Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 190

    Chapter 190: I Have Defeated The Enemy!

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    Kaho Miyamotos older sister, Karen Miyamoto, was wearing a light-colored sweater and a floral long skirt which were rather plain, but all the boys passing by would still take a second look at her.

    That was because this beautiful girl had a pair of breasts that were impossible to ignore!

    Karens breasts, to put it frankly, were huge.

    But Kaho was in no way envious of this aspect of her older. Her chest wasnt small either, and now that she had successfully slimmed down, she discovered that her chest size was in fact quite significant.

    Does Harano-san like large breasts? She suddenly had that thought, but forced herself to stop thinking about it.

    Why was she thinking about such a thing!? Now wasnt the time for idle thoughts!

    "Youre here to have fun at our school festival, so why didnt you bring some of your friends with you?"

    "Theyre all in classes."

    "What about you?"

    "I asked for a leave of absence so that I could accompany my cute little sister," Karen answered with a huge smile.

    Kaho averted her gaze. "Thats not necessary."

    Karen sighed. "Dont say that; your older sister wants to be together with you~"

    "Dont stick to me, stop clinging onto me, and dont squeeze me with your breasts!"

    Honestly, why did she have to do things to such a degree? While Kaho put on a helpless expression, truthfully speaking, she was a little moved inside.

    "I just arrived at your schooland was about to call your cell phone when I happened to see you... By the way, Kaho, what were you doing just now?"

    "Er... I said it was nothing, really."

    "Tell your sister: if theres anything thats troubling you, I can help!"

    Karen really wanted to have a better relationship with her younger sister Kaho.

    Until two weeks ago, the relationship between them had been like ice.

    Ever since the last time she proactively tried to break the ice between them, they began speaking more to each other, and their relationship was gradually warming.

    Karen was delighted at this development but felt that she still needed to work harder.

    Now that she discovered something was troubling her sister, there was no way she could just leave it be!

    "Tell me, Kahoyour sister really can help you."

    "Youre annoyingit has nothing to do with you..."

    "Youre my younger sister, so it has everything to do with me!"

    Kaho felt even more helpless upon hearing this.

    "Just dont worry about me... Youre here for the school festival, right? Ill accompany you to see the sights. Stop asking me about what happened just now."

    While Karen was unhappy to see her younger sister shutting her out again, she could only temporarily give up.

    And so, the pair of sisters began touring the school.

    Kaho didnt know how to face Harano-san for the time being, so she could only use the excuse of having to accompany her sister to avoid him for now.


    Seiji was rather surprised to find out that the other person spying on him had been Kaho Miyamoto.

    I wonder why she was spying... I should ask her when I see her again.

    At any rate, it was only a small matter to him.

    'Her sneeze even helped snap me back to my senses, so perhaps I should thank her?' Seiji thought to himself.

    While spying wasnt exactly moral behavior, he didnt intend to make a big deal out of it.

    "Your actions werent quite all that good, but its not really a big deal. Lets just forget about it, Mika."

    He smiled at Mika to indicate that he forgave her.

    The double pigtailed girl blushed slightly.

    And so, the incident concluded.

    "Would you like to tour the school festival together before lunch?"


    Even if it was only for a short while, Mika felt happy to be able to tour the school festival together with Seiji.

    While walking together, she told him about what she just experienced.

    "Rion and Kotomi Amami helped you out..." Seiji's eyes widened in surprise.

    Those twin girls actually became members of the Morals and Discipline Committee!

    That was rather astonishing, but if he considered it closely, it was a wise decision for them to make.

    If they became connected to the Morals and Discipline Committee, even if their situation didnt improve significantly, it wouldnt get any worse for them thanks to their innate talent.

    On one hand, they would receive a certain amount of protection. On the other hand, they would also have the chance to change everyones impressions of them... at any rate, it was a good move.

    Seiji was curious about how they managed to join that committee.

    It was the Morals and Discipline Committee! That committee would most definitely have a terrible opinion of the "twin witches." Just how did they convince the committee to let them join?

    That was the true mystery.

    Even though there was a bit of a mystery, it was still a good thing. Rion and Kotomi had changed themselves and were working hard in a positive direction.

    I should thank them the next time I see them to express my gratitude as Mikas friend, Seiji mused.

    After that, he and Mika randomly went to various classrooms programs for the school festival and enjoyed themselves.

    During lunch.

    "I am the Fire Nation warrior, Wakamei Touhou! Who dares challenge me to battle!?"

    Chiaki jumped out and made a ferocious-looking pose.

    "Heh..." Seiji put down his lunchbox which contained fried noodles.

    "I am the Sand Nations commander, Murong the Unmatched! I shall use these twin blades to take your head!!"

    With a chopstick in each hand, he also posed ferociously.

    The tomboy and handsome boy faced off against each other, before both giving a loud shout and rushing at each other in a "fight" with exaggerated movements and words.

    Mika was rendered speechless by this spectacle.

    Mikas eyes turned empty and hollow as she watched the two idiots getting more and more engrossed in their playacting to the extent where even some bystanders gathered around to watch them.

    "I have defeated the enemy general!"

    Seiji displayed a victory pose that he mimicked from Dynasty Warriors as he copied one of its lines.

    "Urk I actually lost! Damn it!"

    Chiaki pretended to collapse onto the ground and wallow in regret.

    Just how did you two determine who won and lost!? Mika was forcefully commenting on this situation in her mind.

    The bystanders even began applauding this amazing (ridiculous) spectacle.

    "Thanks for everyones appreciation! Thanks so much!"

    "If you go to the auditorium at 2:00 p.m., you can see an even more exciting performance! Please support us!!"

    Seiji and Chiaki had the gall to thank the audience for their support, and the latter even attempted to advertise her club.

    Mika didnt even know what to say anymore.

    She felt the urge to pretend to be unfamiliar with the two idiots.

    "Oh my, I was just having a joke at first, but I never expected you to go along with it and do such a good job, Seiji! Youre quite talentedwhy dont you just join drama club?"

    "Forget itits fine once in a while like this, but if I act like that every day Id die of embarrassment."

    I cant tell that youre embarrassed at all! It seemed like you were having so much fun! Mika glared at him out of the corner of her eye.

    "Not at allyoull get used to it and open up a new world of possibilities!" Chiaki flashed a brilliant smile as she gave him a huge thumbs-up.

    "Id prefer to stay in this current world, thank you very much." Seiji retrieved his fried noodle lunchbox and went back to eating.

    "Your fried noodles they gave you such an ample amount." Chiaki noticed that he had so many fried noodles that they were almost bursting out of the lunchbox.

    "Watari-san and Kobayashi-san were generous enough to give them to me," Seiji explained. "Theyre currently helping out with the cooking clubs fried noodle stand, and they gave me extra when they saw it was me."

    He had been astonished to see the two delinquents Kahei Watari and Takashi Kobayashi selling fried noodles.

    When he asked them what they were doing, he learned that this was the cooking clubs noodle stand, but they werent members of the club. They were helping out because they were being paid to do so.

    Seiji could tell that while Watari and Kobayashi werent particularly passionate about this job, they werent slacking off either.

    Who had them do such a task? And why was it that they didnt resist?

    Seiji was rather curious.

    But he didnt inquire too deeply, as it wasnt the time or place to chat back then.

    "Watari-san and Kobayashi-san how unexpected." Chiaki blinked in surprise. "Seiji, when did you get to know them?"

    "Well, some stuff happened."

    Seiji smiled as he ate another mouthful of fried noodles.