Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 182

Chapter 182: Welcome Back

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Seiji saw the dazed and blushing Natsuya and became worried about her.

"Whats the matter? Youre really reddo you have a fever?"

If her body was weak, then she should be resting in bed.

He walked closer to her and put his hand on her forehead to test her temperature.

"Yep, youre really heating up, you should"


The girl with long, sleek black hair and large breasts suddenly hugged him!

It was gentle, warm, fragrant, and two large lumps of softness were pressing against his chest!!

Seiji fell into a state of shock.

What was with this situation?

Did the president faint!?

He hurriedly took hold of Natsuya.

Wow, this feeling, this softness. This is

'Stop! Now isnt the time to be distracted by idle thoughts!!'

"President? Are you feeling alright?"

There was no response.

Seiji felt that the situation wasnt good, so he immediately bent over, placed his hands at the appropriate locations, and exerted his strength... for a princess carry!

"Haruta kun" Natsuya protested feebly.

Natsuyas face was flushed red, and her eyes were watery. Her current expression was one of "discomfort."

It seemed that she was still conscious.

"Wheres your hospital room? Ill take you back there for a rest no, I should call for a doctor first Er, let me take you back to your room first. After that Ill call someone for you!" Seiji was lost on what to do.

There was no helping it; the presidents current appearance was too much of a distraction for Seiji.

Her typical coolness and strictness had completely disappeared and had been replaced by innocence and weakness!

This contrast combined her beautiful figure as she lay meekly in his arms He felt like he was almost about to have a reaction from his lower half!!

"Wheres your hospital room, President!?"

The president looked at his face and didnt reply. Instead, she broke out into giggles.

Why the heck was she giggling!?

Did I do something strange? Seiji was utterly confused.

Thats when he finally realized.

Oh, so she was laughing because of how foolish I am!

"Its not necessary to take you back to your room. This place will be fine." He took several big strides towards the hospital bed.

"Eh?" Natsuya was surprised at hearing this.

A somewhat confused Natsuya was placed onto the bed by Seiji.

At this moment, various scenes flashed into her mind, and she panicked as her face reddened even more than before.

Butreality differed from her imagination.

After Seiji placed Natsuya on the bed and covered her with a blanket, he pressed a button.

The female nurse arrived rather quickly.

"This ladys not feeling too well. Call for a doctor to see her quickly."

The nurse nodded and left the room.

Seiji turned around and smiled at Natsuya.

This is the right method, isnt it? He expressed with his smile.

But in Natsuyas eyes, she felt something completely different.

Being hugged by him, lying in the hospital bed that still had his faint scent, and seeing his warm and gentle smile the president felt rather embarrassed.

She tugged on her blanket and covered half of her face to hide her embarrassment, but this caused her to smell his scent even stronger than earlier.

Ahh so embarrassing.

She couldnt help but sneak another peek at Seiji, only to see that he was still gently looking in her direction.

She would never be able to calm down if he kept watching her like this!

The fluttery feeling in her chest wouldnt stop, her face heated up, and her body temperature rose rapidly

She was completely unable to deny or ignore it anymore.

I for Haruta-kun

Suddenly someone opened the door and entered with hurried footsteps.

It was a female doctor.

'Forget it.'

Natsuya decided to temporarily stop this line of thought as she was interrupted.

Seiji left the hospital.

His injuries were light to begin with, and he didnt need to stay in the hospital, nor did he want to stay in the hospital.

After his conversation with the president, he left the hospital.

The sky outside happened to be light currently.

With the sunlight of a fresh dawn greeting him, he walked out the hospital door and saw a black luxury car come to a halt in front of him.

Seiji entered the car, which took him back to Natsuyas residence at Genhana High School.

Mai greeted him there.

"Im delighted to see that youre well, Junior," the maid said in a gentle tone.

"Thanks for worrying about me, Senpai."

"I only know that Milady was victorious How are they all doing?"

Seiji took a look at Mais tightly clenched hands.

"Theyre all going to be fine," he said gently. "The president, Shuho-san, and Kirin-san are all fine and in no danger."

Mai heaved an obvious sigh of relief upon hearing this.

An indescribable light flashed through her eyes. "Thats great"

"Shuho-san and Kirin-san were both injured, and the president is rather fatigued, but theyll get better and recover completely. Thats why you dont need to worry so much, Senpai," Seiji reassured the maid while smiling.

"Okay" Mai also smiled in response. "Thank you, Junior Im so grateful to you for assisting Milady"

She revealed an incredibly soft and moving beautiful smile.

"No need to be so formal, Senpai."

Seiji continued to smile as he walked inside after saying that sentence.

The moment he opened the door, someone flew straight towards him.

Shika Kagura embraced him tightly.

"Brother Im so glad"

The girl's voice was choked up with tears as she greeted him. Her body was also trembling.

Seiji hugged her tightly to himself as well.

"Im back, Shika-chan."

Thanks to your protection, I was able to safely return.

"Welcome back"

Shika finally began smiling while still crying.

She had always been so worried and concerned about him. Now that he was so close to her, she thought that perhaps a calamity would

But it didnt happen.

He returned safely!

He returned in perfect condition and wasnt harmed by her ability.

Just like he promised.

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful Shika kept repeating that word in her mind as she felt a heavy burden being taken off her along with endless amounts of relief and delight.

The two of them simply embraced each other without a word for a long while.

Finally, they let go of each other.

"Everything is over," Seiji said in a soft voice, gently wiping away Shika-chans tears. "The president said that youre free to go wherever you like."

Shika fell silent upon hearing this.

While she did have a residence to live in, that wasnt where she wanted to go. Compared to that lonely place, this house the few days she spent here had been much more joyous.

Because of the person before her.

She didnt want to leave this place no, she didnt want to leave him.

Seiji noticed her silence and blinked as he contemplated.

"Shika-chan, you have a place to live in, right?"

Shika nodded.

"Can you still live there? Er, what I mean is, does that place have anything to do with Okubo?

"Oh, right, about Okubo, what exactly was your contract with him? I heard from the president that for temporary contracts, even if you dont do anything, theyll automatically expire and dont require the original contractor to cancel the contract. Is yours like that?" Seiji asked to confirm Natsuya's information.

Shika nodded again.

"Thats great, then. As for your residence"

Shika gave him an explanation.

She had rented two apartments. One was a single-bedroom apartment near Genhana Middle School, which was used as a temporary residence. The other one, her permanent residence, was a larger apartment at a farther location.

Seiji mulled things over.

"Do you have any attachments to your permanent residence?"

Shika shook her head.

"Then move closer! Move to that temporary apartment no, since it was the place you lived in while working for Okubo, you don't have to live there anymore. Why dont you just come and live with me!"

Shika widened her eyes in surprise at this unexpected offer.

Live together!?

"Er, not live together... You can live in the same apartment as me! There are still many empty rooms there, and the landlords really nice. Although the apartments not exactly high-class, all the basic amenities are present," Seiji explained. "The rents quite cheap as well; youll definitely be able to afford it. The rooms are a little small if you have too many things, you can rent a larger one, as I suspect some of those are empty! If its too difficult financially for you to rent a large apartment, then rent one together with me!"

Eh, isnt this still living together in the end? Seiji only discovered the truth of what he spoke after he already said it out loud.


Shika began chuckling.

"Brother Seiji" She did her best to stop herself, but couldnt help but let her tears drip down again. "I want to move in I dont have many things but I want to rent a big apartment and live together with Brother"

Like a family.

She wanted to live in the same place as him like they were real relatives!

"Is this really okay?"

Was it alright for her to be so selfish? Could she really have such good fortune?

"Shika-chan" Seiji was both moved and relieved at hearing her answer. "Yep, of course!"

'I'll just do it.'

Even though various problems could crop up later down the road, this wish This pure-hearted wish of hers had to be satisfied at all costs!

Seiji hugged Shika once again.

Shika felt a warmth in both her body and heart while tears still trickled down her cheeks.

This was the moment that a new family was born.