Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 178

Chapter 178: Entrust

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Once again, a potato chip dropped out of Ayami Himiki's mouth.

"A heroic spirit Minamoto no Raiko" She stared at her magic holographic projection in stunned amazement once again.

This handsome guy that she felt was an absolute newbie and made her wonder why the Yoruhana family daughter had even recruited him actually had a bonded spirit that was

Transforming into one of the greatest demon spirits, Shutendoji, was already rare enough. Now there was a heroic spirit as well, and it coincidentally happened to be Minamoto no Raiko!?

What the hell!? Just what was going on!?

A legendary duel was about to be fought before her! Not a hallucination or a movie!! The real deal!!!

Just what was going on with this duel!?

Ayami was in a state of shock.

Did the red-side Yoruhana family's daughter already anticipate Shutendojis summoning, which was why she prepared this particular heroic spirit?

No, no, that was impossible!

Summoning a heroic spirit was difficult enough already, and summoning a top-class specific heroic spirit like Minamoto no Raiko was even higher on the difficulty scale!!

It was impossible for a Yin-Yang Master like Natsuya to accomplish, no matter if Ayami looked at Natsuyas abilities and resources available or any other factors.

The heroic spirits appearance was most likely a coincidence but even so, this was all too coincidental!

Just how much luck was required for a beginner-level Yin-Yang Master like Natsuya Yoruhana to summon a high-level heroic spirit for a complete newbie Spirit-branded Retainer?

And how much of a coincidence was required for the summoned spirit to be Minamoto no Raiko, Shutendojis mortal enemy and perfect counter!?

This seemed like lower odds than winning the lottery!!o

Ayami would have preferred to believe that there was something behind it all.

But what exactly was going on here? It could be understood that the Yoshiaki family son was able to summon Shutendoji due to using a special item like that mysterious crystal that he swallowed. But there was no explanation for how the Yoruhana family daughter could summon Minamoto no Raiko.

The only way a beginner-level Yin Yang Master could summon a high-ranked spirit would be to expend a massive amount of Mana combined with luck. To summon a specific spirit was even more difficult, although it wasn't impossible.

But to specifically target a high-ranked heroic spirit To Ayamis knowledge, it was completely impossible for the Yoruhana family's daughter!

This was far too much out of her comprehension.

It was impossible! It couldnt happen!

But the indisputable truth was right in front of her.

In her magical hologram, Shutendoji was ferociously swinging around his wine gourd. He was locked in combat with Minamoto no Raiko, who was wielding his longsword. Dark red and azure flames clashed with each other furiously; it was a battle that shook the heavens.

If there wasn't a barrier currently covering the entire battlefield, all the schools neighbors would surely haveheard the commotion.

Ayami felt like her brain was currently filled with a heavy sludge.

No matter what this was, her job was to merely observe this legendary duel and keep a record of it.

But she really wanted to know what was going on behind it all!

The judge furrowed her brows as she continued to observe the duel, feeling a slight sense of discomfort from being unable to figure out the situation.

A huge wall of thick red flames imbued with a black aura came crashing down towards Seiji!

"Using another ultimate attack like this again"

Seiji was unable to dodge this attack, so he chose to concentrate azure light into his sword and bisected the wall of flames with a single swing.

However, at this moment, a huge wine gourd penetrated the wall of flames and came smashing down at an incredibly high speed!


Seiji was dealt a vicious blow by the wine gourd.

Even though he used clever footwork to deflect most of the blows force, he still took enough of the impact to send him flying.

The red-haired figure suddenly appeared in front of him.

Seiji instantly adjusted his position and successfully sliced through the figure, but he sensed that his blade didnt slice through anything physical.

"Damn" His slice was too hurried.

Shutendojis true attack came from behind, and he was dealt yet another vicious blow!

Seiji was knocked high into the sky.

Before he was able to rebalance himself, another strong attack from above hit his back brutally!

Seiji crashed into the ground like a falling meteor, the collision creating a huge crater.

The wine gourd smashed down immediately, leaving him no time to catch his breath!


A huge hole appeared in the ground together with cracks that spread out from the center like a spiderweb.

Shutendoji landed in front of his wine gourd and smiled delightedly as he observed his wine gourd.

The next instant, his smile froze over as he turned around to look in the opposite direction.

A lightly panting purple-haired boy stood there with only a tight-fitting vest covering his torso.

"A decoy substitution technique Hmph, youre quite skilled in cowardly, life-saving techniques." Shutendojis voice was filled with condescension.

Seiji merely responded with a faint smile.

However, he on the inside, he was anything but calm.

'This is bad, Light-chan!' he shouted in his mind. 'We cant beat him!! Why are things like this!? This demon has grown extremely strong now... hes too powerful What should we do!? Were going to be defeated at this rate!'

Haha, this will happen on occasion as well

'Hey hey! Stop scaring me! Youre supposed to be the Shutendoji slayer!! Whats with getting killed off by Shutendoji instead!?'

Accidents happen, you know.

'Please,' Seiji screamed at the top of his lungs, 'no accidents at a time like this!!'

The huge wine gourd smashed down towards him again.


In the midst of dodging, Seiji received a mental message.

'President! Are you alright? What about Shuho-san? How is she!?'

Im alright Hitakas seriously injured but shell manage to live. Natsuya sounded fatigued.

Her weakness was probably due to overexerting her Mana.

Subduing the Zombie Demon, battling fiercely against Okubo, casting a support spell to strengthen Seijis bonded heroic spirit, and curing the heavily injured Hitaka All these actions must have used up all her energy.

'Its good then as long as shes alive.' That was all Seiji could say.

Haruta-kun I can see your situation Natsuya continued talking.

Seiji remained silent without responding.

It was difficult enough already for him to continuously dodge Shutendojis fierce attacks. He couldnt find any opportunities to launch a counterattack.

There was too much of a difference in their strengths!

Even if his heroic spirit countered Shutendoji, he wouldnt be able to win with this power difference.

Youll end up losing at this rate Ill give the remaining power of the spell formations to you

'No! Youve already spent so much of your energy! Casting another spell will definitely have repercussions!!'

Hastily casting a spell to increase Seijis heroic spirits strength used up much of Natsuyas energy.

Right after she finished the spell, she fell over and kneeled, giving Seiji a big fright. That was when he learned the risks associated with the spell.

One more such spell would definitely bring harm to the presidents body.

Yes but Hitaka Rana and you youre all fighting for me Natsuya had breathing difficulties as she continued her mental message.

Seiji imagined the president barely managing to rise through sheer willpower.

Hitaka almost died Ranas injuries arent light either youre still fighting at the risk of your life How could I possibly allow only you guys to

Her words were filled with a firm resolution.

That was the resolution to bet her life on Seiji.


Haruta-kun the rest is up to you

Natsuyas words ended there.

Right after that, Seiji saw every single spell formation at school light up with dazzling auras!

A rainbow-colored pillar of light descended upon his body.

This pillar transmitted an enormous amount of energy to him!

At this instant, Seiji visualized many things.

The school, the students, and the teachers; boys and girls; people laughing, chatting, walking, sitting, having class, and exercising

Countless scenes, sounds, emotions, and wishes scattered in front of him.

There was only one phrase that sounded particularly clear.

School festival.

This was the once-a-year major event that all the teachers and students were looking forward to tomorrow!

"Ahhhhhh!" Seiji began burning up in the literal sense.

His entire body blazed with thick azure flames. He was undergoing a transformation in the flames.

Seiji-sama! If this continues, youll

'Its fine! Isnt it just some damage to my soul!? I can handle it!'


'Light-chan, its time to determine the winner! We absolutely must take care of him!!'

Mmm Natsuya-samas entrusted a task to us, and Seiji-samas believes in me. I definitely wont disappoint you!!

The huge wine gourd smashed towards them yet again.

However, an azure flash cut through the air and sliced the wine gourd into two halves! The earth shook as the two halves fell to the ground.

The azure flames finally dissipated.

Seijis new appearance was now that of a tall warrior clad in mighty, azure-colored armor. An extravagant horned helmet protected his head, and he wielded a silver-colored runic longsword.

Both his eyes and his blade were burning with azure flames that seemed as tranquil as a pond of water.

Seiji raised his sword and swung.


Shutendoji's figure was enveloped with the blinding light of the azure flames!