for you, we definitely wouldnt have won the duel. Even though our time together was short, it was my honor to become your host. It was such a great thing that the spirit that came to me was you."


"I regret not having the chance to communicate with you more. I hope that I get the opportunity to meet you again in the future, Light-chan no, the great heroic spirit, Minamoto no Raiko!"

A momentary silence fell between them.

Then, the heroic spirit began laughing heartily.

"It was my honor as well to become your bonded spirit and fight for you and Natsuya-sama."

After he finished laughing, his tone turned serious.

"You will become someone truly strong, Seiji-sama. Your personality, resolution, willpower, and strength will aid you in walking the path of the extraordinary! Please continue walking down this path at your own pace. If its fated to be no, as long as you continue down this path, I will definitely meet you once again. Although the me at that time may not be the same me as from now."

"What does that mean?"

"Heroic spirits are formless, Seiji-sama," Minamoto no Raiko explained. "I was a human in the past, but the human me died long ago. The current me gained life through people spreading stories about my legend. You could say that I was born as a result of humanitys common knowledge. I am Minamoto no Raiko, yet I'm not the real Minamoto no Raiko. Im not a unique existence like a real human;instead, I possess many different forms all created by the different ways in which humans view me. I dont really know how to explain it clearly either. Seiji-sama, you just have to understand like this: many different versions of me exist, and these versions may even be completely different from me."

Seiji was rendered speechless by this. No way! Isnt this just like

He felt as if he didnt dare to continue imagining it, but he still had to confirm it.

"For example, there will be a you that uses a different weapon?" Seiji tried testing the waters.


"There will be a younger or older version of you as well?" Seijis eyes began to twitch.


"There will be an insane or maybe aneven evil version of you all clad in black?" Seijis cheeks were beginning to twitch as well.

"Mmm it's possible for there to be such a me as well."

"Will there even be a female version of you with gigantic breasts?" Seiji covered his face with his hands.

Minamoto no Raiko was temporarily rendered speechless by this!

"Seiji-sama" Thick black lines covered the heroic spirits face as his expression became rather complex.

"No need to say more, Light-chan." Seiji averted his gaze while still covering his face. "I just imagined some inappropriate things. I apologize."

An awkward silence fell between them.

Finally, Seiji ended up sighing.

"Alright, I understand now that I might meet a different version of you in the future. If thats really the case, will that version of you remember who I am?"

"I dont know. I might remember you, but I might also forget you." The heroic spirit shook his head.

"I see I hope that the other version of you will remember me, otherwise Ill be sad." Seiji smiled wistfully.

"I hope so as well."

"No matter what other forms you take, as long as you can remember me, well still be companions who fought together side-by-side in the past. Of course, what I hope for the most is that I can meet with the exact same you again, not any other version, in the future."

"I hope for that as well," Minamoto no Raiko stated in a voice filled with sincerity.

Both of them smiled at each other.

"Its time for me to leave now."

"Alright. Take care."

"Farewell please take good care of yourself, Seiji-sama."

The heroic spirit stopped speaking.

As the figure of the warrior disappeared, Seiji felt an energy course through his body and travel through his head, before slowly disappearing into the air.

"Goodbye, Light-chan."

Seiji gave a sincere farewell to this great heroic spirit who had helped him so much.

Neither he nor Minamoto no Raiko had even considered having Natsuya Yoruhana extend the temporary contract for Seiji to remain as her Spirit-branded Retainer.

It was meaningless for her now, plus it would be a burden on her Spiritual Power as she would need to maintain their connection.

Now that the duel was over, the president needed time to recover more than anything, so there was no need for her to maintain a temporary Spirit-branded Retainer. Lengthening the contract would mean slowing down her recovery process, which was something neither Seiji nor Minamoto no Raiko would wish for.

Farewells should be done decisively right then and there. Just leaving a hope that they could meet again one day that was the emotional bond between Seiji and the heroic spirit.

Seiji walked alone on his way back to his apartment.

Overhead, high up in the sky, a green-colored flash finally disappeared.