Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 180

Chapter 180: After the Battle

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"Seiji-sama!" He heard someone calling for him.

Seiji returned to his senses.

What he saw was a tall hat?

The longsword in his hands had sliced this hat in half.

What was going on?

Shutendoji escaped ,Light-chan explained.

"Oh" Seiji blinked in confusion as he looked back.

He saw Okubo Yoshiaki collapsed on the ground, his robe in tatters. Okubo's hair had turned white, his expression was hollow, and he was bleeding from all his orifices.

When you defeated Shutendojis hosts soul, I cut off his head, and was about to kill him off for real but he escaped. The heroic spirits voice was filled with depression. I deeply apologize! I actually made such a crucial mistake at the very end!!

So spirits had the ability to ditch their host and escape on their own?

Please punish me, Seiji-sama!

"Forget it Its fine as long as we won, Light-chan." Seiji smiled lightly.

How many ultimate attacks did he end up using against Okubo in the soul realm?

He stopped counting around the time that he used Moon Fang Heaven Piercer. Maybe there were about twenty or thirty moves that he copied from animes?

The final move he used was Kamehameha from Dragonball Z in order to defeat Okubo once and for all.

Seiji felt utterly content at thrashing Okubo in the soul realm.

Suddenly, his vision began turning blood-red and an indescribable pain began welled up within his body, causing his consciousness to turn hazy.

Seiji-sama! Light-chan shouted; your soul has been damaged! You need to receive treatment as soon as possible!!

Damage to his soul?

So it feels like this.

Seiji's surroundings began to blur, and his body started shaking as if he were drunk. However, this was far more unpleasant than being drunk.

Seiji-sama!! His bonded heroic spirits voice was filled with anxiety and worry.

"Dont be so noisy Light-chan"

Seiji managed to somehow withstand his discomfort as he opened up his systems [items] menu, chose the [Soul Protection CardPrayer of Safety] that he had received from Shika before, and used the item!

He instantly felt a warm feeling flow through his body, and he could even envision Shika Kagura standing by her window with her eyes closed and hands clasped in prayer. Right after that, Seiji felt his mind clearing and the pain disappearing from his body.

Eh? This what is this power? Light-chan seemed to be stunned at this occurrence.

Seiji had now fully regained his awareness; it almost felt like the discomfort from earlier was nothing more than a hallucination. However, the remaining warmth in his body told him that he had indeed received some type of protection.

Seijis mouth arced upwards ever so slightly upon thinking of his adopted younger sister.

After he confirmed his own status, he discovered that his own clothes were also damaged rather heavily. His body was also somewhat fatigued and slightly injured, but it was nothing serious.

As for Okubo who was lying prostrate on the ground he was probably dead. Even if this bastard managed to survive by some stroke of luck, he was probably no different from a dead person or a vegetable.

Seiji was too lazy right now to check on Okubos condition or deal a final blow.

The duel was over.

Natsuya Yoruhana was the victor!

'I wonder how the president is currently doing... Who's going to determine the winner, anyway?'

Just as Seiji was standing outside the school and thinking about this, Ayami Himiki rose to her feet and sent out a message in the prescribed manner.

"Duel over! The victor is... Natsuya Yoruhana!"

The next moment.

Many shadowy figures emerged from the area surrounding Genhana High School and flew towards the school grounds.

Several hours later, in a high-class hospital near the school.

Seiji was alone in a luxurious single-person hospital room, resting on his bed while looking out the window.

He was taken here for a full physical checkup and treatment and was given one of the most luxurious rooms.

Even though it was a hospital room, it didnt seem like one at all. It was more like a high-class hotels room.

This place had a bathroom and shower and was furnished extravagantly with costly items all over the place. There was a huge LCD screen television, a high-spec computer, and even video game systems as well as the newest and most popular mangas!

And during his checkup and treatment, the doctors and nurses attitudes were all extremely polite and warm to be honest, it was even a little overboard.

Seiji had never met such kindly and affable doctors before, nor had he ever met such gentle yet sexy nurses that gave off the impression that they would give him "special services" if he even hinted at it.

After he received his hospital room, a female nurse had stayed in the room with himand kept smiling even after she closed the door for him, gazing at him with a slightly flirtatious look in her eyes.

Seiji found it difficult to withstand, so he could only politely inform her that he didnt need anyone to take care of him and that he wanted to be by himself for a while.

The beautiful nurse seemed disappointed at this, but she left after saying, "If theres anything at all, please press the call button and Ill come here immediately."

Seiji heaved a sigh of relief. He felt that he was no longer ordinary due to the special treatment he was receiving.

Now that the duel was over, he finally had the spare time to ponder various things about Yin-Yang Masters, Spirit-branded Retainers, duels and so on.

After his thoughts came much-needed peace and quiet.

Seiji wanted to have a chat with Light-chan but that guy told Seiji how tired he was after the battle and that he needed to rest for a while. There was no peep out of him after that.

Did spirits also need to rest?

Well, this time he had indeed worked hard. Seiji felt that most of the credit for defeating Shutendoji deserved to go to his bonded heroic spirit; Seiji, as the host, merely provided a vessel for Light-chan to dwell in.

Lets take a look at the system.

Seiji inspected his systems new rewards.

[You have slain your first undead creature with a sword-type weapon. You have received 11 points as a reward. Spiritual Powermartial arts option activated with the new addition of a martial arts techniqueDemon-Slaying: First Form!]

[You have defeated your first enemy in a soul battle. You have received 23 points as a reward. New spell receivedBeginner-level Soul Attack!]

[You have defeated your first highly synchronized transformed monster. You have received 33 points as a reward. New spell receivedDragon Counterattack.]

'So I've completed three achievements Fine, I'll continue reading them more detail.'

Seiji looked at his new option [Spiritual PowerMartial Arts] and discovered that only the [Demon-Slaying: First Form] ability was within it.

In order to learn [Demon-Slaying: First Form], he first needed toacquire more knowledge about undead creatures. He also needed to receive tutelage from a person with knowledge about the undead in order to learn how to hit, injure, destroy, and seal the undead effectively.

He also required 4 points to exchange for it.

Thats right4 points, not 14 or 24, a mere 4 points.

This is too cheap! Seiji felt like there was some sort of plot behind it, or that this skill was a rather weak one.

The systems explanation for this skill was [A slicing skill that will suppress the undead. Can only be used with a sword-type weapon. The first technique in the Demon-Slaying technique series.]

It was only the first technique, meaning that there was a second, third, and even fourth? What a ripoff! And as the opening attack in a technique series, it surely wouldnt have a high attack power.

'Yep, this is definitely a plot.' Seiji felt as if he had seen through everything. 'Lets just leave it for now; it isnt necessary to learn such a skill immediately.'

Next, he took a look at the [Beginner-level Soul Attack.]

The prerequisite conditions were roughly the same as [Demon-Slaying: First Form]. He needed to read the relevant information, learn about the intricacies of the soul from a teacher, and gain experience in attacking and defending in the soul realm, as well as paying 32 points.

[Through direct contact, close-distance roaring, or staring into a living creatures eyes, you can activate this ability to cause a stunning, dizzying, or headache effect.]

A stun ability! That was Seijis first reaction.

After thinking it over, he felt that this classic ability was actually quite useful.

Obviously, it was good for combat. As for daily life, it seemed useful for dealing with someone in a situation where getting physical would be inconvenient.

Just imagine: he could deal with a hoodlum simply by staring at him! How cool was that?

Or, against a crowd of hoodlums, just one roar would knock all of them over This was basically just like Haoshoku Haki!

Yep, this seems pretty good. I'll learn it when I have time. Seiji smiled in appreciation.

The final new skill was [Dragon Counterattack].

Seijis eyes became hollow as he read the skills effects.

"This this is"

A quote from a well-known game in his past life sounded in his mind

Taste the dragons blade!