Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 173

    Chapter 173: Clash!

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    Sakura Islands hearses had a very unique appearance, making it impossible to mistake one.

    It was completely black car, with a... what was that thing on its back called?

    It was something that resembled a small temple and was most likely used to place the coffin in. This one looked strikingly similar to a real temple due to its exquisite craftsmanship. Seiji could see complex runes and spell formations inscribed upon it, and many yellow talismans were stuck on the top of it as well.

    The talismans floated in the wind as the car drove on, making the scene seem like...

    Seiji was stunned at the sight.

    This was too much stimulation for his vision!!

    While he was still in a daze, the hearse sped to the school and entered the spell formations area of effect.

    The formations lit up, shooting orange lasers at the car.

    The entire body of the hearse lit up, and a red spell formation appeared in midair and blocked the orange laser, refracting the light in all directions!

    The defensive attack had been blocked!

    Seiji returned to his senses.

    Even if this hearse appeared rather this wasnt the time to comment, as the enemy was already here!

    Okubo Yoshiaki was most likely seated in that car.

    The spell formation's second retaliatory wave arrived, engulfing the hearse with countless beams light from all directions!

    Various large and small multi-colored spell formations appeared above the hearse and blocked every single beam of light that attacked it without affecting the cars speed in the slightest.

    'Hey, this doesn't seem like the right style!'

    In the end, Seiji was unable to stop himself from mentally commenting on the situation.

    A car breaking through a barrage of lasers should have been either a hot-blooded or really cool scene. However, this hearse, with its abnormal appearance, made it feel strangely ridiculous for some reason! This kind of thing was simply wrong!

    Seijis expression was completely blank as he watched the hearse.

    After the hearse made something as cool as breaking past a laser barrier look so uncool, it crashed past the magical barrier protecting the school without slowing, before slamming into two white demons, breaking them into pieces. It then proceeded to crush a group of black-blob monsters and knock over a one-eyed cyclops.

    It seemed that the schools defenses wouldnt be able to block it.

    Just as Seiji was about to turn around and ask Natsuya what to do in this situation, a tremendous explosion almost ruptured his eardrums.


    The seemingly unstoppable hearse was now enveloped in orange-red flames from the huge explosion.

    Seiji was shocked to his core at this sudden development.

    "It was a landmine," Natsuya explained calmly. "I already anticipated this situation, which was why I placed special landmines that can only be activated by a cars weight. I modified them using anti-tank landmines."


    Seiji was incredibly shocked at this.

    Natsuya actually placed such things at school!? Was that really fine!?

    "I placed them after all the students left already, and Ill clear them away again after the duel," Natsuya said after noticing Seiji's stunned expression.

    'Oh, that seems fine then.'

    But placing landmines in the school grounds, not to mention anti-tank landmines; this seemed more outrageous than even the manga Kotaro Makaritoru!

    The fierce flames raged wildly, illuminating Seiji's and Natsuya's faces from where they were standing on the roof of the school building.

    It wont end so easily like this, will it?

    Just as that thought crossed Seiji's mind, he glimpsed a few hazy silhouettes walking out from the fire.

    There was a boy wearing a yellow-green wide-sleeved robe together with a tall yellow hat; a girl wearing white form-fitting clothes and heavy silver gauntlets; and a tall boy wearing light green armor with a black coffin held in just one of his hands.

    The trio emerged from the fire and remained motionless.

    The tall armored boy tossed the coffin onto the ground, and the impact scattered a cloud of dust into the air with a loud thump .

    The boy in the tall yellow hat tilted his head upwards and looked in Seiji's and Natsuyas direction.

    When they exchanged glances, Seiji confirmed that this was Okubo Yoshiaki.

    Okubo was a handsome boy, but his face was slightly too sharp and gaunt. His skin clung tightly to his skull, and the look in his eyes was rather grim and dark.

    All the demons and spirits, together with the flying papers, lanterns, dolls, and so on, gathered a few paces away from the trio.

    Okubo lifted his hand, revealing seven or eight talismans, which he proceeded to toss into the air.

    The talismans transformed into numerous large diamond-shaped crystals that began spinning and shooting out fast red bullets of light in all directions. The hail of red bullets cleared away almost everything instantly!

    The tall armored boy crouched and suddenly jumped up, unsheathing his sword. His target was Natsuya!

    Seiji could feel real killing intent heading towards him.

    Just as he was about to respond, the president stopped him from doing so.

    Someone jumped out from behind themand moved to block the armored boy in midair.

    It was Hitaka.

    The red-haired girl also unsheathed her swordand exchanged a flurry of blows with the armored boy in midair.

    After the initial clash, Hitaka discovered an opportunity and kicked the armored boy into a school building as she twisted around in midair and ran through the air to follow him.

    Seiji could hear Hitaka and the armored boy continue their battle within the building.

    The remaining four people merely stared at each other.

    Suddenly, the white-clad girl took two steps to the rightand punched the empty air.


    Rana, who had been attempting to approach the enemy while invisible, was hit by this, but she tumbled onto the ground lithely, rolling with the impact.

    The white-clad girls speed was unbelievably fast as she pursued Rana, and each of the punches she threw out was as vicious as a bulky mans!

    Rana nimbly dodged and weaved the punches, waiting for an opportunity to counterattack.

    That was the beginning of the second battle.

    There were three people remaining and one coffin.

    As he looked at that coffin, Seiji faintly recalled something.

    Okubo reached out with his right hand, and the coffin started to begin floating in midair.

    With one forceful wave of his hand, the black coffin flew towards Seiji and Natsuya like a shotcannonball!

    "Dodge it!" Natsuya shouted.

    Both of them dodged to the left and avoided the coffin. However, just as the coffin was about to fly into the air after missing its target, Okubo made a seal with one hand and cast a spell.

    "Zombie corpse, unseal!"


    The coffin exploded.

    The force was akin to a loaded explosive.

    Protective barriers materialized in front of both Seiji and Natsuya.

    Of course, Seijis protective barrier was mainly due to the assistance of his bonded spirit.

    Thanks to the barriers protecting them, neither of them were harmed.

    However, a dark green figure dashed out of the coffin and lunged at Natsuya.

    Natsuya was about to retaliate, but Seijis reactions were faster than hers.

    His fist shot out, dealing a vicious blow to the dark green figure's head!

    If this figure had been an ordinary person, the punch would have sent him flying already.

    But this dark green person took the punch in stride; he even grabbed on to Seijis arm.


    Seiji unleashed a brutal kick with his left foot and connected with the persons crotch area.

    There was nothing there at all.

    But the figure still seemed to feel something as he released Seijis arm.

    "Hey, long time no see."

    Seiji had confirmed this persons identity, even though the dark green figure was basically unrecognizable now due to the drastic change in his physical appearance.

    Seiji twisted his body, lifted his foot, and gave the figure a taste of his whirlwind kick!

    His full-force kick slammed directly into the dark green figures chest, sending him stumbling backward. The figure only regained its balance after it was seven or eight meters away from Seiji.

    "Youve remained unchanged. Still lunging straight for the beautiful girls, eh?"

    Seiji was talking casually to this person or this monster that used to be a person as if he were familiar with him.

    Actually, Seiji wasnt familiar with the dark green person at all; he couldnt even remember this persons name. Was it something Yamamoto?

    Seiji had forgotten and was too lazy to remember.

    At any rate, this bastard probably didnt even deserve a humans name anymore.

    "Even though youve turned into this, you still havent changed that part of you."

    Seiji fixed his gaze on his foe.

    The dark green person was completely naked, and injuries covered his body. His hair was as messy as a pile of weeds, and his facial features were completely distorted in mindless rage. His eyes bulged out from their sockets, shot with green-colored veins.

    "You dont even have whats down there anymore, so whats the point in still doing such things?"

    This wasnt a taunt; Seiji was merely making a meaningless statement.

    That was because this monster clearly didnt understand human speech anymore.

    "Rrr Rrrrrr"

    The green monster growled deeply, and its dim, hollow eyes narrowed.