Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 188

Chapter 188: Discipline Committee Member

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Not good! Not good, not good, not good! Mika shouted mentally. This is terrible!

She was currently hiding behind some bushes, secretly watching the purple-haired girl confess to Seiji.

Why were things like this?

Lets turn back time a little.

After Seiji tossed her out as his decoy, she was forced to explain Shika's situation to Chiaki and Hoshi.

"I seeit does sound like something Senpai would do." Hoshi nodded in understanding after he learned what had happened.

"Hmm... adopted siblings... thats actually fine and all, but its still hard to not pay attention to the fact that theyre going to be living together." Chiaki rubbed her chin as she looked towards the classroom. "Even though I already knew that hes an idiot, to do things to such an extent, honestly..."

The tomboy felt rather helpless about the situationbut also understood.

Later, Hoshi said goodbye to the duo and returned to his own class.

Mika and Chiaki watched Seiji work for a little longerand took some pictures of Seiji in his cosplay outfit before they decided to leave as well.

They explored the school festival together and visited various classrooms shops.

They even stumbled on several confession scenes by accident but politely refrained from getting in the way.

"Would you like to take a guess on how many times Seiji will be confessed to during this school festival?" Chiaki asked Mika jokingly.

Mika was in no mood to joke about a serious topic.

Chiaki didnt continue this topic of conversation after she noticed that Mika didnt answer.

After that, Chiaki needed to go to drama club to help out, so she split up from Mika.

The girl with twin pigtails wandered around by herself for a while, before returning to her classroom and decided it was time.

On her way back, she ran into the tennis club captain... no, the former tennis club captain, Hideya Aizawa.

Well, since Mika had quit the tennis club already, she wasnt sure what was happening in it anymore. She only knew that he resigned from his club president position.

Meeting him again made her feel that this ex-club president hadnt changed at all, as he still seemed rather unreliable and not the likable type.

Out of politeness, she greeted him, but he stuck on to her.

Hideya and the other boys with him surrounded Mika, trying to persuade her to go with them and refusing to let her leave.

Just as Mika was beginning to get angry as well as a little afraid, someone surprising appeared.

"Former tennis club president Hideya Aizawa, and three boys not from our school."

"What exactly do you guys intend to do by surrounding the first-year student Mika Uehara?"

Two clear voices rang out.

Two identical beautiful figures, and a unique speaking style where they finished each others sentences... Rion and Kotomi Amami!

The high school second-year "twin witches..." or ex-witches.

"Er..." Hideya who was also a second-year student cowered slightly at seeing these two, but he instantly recalled something as he stood up straight again and he smiled rather insultingly. "Heh heh, its the Amami twins... we werent doing anything; we just wanted to invite her for a little lunch."

"Surrounding someone for an invitation is the most unsightly way to invite someone."

"Mika Uehara, do you wish to accept such an invitation?"

Rion and Kotomi spoke with calm expressions.

Mika shook her head.

"Hey, hey, whats all this? We were sincerely inviting her!" A brown-haired boy wearing earrings standing to the right of Hideya spoke up.

"Thats right, calling us unsightly, how rude! Who the hell do you think you are!!?" Another blonde-haired boy spoke up as well.

"Theyre rather beautiful, and twins as well... Hey, Hideya, who are these two?"

"Heh heh, theyre..."

"Were members of the Morals and Discipline Committee."

"Were currently responsible for maintaining and protecting order during the school festival."

Hideya was interrupted as Rion and Kotomi pointed to the emblems on their sleeves.

"The first-year student Mika Uehara has clearly stated that she doesnt wish to accept your invitation."

"So, if you continue refusing to allow her to leave, that means that youre daring to disturb the public order, and we shall have to issue you a stern warning."

There was a brief period of silence.

Then, apart from Hideya, the three boys that werent from Genhana began guffawing!

"Morals and Discipline Committee... Acting so serious... Hahahahait's so funny!"

"Maintaining order... stern warning... Ahahaha! This is the first time Ive heard something so foolish in real life! Hehehahathis is bad; Im going to die of laughter!!"

"There must be something wrong with these girls brains! Hahaha, even though theyre so beautiful, theyre a pair of idiots!!"

The three boys laughed fearlessly and were looking at the twins with nothing but condescension.

Hideya was affected by their behavior, and he knew that they were no longer the same "witches" as before, so he began chuckling as well.

Mika felt a twinge of pity for the twins at this and looked at them with concern.

She saw that Rion and Kotomi who had remained calm earlier were now narrowing their eyes.

The atmosphere instantly changed.

It was as if an invisible sword had been drawn. The atmosphere now seemed rather dangerous.

Hideyas expression froze solid.

The three boys from other schools were still laughing, but they noticed as well that something in the air changed, causing their laughter to diminish somewhat.

"In the name of Genhana High Schools Morals and Discipline Commitee, this is a formal warning."

"Hideya Aizawa and the three outsiders, please stop these actions and allow Mika Uehara to leave."

"Your time limit is ten seconds."

"The countdown begins now."



"Hahahahaha" The three boys began to laugh even louder than earlier.

"This is so hilarious! Whats with these two girls!?"

"And now its a real formal warning! With a countdown!! Theres definitely something wrong with their heads!!!"

"Hahaha! This is so funny, Hideya! Why does your school have..."

"Shut up!!!"

A fierce shout came out of Hideyas mouth.

The twins icy expression and icy tone as they began the countdown made Hideya frightened for himself.

They were indeed not the "witches" that they had been before.

But they hadn't lost all of their power.

After Rion and Kotomi were defeated, they lost all of their previous powerand were in dire straits. But they joined the Morals and Discipline Committee and now had a new group to support them.

With their brains and schemes, plus reason on their side, if they seriously wanted to deal with him...

Just imagining it sent chills down Hideyas spine.

This was no joke! If the former "witches" that now had the support of the Morals and Discipline Committee started paying attention to him... No! He definitely couldnt allow that to happen!

"Were leaving!" he shouted to his friends.

"Eh... Hideya, whats..."

"I said shut up! Were leaving!!" Hideya yelled again at his three friendsbefore glancing once more at the twins and turning around to leave.

"Whats the matter? Hideya"

The three boys looked at each other in confusion, but in the end, they obeyed and chased after him.

Mika stood where she was and watched the boys leave.

She had been extricated from her sticky situation.

She looked at the twins once more.

"Thank... thank you." She sincerely expressed her gratitude.

"No need for thanks."

"This is our responsibility."

Rion and Kotomi retracted their previous threatening attitudes and responded to Mika calmly.

They then turned around and left as well.

Mika watched the twins leave, her heart filled with a mixture of subtle emotions.

I should tell Seiji about this... she thought as she walked back to the classroom.

Just as she arrived, she noticed Seiji leaving the classroom.

Mika was about to call out to him,but she paused when she saw two unfamiliar girls talking to him.

Its... a confession!

Mika instantly knew what was about to occur.

What should she do?

She was unable to think it through. All she did was reflexively follow Seiji secretly.

And so, she witnessed an incredibly beautiful purple-haired girl confessing wholeheartedly to the handsome boy.

This confession... was far too moving!

Even she received an impact from it while secretly observing.

Seiji, who was facing the confession directly, must have received an even bigger impact.

Mika definitely saw that he was wavering!

That was why she was shouting inwardly in her mind.

Not good! This is terrible! What should I do!?

She didnt have any ideas whatsoever on what to do, but she had to do something, otherwise...

"I..." Seiji opened his mouth and was about to respond.

Mika began moving her bodyand was about to stand up.

At this moment.


Someone suddenly sneezed.