Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 184

Chapter 184: Living Together

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"Sei... Seigo..."

"Im back, Mika."

"...Welcome back."

Mika felt a warm feeling in her heart when she saw the boy in front of her, but she could only greet him simply.

"Good morning to you as well, Juumonji-sensei."

"Good morning. Welcome back, Harano-kun." Kaedes eyes flashed with an indescribable light as she smiled.

"You guys must be on your way to school." Seiji blinked as he said his next sentence: "Go ahead without me; there's no need to wait. After I change into my school uniform, I have something to discuss with Miss Landlord."

"Discuss... What are you going to talk about with my mom?" Mika was curious.

"Well... youll find out."

Seiji averted his gaze unnaturally as he began leaving.

"See you at school."

He waved towards them with his back turned as he walked upstairs towards his apartment.

Mika and Kaede were rendered speechless.

They felt rather disappointed inside.

They were hoping to see him for so long, but when they finally saw him again, that was the attitude he had... Hmph!

The double-pigtailed girl began pouting slightly.

Although this type of behavior... was actually normal for him. But... at the very least, the idiot should talk a little more and act as if he had missed her!

Since he said not to wait, there was no need to wait.

Mika began walking off while bearing a small grudge in her chest.

But she stopped before taking a few steps and looked back.

She saw Kaede standing there quietly without moving.


"Uehara-san, go ahead and leave first." Kaede smiled faintly. "I suddenly feel like the scenery here is quite beautiful, and I want to appreciate it for a little longer."

'Scenery... what the hell!?'

Mika inwardly thought to herself that this was obviously just an excuse.

Just how was a simple apartment and a normal street considered "beautiful?" That was impossible!

It was quite obvious what Kaede intended.

After Mika figured this out, she was no longer able to leave. She could only just stand there and wait in silence as well.

Seiji returned to his small apartment, put down his luggage, and changed into his school clothes, before leaving his apartment.

To his surprise, he saw that Mika and Kaede were still there.

"Why havent you guys left yet?"

"Im admiring the scenery." Kaede placed her hand over her mouth as she chuckled. "As for Uehara-san, I dont know."

"I... Im just admiring the scenery as well!" countered a haughty voice.

Seiji was rendered speechless by this.

Okay, he would have to hurry up and finish the upcoming discussion with the landlord. While he was happy that both of them were so willing to wait for him, he also felt rather helpless about it.

Seiji knocked on the Uehara familys door.

The landlord Nozomi Uehara answered and opened the door.

"Haru... Harano-kun, youre back."

"Yep, I just returned... Miss Landlord, I have something Id like to discuss with you."

"What is it?" Nozomi tilted her head slightly in puzzlement.

She noticed that the blonde-haired beautiful tenant and her daughter were both waiting for the boy before her.


Seiji wanted to tell her in a whisper at first, but he paused before smiling wryly.

'Forget itthere's no meaning in hiding it, so I might as well say it straight out.'

"Id like to move... to one of the larger apartments!" he said in a loud voice.

"Eh?" Mika gave an exclamation of astonishment.

Kaede merely widened her eyes slightly.

"Oh my..." Nozomi blinked in surprise.

"You have some empty larger apartments, right, Miss Landlord?"

"Yes. But Harano-kun, why..."

"Because Im going to cohabit together with someone... no no, I meant live together!"

"Cohabit!?" three astonished voices exclaimed in unison.

"Live together! Not cohabitation! I just said it wrong!!"

For want of a nail, the kingdom was lost. Seiji almost wanted to cry at his slip of the tongue.

Why did his mouth make such a mistake at such a critical moment? He deserved a beating!

Seiji really wanted to slap himself in the mouth right now.

The twin-pigtailed beautiful girl, the blonde-haired beauty, and the beautiful mature landlady were all looking at a handsome boy together in unison with looks of shock. This scene was basically...

100% a misunderstanding! If there were any bystanders here, it was certain that they would misunderstand, and those with overactive imaginations could even dream of something spicy!

An awkward silence permeated the air.

"Miss Landlord... thats just how it is." Seiji forcefully continued the conversation. "Please help prepare an empty large apartment for me, and Id like to move in there tonight... We can discuss the rent later."

"Er... Alright." Nozomi finally returned to her senses.

"Thank you... Then Ill go to school now." Seiji turned around.

He detected that Kaede and Mika were now cloaked in terrifyingly dark auras.

That was why he didnt want them to hear in the first place!

Seiji could only smile wryly to himself in his heart.

"Seigo..." Mika was glaring daggers at him.

"Harano-kun..." Kaedes smile seemed rather unsettling.

If they had the ability to, Seiji was certain that they would be summoning monsters upon him right now.

"Ill give you guys a clear explanation. Please listen to it on our way to school." He averted his gaze.

The morning sun was so warm.


Mika didnt know what her current emotions were anymore by the time they almost reached school.

Seiji was going to cohabit with... no, live together with Kagura-san.

As for why they were going to do so, it was because Seiji learned that Kagura-san lived all by herself, and he was quite worried about her. That was why he adopted Kagura-san as his younger sister and decided to live together.

They really did become brother and sister!

Back then, she felt that they seemed to be like real siblings, but for things to actually become like this... Fine, it wasnt all that difficult to accept.

The difficult to accept part was that the stunning and cute Kagura-san was about to live together with Seiji! Live together!! Live together!!!

If they were real siblings, this wouldnt be a problem, but they were adopted siblings!

In the end, they were still a boy and a girl... that still had the possibility of developing into a romantic relationship!!

Kagura-san was currently a second-year middle school student, and Seiji was a first-year high schooler... This age gap wasnt an obstacle at all!

Even if Seiji had strong self-control and wouldnt do anything to a young second-year middle schooler, two years down the road... no, maybe even in just one year, the situation would be different!

Going from the second year to the third year in middle school was an important time for a girls growth. In just one year, girls could change drastically.

Kagura-san was so beautifultoo beautiful! She was already such an incredible beauty now, so in one year, or even half a year if she grew quickly, she would soon become an incredibly alluring adolescent girl in the prime of her youth.

At that time, just what would Seiji do while they lived together...

Mika didnt dare to imagine any further.

At first, she heaved a sigh of relief after hearing Seijis explanation and learning who he was going to live together with. However, pondering over the situation closely made her realize that she couldnt relax at all, and it was actually difficult to accept.

She was currently filled with a variety of complex feelings.

What Seiji was doing... wasnt wrong, nor could she say anything about it, but...

'Ahh, thats enough already!' A blonde beauty had just moved in next door, and now he even found himself an adopted sister to live together with him!

Just what would this end up developing into? Would the next girl be some fiancee that he had promised himself to!?

Mika kept up a stream of forceful complaints in her mind.

What she didnt know was that in a certain hospital, a scion with long, black sleek hair sneezed.

"Meow?" The cat girl Rana tilted her head as she looked towards her master.

"Im alright, it was just a sudden chill." Natsuya smiled as she continued peeling the apple in her hand.

The cat girl blinked cutely as she approached her master and cuddled Natsuya. Rana buried her face in Natsuyas ample breasts while embracing Natsuya tightly.

"Oh my... thanks for warming me up, Rana." Natsuya perceived Ranas intention and smiled.

She finished peeling the apple.

She split half for Ranaand bit into her own half.

Sweet and sour... it somehow caused her to think of a particular boy.

"Haruta-kun... I wonder what hes doing right now?" the scion muttered to herself curiously.