Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 155

Chapter 155: Questions

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Seiji started with a direct question. "How do you intend to defeat Natsuya Yoruhana?"

This time, there was a lengthy silence as Okubo fell into deep thought.

"I have a perfect plan but I cant tell you the details," he finally responded in a grim, dark tone.

"You want me to help you but cant tell me what your plan is?"

Is that your so-called sincerity?

Okubo felt as if he could hear that implied question needling at him, and he was overcome by a sudden wave of anger and frustration.

This piece of garbage thinks hes actually someone important! I was polite to him for just a little while, so he dares to question me!

He was incredibly annoyed inside.

But he had to give Seiji a reasonable explanation.

"Its because you might leak the information. Haruta-kun its not that I dont trust you, but youre currently in the middle of that womans territory, so if I tell you anything, its highly likely for her to learn about it. Its probable that no, shes definitely secretly placing surveillance on you!"

"Ah that sounds logical." Okubo heard agreement in Seijis voice. "But, in that case, how can I be of any help to you? Im currently at Natsuya Yoruhanas residence, and Im under her surveillance, so I cant do anything."

"Thats not true! You can do many things as long as you follow my orders!" Okubo hurriedly stated. "Just follow my instructions, and youll be able to break free from your surveillance, and do what youre supposed to do!"

"If I follow your orders, Ill be able to threaten her Just like Shika Kagura, right?"

Okubo paused in surprise upon hearing the name of the temporary retainer he hired.

"What do you mean by this, Haruta-kun?" Okubo asked, inwardly wondering why Seiji had brought up that useless retainers name.

"That is the second question I wanted to ask you," Seijis said coolly. "Shika Kagura, the temporary retainer that you hired, has the ability called the Reapers Curse, which will bring misfortune and calamities down upon other people. You ordered her to enter Genhana Middle School as a student, change places with your real Snow Girl retainer to confuse Natsuyas retainer, and to have her lose and be injured on purpose.

"This was all to make use of the Reapers Curse ability, and destroy Natsuyas spell formation defending the combined Genhana Middle and High School right?"

"Indeed," Okubo admitted.

This was a plot he had been proud of well, he had been.

That was because the plot which he had been so confident in failed completely!

Genhana High Schools spell formation and Natsuya Yoruhana both took zero damage.

The Reapers Curse ability and even the marvelous trap that he placed on Shika Kagura were all evaded by that woman!

He didnt expect to be seen through to such an extent His self-confidence, which had received a short-lived boost, had been cast down by yet another humiliation.

Okubo didnt wish to dwell on the subject, but he felt obliged to respond since Seiji had asked.

"So everything Natsuya Yoruhana told me was true? Youre not going to deny anything at all?" Seiji asked in a surprised voice.

Okubo barely managed to restrain himself from yelling out loudly in anger.

Deny He really wanted to deny Seijis words, yet he couldnt. It was an indisputable fact that his useless temporary retainer had been taken captive and was locked up in the same residence that Seiji Haruta was currently residing at!

Since he knew that garbage retainer would tell them about him, denying his previous actions would only make him sound like a hypocritical liar.

That was why he could only admit it.

"No, I dont deny it. It was my plot, but unfortunately she saw through it That woman is really devious, which is why I need your help"

"Wait a moment; I still havent finished," Seiji interrupted him mid-speech. "Since youve admitted to that plot of yours, the next question is what I want to ask you the most.

"If your plot had succeeded, Natsuya Yoruhanas spell formation would have been destroyed, and every student and teacher at Genhana Middle and High School would have had calamities befall them. Is that right?"

Okubo felt pressured by this question.

Even though the voice on the cell phone sounded calm about it, he felt pressured.

This was a critical question.

He knew that if he didnt answer it well, it was likely that all his previous effort in convincing Seiji would go to waste.

He hated this sensation of pressure, especially because it came from an exiled piece of garbage, someone he didnt even want as his teammate!

He needed to make use of this piece of garbage, which was why he tolerated his feelings of condescension and even deigned to personally invite Seiji to his cause.

But this bastard didnt show any respect for him at all! This bastard didnt know who he was talking to!

Okubo felt another urge to yell obscenities at Seiji, but he forced himself to tolerate it.

"Please answer, Yoshiaki-san."

Seiji even had the gall to hurry him up.

"Yes," Okubo admitted reluctantly.

The Reapers Curse definitely had the power to bring calamities down upon on everyone. Even if he denied it, it would be simple to call him out for lying.

"So youve admitted it again In order to reach your goal, youre willing to harm so many innocents I feel thats what evil is supposed to be."

"Those people arent innocent at all!" Okubos voice rose in volume again as he hurriedly explained. "Those people provide Spiritual Energy for that womans spell formation and are all a part of her spell formation, so they count as part of that evil womans forces! Why should I care about them!?"

"They never did anything to you, and none of them know about what happened between you and Natsuya Yoruhana"

"Theyre all in that womans school, and are helping out that fucking bitch! That itself is a sin!!" Okubo almost shouted in a steely voice.

The other side of the phone fell silent.

Okubo was somewhat worried at Seijis silence. Maybe I went a bit overboard, he thought.

But that was what he truly believed.

Why did he have to care about those people? Even if they were ignorant and innocent, that was their own fault.

Since they went to Genhana High School and provided Spiritual Energy for that evil woman, it only served them right to have calamities befall them.

Although Okubo truly believed this, he wasnt stupid enough to voice his opinion.

"Oh, I might have gone off on a bit of a tangent. Haruta-kun, I should have said that everything was Natsuya Yoruhanas fault. That woman took advantage of every teacher and student in that entire school, and theyd only come to harm because she took advantage of them, not because of me.

"The entire Genhana High School served as her spell formation, so its only natural for me to treat all the people there as her subordinates, isnt it? I didnt do anything wrong. If those teachers and students come to any harm, if they want to complain, they should hate her, not me."

Thats right; that sounds like a good explanation.

Okubo truly believed that his actions were just and Natsuya was evil.

The voice on the phone still remained silent.

"Haruta-kun, I know that the part you probably care about the most is that a calamity couldve befallen you, since youre also a Genhana High School student. But everything is just as I said: its all because Natsuya Yoruhana secretly took advantage of you guys. Shes the vicious mastermind behind everything!"

"Not only have you been taken advantage of as a student at her school, shes even making use of your identity as a member of the Haruta family. Its time for you to wake up now. Haruta-kun, as long as you help me"

"One last question." A calm voice interrupted Okubos words yet again. "Shika Kagura, the temporary retainer who listened to your orders, fought for you, and was injured and capturedwhat do you think of her?"

On the other side of the phone, Seijis eyes gleamed with a terrible, icy light.