Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 159

Chapter 159: Curled-Up Cat

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The high-spirited Seiji sought out Mai and asked to borrow the Spirit Image once more.

But he was rejected.

"Its almost lunchtime, so whatever you want to do should wait until after lunch, unless you want to skip it," Mai informed him calmly.

He hit a red traffic light, so he could only put on the brakes.

"Youre about to cook lunch? Would you like my assistance?" Seiji volunteered of his own volition.

"There's no need for that, but thanks for the offer."

The professional maid seemed to be exuding an aura which said: For Miladys lunch, people lacking experience will only get in my way.


'Ok then, I knew that it would turn out like this.'

Seiji turned around and was about to leave, but Mai stopped him.

"Your storys not bad at all. I give it 7.5 points out of 10." Mai smiled. "Tell me when it gets publishedIll go buy the magazine its in."

"Thanks for purchasing it!" 7.5 seemed like an awkward number to Seiji, but, to him, any rating above 7 out of 10 was acceptable.

Mais inner feelings were in turmoil as she watched an obviously joyous Seiji leave.

Her true evaluation of Seijis story had been 9 points!

But if she told him the truth, she was afraid that he would become haughty. It... it definitely wasnt because she was embarrassed at the fact that she was enchanted with his writing skills!

Okay, the maid was being a tsundere now.

Seiji went to the main hall and was about to pour some tea for himself when he saw a cute creature.

It was Rana Kirin.

The cat-eared loli... whoops, the petite middle-school girl was taking a nap on the sofa with her eyes closed. Her expression was soft and peaceful, and the two large cat ears on her head were trembling slightly.

'So cute!' Seiji couldnt help but stare at her.

Then she shook herself and curled up into a near-perfect circle.

This was... the legendary cat-curled-up-into-a-ball scenario!

Seiji was deeply moved by this scene. Without a trace of hesitation, he took out his cell phone and captured a picture of the precious scene.

*Click click...* The sound of the camera shutter echoed through the room.

Ranas ears quivered upon hearing this sound, and she slowly opened her eyes, searching for the source of the disturbance.

"Er..." Seiji froze solid as their eyes met. "Did I wake you up? Im so sorry!"

He immediately put away his cell phone.

Rana blinked her beautiful heterochromia eyes and began pouting slightly.

It seemed that she was a little angry.

"Im sorryyou were too cute, so I couldnt help myself..." Seiji scratched his face awkwardly.

Ranas mouth seemed to relax slightly, but she was still glaring at him.

She then reached out with one of her pawser, handsand slapped the sofa beside her.

Seiji was mystified at her action.

While he was confused, he finally realized what she meant when she patted the sofa beside her two more times.

"You want me to sit there?"

Rana's tiny lips curled.

It seemed that he was correct. Seiji walked over and sat down on the indicated spot.

Rana relaxed her body and placed her head on Seijis thigh. Next, she grabbed one of his hands and placed it on her own head.

Did she want him to pat her on the head?

A helpless Seiji began patting Rana's head.

Pat~ Pat pat~~

"Meow..." Rana purred in pure comfort.

So cute!

Seiji took a huge blow from the high-tech cannon of cuteness.

If he had been a cat-ear lover, perhaps he would have fainted on the spot!

Speaking of cat ears... could he... touch her cat ears?

Once he had this thought, it became difficult to suppress the urge.

The curiosity within Seiji had been fully unleashed.

'It would be fine to touch them for only a moment, right?'

Hey everyone, these are authentic cat ears!

These cat ears arent mere accessories, nor are they virtual reality holograms!

Theyre real, moving, warm cat ears that come from Rana merging with a cat spirit!!

As a gentleman, how could Seiji possibly let this chance slip past?

'Okay, I'll do it!'

All he had to do was feel them gently...

Seiji slowly moved his hands, and just as he was about to touch...



Seiji almost reflexively shouted out loud like a frog that had been stepped on as his hands froze in midair.

"I... I didnt do anything! I havent done anything yet!" he stammered defensively.

"Do... what?"

The person who appeared in his vision was a red-haired beauty with a sports drink bottle in her hand. She was wearing a midriff-baring shirt and black-colored hotpants.

Hitaka Shuho... what was with her outfit!?

Seiji was absolutely shocked.

Her current appearance almost completely went against every impression he had of her.

From what Seiji thought of her, Hitaka was a serious, cold, strict girl, who only thought about matters related to her master Natsuya Yoruhana; she was a loyal dog... er, warrior-type retainer.

She didnt seem like the type to care about her own affairs or personal appearance, and the clothes she wore should have been rather normal, or even traditional.

However, this hot girl before him... what was this about? With her personality, why was she dressed like this!?

It wasnt that it looked bad on her, but rather it felt strange because it looked really great on her!!

The red-haired beauty tilted her head upwards and took a huge gulp of her sports drink while Seiji remained shocked.

This pose... this appearance seemed right out of a sports drink advertisement!

Seiji was completely frozen solid.

Hitaka looked at him in confusion.

"Haruta-kun, did you say something just now?"

"Er..." Seiji returned to his senses. "Did I... say something?"

Hitaka was rendered speechless upon hearing this.

"I forgot... perhaps I was just muttering to myself." Seiji averted his gaze and did his best to fool her.

"Talking to yourself unknowingly... I do that from time to time as well." Hitaka nodded understandingly; she seemed to have accepted Seiji's blatant lie.

She actually accepted it!?

Seiji looked at her again and saw that she was taking another huge gulp of the sports drink, her head tilted upwards.

She exposed her dainty white neck while drinking, and the view of her throat gulping as well as her shirt that showed off her smooth stomach and belly button...

For the red-haired beauty clad in revealing, figure-hugging clothes to do such an action, it was... a truly admirable scene.

Seiji almost impulsively took out his cell phone again.

"Is she asleep?"



"Er... I think she isnt? Shes just resting." Seiji looked down at the cat girl.

"I dont know why Rana is so intimate with you..." Hitaka flicked her gaze back to his face. "Could I trouble you to accompany her like this for a little while?"

"Of course."

Im already doing it anyways. Seiji smiled in an attempt to transmit that message.

"Thank you."

Hitaka thanked him and took another sip of her sports drink. Suddenly, she seemed to think of something.

"Would you like some?" She lifted her drink and waved it at Seiji.

Seiji looked at it and nodded.

He had originally wanted some tea, but a sports drink didnt sound bad either.

Just as he thought Hitaka was about to grab another bottled drink for him, he saw her walking over and handing him the same bottle that she had just drunk from.

Seiji was rendered speechless by this.

Hitaka stared at him with an expression which said: What are you doing? Hurry up and drink already.

This doesn't seem right!! Seiji energetically commented in his mind.

No matter how he looked at it, she should have grabbed a new sports drink bottle for him! Why the hell was she giving her the one that she already drank from!?

Although he could accept it, it still seemed really strange! Hitakas favorability rating towards him wasnt high enough for such an action, was it!?

Dating sim system: 'Would you like to confirm and make sure, dear?

Seiji imagined his own system talking to him.

It wasnt necessary to check! Seiji was confident that he didnt misremember; Hitakas favorability rating towards him wasnt high at all. But why...

There was only one truth.

Hitaka Shuho... was completely ignorant regarding such matters!

Seiji detected the truth.

Her expression seemed completely calm, and she believed nothing was wrong with her intimate offer...

She appeared in front of a boy wearing such alluring clothing, but she didnt seem to be shy about it at all. Instead, she thought it was natural...

He was 99% certain.

The red-haired beautiful girl in front of him... was a complete idiot about anything related to gender matters and boys!