Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 187

Chapter 187: Purple

Update one year ago

Seiji had begun receiving love letters every day ever since the second week after transferring into Genhana High School.

Most girls had only sent him only one love letter, but there were a few that had sent him multipleones.

And among the few that sent him multiple letters, there was only one girl who had sent him a love letter every single day.

According to Chiakis definition, this girls love letters were the first type. All the envelopes were light purple, and the letters were written on pure white paper. None of the letters were particularly long, but it was obvious each one contained the girls emotions. The handwriting was also beautiful.

There was only one word written for the signature"Purple."

At first, Seiji had wondered what type of girl "Purple" might be, but he didnt pay it a great deal of thought.

Due to everything that had happened in the previous few days, he even forgot about it.

Until this moment.

When he was taken here to this corner and met this purple-haired beauty for the first time, he instinctively realized that... this girl must be "Purple."

A slight breeze was blowing, causing the leaves to rustle.

The girls dark purple hair was swaying gently in the wind.

She simply stood there with both hands clasped in front of her as she smiled lightly.

Her beautiful eyes were almost the exact same light purple as the envelopes she used. They looked deep and watery and the pupils flashed and reflected flickering shadows. This, combined with her thin crescent eyelashes and pink lips arced upwards in a faint smile, caused Seiji to think of a line from an unknown poem from somewhere: "Playing with lowered eyelashes and a faint smile amongst the shadows."

She was beautiful, regal, and the epitome of a classic beauty.

Just her physical appearance alone was worthyof the nickname "Princess."

While Seiji was unfamiliar with her personality, he believed that her level of beauty was definitely equal to Natsuyas.

"Hello, pleased to meet you, Harano-san." The purple-haired beauty bowed slightly towards him. "My name is Yukari Asamiya, from Year 1, Class 3."


This was a popular name in Japan in his previous world, and he faintly recalled that the female lead of some classical anime seemed to have this name as well. This name... that was probably one of the reasons for her signature of "Purple."

"Hello." Seiji looked directly at her. "Asamiya-san... are you Purple?"

"Indeed." Yukari stood up straight and smiled at him. "Im Purple, as you surmised."

"Its easy to guess after meeting you." Seiji also smiled. "Your eyes, your hair, and your name... all these hints are too obvious." 1

Yukaris smile grew wider.

"I really love purple... if peoples lives had colors, then mine would surely be purple."

"That sounds quite poetic."

"Really? I said it rather casually... Harano-san, do you like poems?"

Seiji thought of Shika Kagura upon hearing this. 2 "I dont understand poems too much, but I admire their beauty."

Yukari blinked upon hearing this. "Im not familiar with poems either, but I dont know why... my classmates all seem to think that I love reading poems and so on."

"Is it that you actually dont like them?"

A momentary silence fell between them.

Then, both of them broke out into laughter.

Seiji chuckled. "Sorry, but I can understand why your classmates would think that way. The way you seem... is just like a classy lady who would enjoy reading poems or classical works and the like."

"Its not good to judge people by appearances, Harano-san. Im not that type at all." Yukari also chuckled. "I dont enjoy poems, nor do I read classics, and Im definitely not a classy lady or anything."

"Eh... but you definitely have that aura about you."

"I dont feel so... maybe its thanks to my upbringing that my actions appear that way. I had a strict family education." Yukari toyed with her hair.

Seiji felt that this tiny action was rather charismatic.

"Princess..." he understood already why people referred to her as such, but she herself was... a bit different from what he had imagined.

Well, that was normal.

It would be abnormal if the well-known nicknames in this school were completely accurate!


Yukari looked directly into Seijis eyes.

"This is your first time meeting me. As for me... Ive already been watching you for quite some time."

Yukaris cheeks began to flush slightly red.

The atmosphere just earlier had been normal, but now it suddenly seemed a bit romantic.

Seiji felt himself tensing up slightly.

He was nervous.

"Ive always been watching you in silence, and writing letters to you. These are my single-sided feelings... I apologize for making you deal with my selfishness. Now... Ive finally worked up the courage to meet you in person to get to know you."

The purple-haired girl took a deep breath.

Her white face was now completely red, and her watery eyes were filled with attractive colors.

It was coming.

Seiji knew what was coming and mentally prepared himself.

But he was still nervous... of course he was! He had never had such an experience!!

The only experience he had with being confessed to was by Hoshi... No, no, that definitely didnt count! Forget it! Hurry up and forget about that!!

This was his true first time in either life of his that he was being confessed to!

"Perhaps this is selfish of me to say as well, but I... still want to say that... I-I like you!"

A metaphorical fastball.

A mega-powerful fastball struck Seiji in the chest like a cannon shot!

He had wanted to catch it.

But as a catcher, he severely lacked both experience and ability! It was only natural that he missed.

"I like you..."

He had heard it personally from a girl... these words imbued with many passionate feelings of youth.

This was when Seiji discovered for the first time just how powerful these words could be!

"Id like to be together with you, chat with you, date with you, and... do various things together with you..."

Yukari was still looking directly at Seiji.

Even though Seiji could tell that she was quite shy about all this, she remained firm and maintained her regal bearing and resolution as she honestly and directly told him her feelings.

Seiji really wanted to avert his gaze in order to hide his own emotions, but he was moved by her resolution, so he could only look directly at her as well.

It was just like a duel.

No, this was a duel! This girl had worked up her maximum amount of courage to completely attack the boy she liked directly, heart and soul!

"I... imagined many things by myself. I want to turn those dreams of mine into reality. I... would like to become someone important to you..."

The girls body began trembling.

It was as if something within her had reached its limit.

She took another deep breath.

Seiji almost felt like he wanted to run away at this moment!

It was easy for even him to tell just how deep her feelings accumulated over all this time must have been.

The final blow was coming.

"Please... please go out with me!! Please be my boyfriend!!!"

Her eyes shone incredibly brightly as tears trickled down her face.

Her face was so red that he could almost see the blood beneath her skin.

But even so, her eyes didnt waver one bit from him.

She kept looking directly into the handsome boys eyes.

She completely revealed her true feelings for him to see.

She fully expressed those passionate fiery feelings of hers.

This moment etched itself deeply into Seijis mind, and even heart!

There would always be some moments of any persons life that would be unforgettable even after several years or even dozens of years.

This scene was one of them.

That was how deep, how... beautiful to the point where it was impossible to forget.

Another breeze blew past them.

The tree leaves were rustling again, but Seiji couldnt hear them.

He had received an impact far stronger than he was expecting, and his heart and soul were moved.

He slowly opened his mouth as he looked at the girl before him, his heart wavering.


  1. [TL note: the first character in Yukaris name is purple. The second character in her name is princess.]
  2. [TL note: Shikas name means poem.]