Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 191

Chapter 191: Is the School Festival a Martial Arts Competition?

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Everyone had their own story.

This was quite ordinary logic. Seiji was feeling the truth of this maxim after he learned that the twin sisters had joined the Morals and Discipline Committee and that the delinquent duo had some type of relationship with the cooking club.

While he was busy with his own affairs, people that he knew were also leading their own lives.

Seiji briefly explained how he met Kahei Watari and Takashi Kobayashi to Chiaki and Mika.

He didnt mention the part about the Juumonji mafia group and only told them about how he saved the two delinquents.

"So you save more than just beautiful girls or beautiful boys." Chiaki came to such a conclusion when he finished.

Seiji was rendered speechless.

Just what was up with that remark of hers!?

"You make it sound like Im only willing to help beautiful people"

"I thought that you were such a person, but now I know you arent. Congratulations, how wonderful! Congratulations, how wonderful~"

"Whats with your congratulations!?"

While retorting forcefully, Seiji used his chopsticks to speedily steal a rib from Chiakis lunch and placed it in his mouth.

"This is to make up for the harm youve caused to my delicate heart."

"Will that be sufficient payment?"

"It's not enough! I still want your fried egg and your takoyaki!"

"Okay okay~ you can have them~~" Chiaki smiled rather gently.

Mika blinked upon witnessing this scene.

"Seiji was confessed to," she began abruptly, "by a beautiful girl named Yukari Asamiya. It was a truly amazing confession."

Chiakis expression froze over.

"Yukari Asamiya" She regained her composure and thought about this person. "Ive heard about her, the Princess of Year 1, Class 3."

"You know her?"


Seiji and Mika both entered their curious modes.

"Ive only heard some stories about her. This girl if it wasnt for Natsuya Yoruhanas existence, in our freshman year, Yukari Asamiya would definitely be the number one most popular girl in our grade."



Seiji and Mika both revealed expressions full of surprise and amazement.

"Neither of you two pay much attention to rumors, so its only natural that you didnt know. Allow me to fill you in."

Chiaki pretended to put on some teachers glasses and lifted up her chopsticks, waving them around like a whip.

"For all the girls and boys in our freshman year, theres a publicly acknowledged popularity ranking for the top ten."

"For the girls, the number one rank solidly belongs to Natsuya Yoruhana. The student council president and scions points are so far in front that it could be said her popularity exceeds that of the next nine girls combined."

"Number two is the student council vice president Hitaka Shuho, our presidents so-called servant. Some people believe that she shouldnt really be number two, as shes only there because of her association with number one. But its an indisputable fact that Shuho-san is ranked number two, regardless of the reason behind her popularity."

"Number three is Yukari Asamiya. To sum up her as the Princess" Chiaki pointed at Seiji with her pretend whip and said,"Shes a weaker version of Seigo Harano!"

"Hah?" Seiji and Mika made twin exclamations of astonishment.

"A weaker version of"


Chiaki nodded as she twirled her pretend whip.

"Her classmates in Year 1 Class 3 give her the review of beautiful, regal, honest, and direct. As for her stories, Ive heard many regarding how she helped other people or generously solved their problems for them. In summation, shes an outstanding yet humble person who helps others of her own volition and can be direct yet not overly blunt at the same time."

"This she really does sound rather like Seiji." Mika looked at the boy beside her.

"Yep, although her stories arent as ridiculous as the ones about Seiji, her overall style is quite similar, which is why I said that." Chiaki nodded as she pointed with her whip once more."And stories aside, just looking at peoples evaluations of them, apart from the fact that she and Seiji are different genders, everything else is almost exactly the same."

Seiji couldnt find any words to say at this.

"As for the boys popularity rankings, Seigo Harano is approximately in fourth place right now, but I expect that hell be able to jump to number one soon, since he defeated the twin witches." Chiaki chuckled."This incident has far more influence than you two can imagine, as it can be said to have overturned the entire relationship web among all the second-year high schoolers!"

"In such a short time, its effects have already become noticeable, and it will continue growing."

"Another way to say it, Seiji, is that your name is going to eventually spread through the entire second year! You only had some fame as the destroyer of clubs before, but now youre becoming rather famous as the magic-devouring dragon!"

"I expect that stories about the magic-devouring dragon will spread out through the entire second year, before gradually becoming known to the entire high school; perhaps it will even spread to the middle school section."

"So, rejoice, Seigo Harano-sama! Your legend shall be known by all, and you shall take the venerated position of the number one most popular boy!"

Chiaki opened up her arms and acted as if she were performing in a play.

"It seems like Im supposed to be happy about it but I somehow cant bring myself to do so." Seiji smiled wryly.

"Magic-devouring dragon" Mika muttered to herself, glancing at Seiji's side profile.

Although it sounded rather embarrassingif she accepted it it actually seemed rather cool!

The double pigtailed girls face began to flush red.

"Thats about all I know, and its mostly based on hearsay, so take it with a grain of salt." Chiaki stopped acting like she was a lecturer. "By the way, how was the result? Seiji, did you accept the Princess's confession?"

"How could I? I only met her for the first time just earlier." Seiji sighed. "While Im happy to be confessed to, accepting and entering a relationship with a girl I just met for the first time isnt something I can do."

"What a pityshes the third most popular girl in our grade."

"That sounds rather strange since I didnt know about such a popularity ranking. But even if I knew, its still the same, isnt it?"

"Tsk, such a narrow-minded man."

"Does this have anything to do with narrow-mindedness!?"

Chiaki kept giggling in response to Seijis retorts.

"Your first confession is from a girl whos ranked number three in our grade; it shows how incredible of a person you are. I really look forward to who else you might end up facing in the future."

"Now that sounds even stranger stop making it sound like its a martial arts competition!"

"From a certain perspective, the school festival is a martial arts competition. Theres plenty of competitors (boys and girls) participating in duels (confessions)."

Seiji couldnt respond to this.

"Participant Seigo Harano has started off by defeating someone as strong as number three and is about to march towards the top of the school!"

"Stop saying it like this is the beginning of a hot-blooded action manga!"

This was too much for him to handle.

After lunch, Seiji read through the love letters.

He mainly wanted to see if there was anyone who requested to meet him during the school festival and there was.

Seiji wrote down all the times and places, and discovered that there would be no accidents er, overlaps, which was good.

He just needed to go to all those places at the appropriate times.

He already survived the number threes attack er, a more appropriate way to put it was that after experiencing a confession like Yukari Asamiyas, he was now more resistant to confessions and felt that he could deal with them.

After that, it was time to call Peach-sensei!

Seiji dialed the number he had previously saved on his cell phone.

The call connected.

"H-Haruta-kun" a weak female voice stammered from the other end of the call.