Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 179

Chapter 179: Deciding the Winner!

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Shutendoji forcefully extinguished the azure flames on him and roared in anger.

He was greeted with a lightning-quick sword slash.

Shutendoji was unable to dodge, and his left arm was sliced off. He waved his right hand, unleashing a huge quantity of red flames.

The azure sword flash pierced through the flames and into his chest!


Shutendoji felt the imminent danger of death.

He clutched his enemys sword blade with his right hand and maximized his power output.

Red flames erupted with the force of a volcanic geyser!

If someone looked on from above, they would see a beautiful red flower of flames bloom where they were battling.

Ayami Himiki watched the proceedings with an expressionless face.

She was already prepared to intervene. This type of power was already barely at the boundary of being dangerous. If it increased any further, she would be forced to stop the duel and issue a warning.

The red flames gradually dissipated to reveal an armored warrior clad entirely in azure flames.

The other combatant had now transformed into a red-haired, long-horned, long-fanged, fierce-appearing demon. He was wielding a large blood-red axe in one hand and a blood-red wine gourd in the other.

The heroic spirit Minamoto no Raiko and the great demon Shutendoji. From ancient times to modern times, they were legendary mortal enemies. They had now been rematerialized.

They were now about to have their umpteenth deathmatch!

Shutendoji tossed his wine gourd into the air.

"Demon wine[Blood Corrosion]!"

Many womens faces appeared around the wine gourd, their faces distorted with pain. They shrieked in unison, giving voice to theirbone-piercing grudges and suddenly shot out a blood-red stream of light at Seiji!

Simultaneously, Shutendoji rushed at Seiji with the imposing axe and prepared to unleash a powerful axe attack.

Seiji, or Minamoto no Raiko, responded by swinging his longsword in a wide arc and sending out a strong beam of azure light that tangled with the red light.

Secret sword technique[Upending the Wineglass]!

With a high-speed twirl of the longsword, the azure light mixed with the red light and sent Shutendojis attack back at its caster!

Shutendoji received the backlash from his own attack right as he was slicing down with his huge battleaxe, which tilted the angle of his attack.


The extraordinarily strong axe attack created a huge crevice in the ground.

However, that was all it accomplished.

In this opening, Seiji jumped and used a whirlwind attack infused with azure flames and slashed the demons neck! He managed to break through the first layer of the demons defense.

The look in Shutendojis eyes grew even fiercer.

His muscles bulged as he swung his gigantic axe again.

The axe viciously struck the heroic spirit that was unable to regain his balance in time after the attack and sent him flying with a massive impact!

The azure-armored figure exploded into small pieces in midair. It was the Decoy Substitution technique again.

Another sword slice came from the side and sliced across Shutendojis neck! This attack broke through his second layer of defense.

Shutendoji covered his neck with one of his large hands. He threw down the huge battle axe and attacked Seiji with his bare fist.

Seiji didnt dodge this attack. He used the armors defense to absorb the vicious punch, and twisting his body to mitigate the remaining impact, he jumped with both feet, exerting all his power for his counterblow!

Fatal sword technique[Poison Wine Toast]!

Every rune on the silver longsword lit up with dark azure light.


The longsword maneuvered in between Shutendojis fingers at the speed of light and broke through his final layer of defense as well as his tough demon skin. It pierced deep into his throat and released life-threatening energy.

*Smack!* The huge impact and pain from being pierced through caused Shutendoji to fall over backwards heavily as his huge body crashed into the ground.

"Execute!"Seiji and Raiko roared in unison, sending forth all their remaining energy.

A huge geyser-like eruption occurred again, only this time the flames were azure.

The wine gourd that was floating in midair and the demon's battleaxe was burned into nothing but dust

Seiji and Raiko pressed all their strength onto the blade stuck in their enemys neck in an attempt to slice off Shutendojis head right then and there!

Shutendojis expression was one of obvious panic and fear.

He wanted to resist, but his enemys power was invading his body, and he was being physically suppressed as well. He couldnt feel anything apart from incredible pain all over his body, and it was difficult for him to move even a finger!

He was about to be executed.

Once again.

Just like before.

I dont want to die! I dont want to die!! I dont want to die!!!"

Shutendoji's and Okubo Yoshiakis despair overlapped with each other.

The great demon sensed his hosts thoughts and learned that there was still one final trick available to them.

A soul attack!

Shutendoji used his hosts soul as the final weapon.

Okubo could only use this chance to struggle.

Through Shutendoji, as well as his own eyes, Okubo gathered his remaining power and cast a spell on their enemy!!

Seiji-sama, be care

Minamoto no Raikos shouting sounded in Seijis mind but was interrupted.

Then, Seiji sunk into darkness.

At first, he was confused.

But he instantly realized what was going on.

This was in the soul realm

Just as he figured out the situation he was in, a figure clad in a yellow-green wide-sleeved robe appeared in front of him.

"Seiji Haruta"

"Okubo Yoshiaki"

The two of them exchanged glances.

"You made the wrong decision," Okubo stated in a grim tone of voice.

"No, you did." Seijis tone was rather light.

"Originally, you didnt have to die."

"No, thats you!"

"You shall die in the most painful method possible by my hands!" Okubo roared as he lifted his hand. "And then Im going to find that bitch! And kill all those girls!! Torture them all to death!!!"

"You wont have any chance to do so." Seiji remained calm.

"Die!" Okubo reached out with his hand, and a pair of huge, white bone claws materialized from the darkness and swiped at Seiji.

The claws were blocked.

A hexagonal overlapping barrier appeared in front of Seiji, blocking the huge claws.

"That pathetic defense is the best your imagination can come up with? Break through it!!"

Several large red bullets of light appeared and collided the hexagonal barrier!

*Boom boom boom*

There was zero damage inflicted upon the barrier.

Okubos expression froze over at this.

Seiji chuckled at this. "Hey, have you heard of Absolute Territory?"

Okubo had a mystified expression now.

"The impenetrability of souls! A protective energy shield; a holy area no one can intrude upon! From Evangelion, an anime series that overlapped two different centuries!"

"In the original story, it was known as the A.T. field, an incredibly middle school-level immature setting where this energy shield could even stand up against nuclear explosions."

"Youre calling this defense pathetic? Just try and break through!"Seiji extended his palms. "However, Im not so foolish as to allow you to attack however you like. I may not be at your level in casting spells, but my imagination is at least one hundred times stronger than yours!"

Right after he finished speaking, weapons of all shapes and assortments materialized behind him. Some weapons were extravagant, some looked plain and ordinary, some seemed obviously sharp, while others were filled with killing intent... The numbers continuously increased to the point where it was difficult to count!

Okubo was astonished at this.

What... the hell was this!?

"First, allow me to show you the Gate of Babylon."

Seiji made what he believed to be the most golden expression he possibly could as he pointed with his finger.

The countless sharp and mystical weapons were sent flying towards Okubo like a torrential downpour!

The white bone claw was instantly crushed into tiny pieces.

Okubo hurriedly imagined the strongest barrier he could to defend himself with.

But those weapons flying at him were far more powerful than he anticipated! His barrier only lasted a few seconds before it was on the verge of collapsing!

Okubo began panicking as he desperately tried to imagine a way to defend himself.

Thats when he noticed his opponent drawing out a platinum gold sword from midair with a golden hilt and a blueish blade.

A holy sword just seeing its appearance naturally gave Okubo that impression!

This swords high-class divine aura was simply that strong!

Okubo was shocked to his core at the fact that his opponent still had the imaginative power to create such a fearsome weapon right after launching a brutal all-out attack.

No, this was impossible! How could a humans imagination be so encompassing to such a degree?

But the indisputable truth was in front of him.

Seiji lifted up his Excalibur sword from the Fate/Stay Night series as the sword flashed with a blinding golden glow.

"This is my second attack." Seiji revealed a light smile. "I still have so many more attacks Id like to try out, so please dont be defeated too easily."

Seiji lifted his sword high into the air after he sincerely made that statement.

He took a deep breath, then sliced with all his strength!


Seijis shout echoed throughout the entire soul realm.

A golden flash shot from the sword and headed straight for Okubo, illuminating his ashen-pale face