Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 18

Chapter 18: P.E. class

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It was Seijis second day after transferring, and the class he was looking forward to the most was P.E., the last class of the day.

He didnt intend to astound everyone in P.E. class, although he could probably do so if he tried.

After playing against the tennis club captain, he had already understood that his physical abilities far surpassed normal students, and that he had the potential to be outstanding at any sport.

So, if he didnt want to stand out, what was his intention?

It was to watch, of course!

Currently, although the weather was slightly chilly, the school hadnt transitioned to its winter uniform yet, so the P.E. class was still using the summer sports uniform.

Heh heh it should be easy to understand after that explanation.

In Sakura Island, girls wore the same thing as some anime from his previous worlda white T-shirt with bloomers underneath!

Just the thought of all the girls wearing that P.E. class was enough to get his blood boiling!

Witnessing such a sight in 3-D was the apex of any gentleman (otaku)s desire.

It would be flat heresy to claim otherwise!

The day passed quickly, and it was finally time for the class he had been anticipating eagerly.

Seiji had finished changing at Mach speed, and he was already waiting at the exercise grounds before anyone else.

When the girls had finished changing and came out in small groups, he felt like he was ascending to heaven

All those lovely white necks and arms.

And all the various-sized breasts that ranged from full to almost nonexistent.

Not to mention the firm, peachy butts that were covered by tight shorts.

Ah it felt good to be alive!

Seiji put great efforta truly monumental amount of effortinto hiding the fact that he was almost in nirvana.

It was mentioned previously that compared to Seijis original world, people had better looks on average, and this world had certain elements which resembled a 2-D world.

This caused Seiji to feel like everything in front of him was a real-life version of an anime, thus causing his heart to pound rapidly.

Due to how moved he was by the heavenly sight, he didnt even notice the fact that someone was stealthily approaching him.

"Harano-kun, youre about to get a nosebleed!"

Chiaki grinned broadly as she placed her hand on Seijis shoulder.

Seiji finally regained his senses and turned around to look at her.

"Why are you still in the boys uniform?"

"Oh my, are you disappointed?" Chiaki stuck her tongue out at him and did a sexy pose: "If you want to see me in a girls uniform, Ill wear it for you if you come to my home"

"Oh it sounds like some type of special serviceforget about it."

"Sigh, I got rejected againdo I have zero charisma? How about I throw Mika into the deal? Shell definitely agree to show you her sports uniform, and I have plenty of other clothes in my house as well!"

"Dont just sell out your friends like that! And just what type of place is your house!?" Seiji forcefully commented.

Chiaki kept chuckling bawdily.

"Youre a really strange person, Harano. Werent you a scumbag otaku before? After becoming this handsome, normally you should become a playboy, but you restrain yourself without concealing your bad points."

Even though she was smiling casually, her eyes flashed with a serious glint.

"Just what type of person are you, Seiji Harano?"

This was probably what she had wanted to ask yesterday.

After she said this, the conversation options appeared

[A: Im simply mestop bothering me.]

[B: I dont know either I only swore to stop being useless.]

[C: Im just an otaku.]

Seiji considered the options carefully before making his choice.

"Im just an otaku. Even though I changed myself and have become handsomer, Im still an otaku, and I enjoy things that otakus like. Compared to before, my hobbies didnt change; what changed was the way I deal with things and my moral principles. Ill use all of my willpower to follow my new principles and not fall back into depravity like the useless person I was before."

After saying that, Seiji smiled sincerely at Chiaki.

"In conclusion, I have slightly more backbone than before as an otaku."

*Ding!* Favorability rating increased!

Chiaki retracted her casual smile.

"Just slightly? Its not ordinary for a person to risk his life fighting to save a girl that used to call him disgusting. I cant even begin to imagine what you experienced for you to change so much."

Seiji smiled and was about to say something when he was interrupted by a female voice.

"Chiaki! Why are you walking so fast? Wait up for me." Mika Uehara approached them while complaining.

After she caught up, she discovered the strange atmosphere between Seiji and Chiaki.

"Er what happened?"

"Nothing much. We were just admiring the scenery, right, Seigo?" Chiaki slapped Seijis shoulder.

Unlike before, she didnt call him "Harano-kun," but called him "Seigo" instead.

"Ah, yeah. The scenery is wonderful." Seijis smile became even gentler.

"What scenery?" Mika looked around in confusion.

This was the scenery. Seiji snuck a look at Mikas long, creamy-white legs.

Chiaki squeezed Seijis shoulder with a mischievous grin. So you understood what I was talking about, heh heh.

The students had all arrived, but their homeroom teacher was overseeing class instead of the usual P.E. teacher.

"Sasaki-sensei said he had something to do today, so Im here in place of him," said their homeroom teacher, a 29-year-old unmarried woman who was named Keiko Satou.

And thus, P.E. class began.

Seiji was hesitating whether or not he should excel in class today and draw everyones attention.

He didnt actually enjoy attention, but he somehow managed to increase the favorability rating of a large number of girls towards him in the tennis club yesterday, thus unlocking several new options in his system. If he grinded even more girls favorability ratings, then there was a possibility he would gain new options yet again.

After deliberating over it, he decided against it.

He had barely discovered his recently unlocked options, and he hadnt been able to fully take advantage of it yet, so it would be far too greedy to desire more. Besides, he didnt feel comfortable doing things that were against his nature. Finally, the boys in his class already had a negative impression of himif he kept standing out, something strange or unexpected may occur.

It was better to keep the relationships with everyone in his class balanced.

After class had begun, the first activity was a two-person warmup. Seiji instantly chose Kazufuru Ooike, without giving him a chance to reject, in order to avoid the danger of being alone at the end of pairing.

Kazufurus expression was grim, but he could only acceptafter all, what else could he do as Seijis friend?

After the warmup was long-distance running. It was a fairly usual activity with a substitute teacher.

Seiji ran in the middle of the pack for the duration of the entire run.

Honestly, this was a first for him, as he experienced the difficulty of going easy on everyone in sports.

After one lap, most of the boys had begun breathing hard, but he didnt feel a thing. He could only pretend to have breathing difficulties as he kept running. And close to the end, he was forced to further reduce his pace, in order to prevent himself becoming the leader of the pack. He also had to copy everyones panting, and he had to attempt to act naturally exhausted. The whole process could almost be described as torturous.

When all the boys finished, there were still a few girls running. The one at the very end was the fattest girl in the class.

She wasnt nearly as fat as Seiji used to be, but compared to the other girls in class, she was definitely the least attractive.

She could barely catch her breath as she swung her head around, and her hair was ragged and wild. Her sweat and drool were also flying everywhereit definitely wasnt a pretty sight.

"Urghthat Miyamoto Shes still so disgusting"

"Her running is so terriblewhy doesnt she just give up?"

"Hey, shes trying her best! Dont say that!"

The boys were gossiping with each other.

Seiji frowned in discontent.

Suddenly, the fat girl tripped and fell over with a resounding smack, which sent dust flying everywhere.

"Miyamoto?" The other girls that hadnt yet finished running turned around and immediately went to go check on her out of concern.

The homeroom teacher also ran over together with some of the other girls.

After a minute, the substitute teacher Satou-senseis voice rang out: "Miyamoto injured her foot. One of the boys come over and carry her to the infirmary!"


"I definitely dont want to carry that Miyamoto."

"Youll be flattened, haha."

Seijis frown deepened.

He didnt want to hear their chitchat anymore, so he walked out in front of everyone.

Instantly, everyones eyes were gathered on him.

"Oh my, the hero has arrived." Chiaki quietly praised him, but nobody heard her other than Mika who was standing next to Chiaki.

As everyone stared, Seiji briskly walked towards the group of girls were standing over Miyamoto.

"Harano-san, can I ask you to do it?" Satou-sensei had an anxious expression, and when she noticed that it was the new transfer student who volunteered, her countenance changed slightly.

"Not a problem." Seiji smiled at her and all the other girls.

Then, he went over to the weeping fat girl and carried her. Contrary to the expectations of the others, he didnt carry her with his back...

Instead, he princess-carried her!

"Miyamoto-san, right? This is my first time speaking with you." Seiji smiled at the stunned girl in his arms: "Please wait for just a momentyour personal ambulance will take you to the infirmary immediately."

Then, he started running whilst carrying her.


"Amazinga princess-carry!"

"Thats the first time Ive ever seen a princess-carry in real life, and he can even run while doing it!?"

"Harano-san is so cool, and hes so strong!"

All the girls instantly fell in love with the valiant youth.

And once again, all the boys had incredulous expressions on their faces.

"No way! Just how much does Miyamoto weigh!?" One boy exclaimed in surprise.

In reality, almost all of the boys were thinking that to themselves and were mentally comparing their own strength to Seijis. Soon after, they all came to the realization that they wouldnt be able to accomplish what he had just done.

"Harano-san is so coolhe volunteered to carry her!"

"I think Im in love with himI want him to carry me like that!"

"Me too, me too! Id love to be carried like that!"

The girls kept chattering endlessly, and even the homeroom teachers face was flushed slightly red.

In this type of atmosphere, the boys could only remain awkwardly silent.

This included Kazufuru Ooike, whose expression was grim.

He had actually wanted to step out and help her, as it was an excellent chance to improve his reputation, but he had used up a lot of stamina when running earlier, so he hesitatedif he tried carrying her but failed instead, he would only lose face.

He couldnt imagine that Seigo Harano still had such great reserves of stamina remaining.

I truly lost this time Kazufuru Ooike reluctantly thought to himself.