Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 169

Chapter 169: Spirit's Arrival!

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Today was the final day of the scheduled duel.

This meant that Okubo Yoshiaki was certain to attack tonight, otherwise he would be considered to have forfeited by default.

After several days of working hard at [Visualization], Seijis [Spiritual Power] had already reached 39 points! His Spiritual Power was now equivalent to a Spirit-branded Retainer's.

Natsuya signed a contract with him so that he could become her temporary Spirit-branded Retainer.

Since he was just supposed to be a bystander, the president wasnt going to share a large portion of her Spiritual Power with him, nor was she going to summon a powerful spirit for him, or use any taxing Mana support spells on him, but a Spirit-branded Retainer was still a Spirit-branded Retainer!

Even the lowest level of Spirit-branded Retainers was already considered formidable among Spiritual Ability users.

According to Natsuyas explanation, the term "Spiritual Ability user" referred to the special group of people that had Spiritual Power and were capable of using their Mana. There was also a simple, widely used measure of power, which ranged from levels one through to nine.

Level one was considered a dirt-poor idle fish, while level nine was a wealthy scion yep, there was no problem with understanding it like that.

Even the lowest-level Spirit-branded Retainers were at least considered level two, which meant that they could crush most dirt-poor whoops, ordinary Spiritual Ability users. The slightly stronger Spirit-branded Retainers could even reach level three.

Although the power level system for Spiritual Ability users only took Spiritual Power and Mana level into consideration and had nothing to do with actual combat ability, having more money er, having more Spiritual Power would doubtlessly result in a higher combat capability, which was why most Spiritual Ability users combat strength were equivalent to their power levels.

Even so, it wasnt considered abnormal for a level-one Spiritual Ability user to defeat someone at level two, as there were always exceptions. If an idle fish was desperate enough, it could take out an ordinary player.

That's why you shouldnt look down on idle fish!

Cough, Seiji had accidentally gotten too excited.

At any rate, Seiji was looking forward to becoming a temporary Spirit-branded Retainer and wanted to experience what it was like to become even stronger.

His summoning contracting time was scheduled after lunch. This way, he would have some time before evening to get used to what it was like to become a Spirit-branded Retainer.

At lunch, Seiji ate together with Shika as usual.

He didnt mention the topic of the upcoming duel at all and instead focused on chatting about "Brother Monogatari" with Shika. He hoped that this way, she wouldnt be too worried about him.

Shika noticed his intention and cooperated by not mentioning the upcoming duel either.

But there was one thing that she had to do.

Seiji was preparing to leave after they finished eating lunch.

He paused when Shika called out to him. "Brother Seiji this is for you," she said.

Using both hands, Shika handed him a red protective talisman with gold letters embroidered on it.Seiji looked down and saw that it said "Keep Thy Owner Safe."

"This where did it come from?"

Seiji accepted it with quite some surprise.

"I made it I asked Houjou-san for the materials to make it."

Shika looked searchingly Seiji. "This is all I can do for you."

Please return safely to me.

Seiji could feel her deep feelings as he clutched the protective talisman close to his chest

"Thank you, Shika-chan." He patted her softly on the head with his free hand and smiled. "With this present of yours, Ill definitely be alright," he said resolutely.

Seiji opened up his system after taking the food tray out of Shikas room and checked his [Gifts] option.

Shika-chans protective talisman had given him 18 points! He had also received a reward: [Soul Protection CardPrayer of Safety]!

[This card is infused with the deep feelings contained within Shika's prayers for your safe return. Using it will instantly cure any damage to your soul and make you immune to soul damage for the next three minutes.]

A full recovery and temporary immunity for his soul Seiji sighed deeply as he inwardly appreciated Shika-chans feelings.

He didnt fear the upcoming battle, but he wasnt blindly self-confident either.

He had already confirmed every [Item] available to him for the upcoming battle, including the three he'd received from Hoshi Amami

Even though he suffered some mental damage from confirming it, having a clear knowledge of the tools at his disposal was necessary. Only then could he say that he was preparing for the upcoming danger thoroughly.

During the training last night for his [Body-strengthening Spell], Natsuya also discussed the specifics of the duel with him.

Natsuya had already made counterplans for every tactic that she believed Okubo Yoshiaki might use. There was only one area where she was unable to make a specific counterplan for due to lacking information:the mysterious medicine that Okubo had used to drain Spiritual Energy from ordinary people.

Even now, Natsuya still didnt know the function or use of the mysterious medicine.

If draining Spiritual Energy was its only function, then it wasnt a big deal. But what if it had multiple purposes?

What was it, where did it come from, and how did Okubo obtain it? Why did he use it instead of some other easier methods to obtain Spiritual Energy from ordinary humans? Did it have other functions, and if so, what were they?

Natsuya held many doubts regarding this medicine, but it was impossible for her to obtain any information on it, nor was she able to uncover anything about it at the negotiation table. All she succeeded in doing was to limit Okubo from using it to drain any more Spiritual Energy. Apart from this, she could do no more.

"I have a premonition that if something unexpected happens during this duel, itll likely be because of that medicine"

Those were Natsuyas exact words.

Seiji trusted in the presidents judgment.

Even though Natsuya had fallen for Okubos "Trojan Horse" plot in the past, the president was actually quite a talented person.

It was just a single mistake on Natsuyas part. Even the best student wouldnt be able to get full marks on every test. The occasional error, even a serious error, wouldnt wipe away the fact that she was a talented individual.

Just looking at history should be enough for anyone to understand. Every outstanding historical figure had made mistakes in the past. Some had even made major mistakes, but everyone still recognized their abilities.

Natsuya was an incredible girl. This was something that Seiji determined upon his first impression, and he still believed this firmly.

Since she said that something unexpected might happen, Seiji would prepare for the unexpected.

The worst situation was him being powerless to aid Natsuya in her time of need.In that case, all Seiji could do was learn the enemys plan and load back to an earlier time.

Seiji returned to the room where they had dispelled the amnesia-causing spell on Shika before.

Natsuya, who was wearing her shrine maiden outfit, was waiting there for him.

Hitaka was also present.

Over the past two days, Seiji and Hitaka had several conversations. Seiji taught her various things, and their relationship had improved slightly.

At the very least, Hitaka was no longer treating him as coldly as before.

Although she was only barely warmer than before, a change was still a change, and Seiji was happy about it. The fact that Hitakas favorability rating towards him had also increased in Seijis system was the best evidence for this.

"Stand in the center," Natsuya instructed.

Seiji obeyed and stood in the middle of the Yin-Yang diagram on the floor.

"Are you ready?"

"I am."

"Then close your eyes, relax your body, and calm your emotions" Natsuya said in a gentle voice.

Seiji did as she instructed.

"Now, please answer me. What is your name?"

"Seiji Haruta."

"Are you willing to accept, with the Spirits of Heaven, the Souls of the Earth, the Azure Dragon of the East, the White Tiger of the West, the Vermillion Bird of the South, the Black Turtle of the North, and the Yellow Dragon of the Center as your witnesses, and sign a contract with me?"

"I am."

"Then, with my blood as the contract, and my seal as the catalyst, I shall summon a spirit from the heavens and earth upon your body, to become your strength and fight for my cause"

She proceeded to chant a long incantation that Seiji couldn't understand.

As Natsuya muttered her incantation, he gradually heard countless whispers around him.

It sounded like various people talking to each other in low voices mixed in with the cries of animals or insects it seemed as if he could distinguish them individually if he concentrated, but he was unable to do so.

Seiji did his best to listen, and gradually, he was able to hear one voice clearer than the others among all the chattering.

"Where is that demon? I cant find it damn it!"

"Im so tired. I'm so hungry. I really want to rest"

"But if I dont hurry up and find that demon and stop it, more girls will be"

"Ahh this is such light and warmth"

"It seems rather familiar, but I cant quite recall who are you?"

I am Seiji Haruta.

Seiji answered the voice honestly.

"Seiji? So similar to that person who was that again?"

"I cant remember Ahh, forget about it! Seiji Seiji-sama, please allow me to borrow you as a temporary vessel to dwell in. In return, I shall dedicate my swords for your usage, how about it?"


Seiji could sense that this was a pure and strong existence, which was why he agreed unhesitatingly.

"Spirit, descend! I summon thee as a Spirit-branded Retainer!! I decree it so!!!"

Natsuyas shouting echoed around him.

Seiji suddenly felt a strong force entering his head and filling his entire body.

"You have my gratitude, Seiji-sama," the presence said. "My name Ive forgotten it, but I remember that I used to be called Light-chan, so you can call me that as well. Wherever your desire for battle leads you will be where I shall point my sword!"