Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 146

Chapter 146: I Promise on My Virginity!

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Killing intent.

Seiji was certain that he had, for the first time, detected the legendary so-called killing intent in real life!

This was a basic instinct that humans possessed to protect themselves from danger.

How was he supposed to answer this question?

Just as he was attempting to come up with a suitable answer, three conversation options appeared in front of him

[A: No, I didnt see anything.]

[B: Yes, I saw it.]

[C: I felt like I just saw something but Ive already forgotten it.]

The correct answer was probably C.

Honestly speaking, C wasnt exactly an ideal option; it seemed too unnatural!

But B sounded like suicide, and A was basically lying through his teeth, so by process of elimination, C was the only correct answer.

"Er I felt like I just saw something, but Ive already forgotten it" Seiji averted his gaze and pretended to look elsewhere. "Eh? Why am I standing here?"

*Ding!* [Favorability rating has increased!]

The killing intent vanished.

Yes, that was the correct answer!

Seiji inwardly praised the system for helping him out of this dangerous situation.

Across from him, Mai slowly turned around to face him.

Her face was completely red, and her expression still seemed rather awkward.

To describe it in anime terms, Mais current expression greatly resembled Rena Ryuuguu from Higurashi. The blank expression in her eyes indicated that she was on the verge of going crazy.

Seiji broke out into a cold sweat upon seeing the expression on his face.

If he answered incorrectly just now what would have happened to him!?

He didnt dare imagine it.

Just let everything he just witnessed fly away with the wind! Seal those memories! Bury them completely!!

"You did you really forget about it?" she asked him in low, hoarse voice.

Seiji tried to act normal. "Yep, really, I dont even know why Im standing here right now. Please allow me to go back to my room and consider this topic."

He could always ask to borrow a printer tomorrow.

Mai nodded. "Oh please go ahead."

Seiji turned around, walked out of the hallway, and returned to his room.

At first, he was walking at a normal pace, but he gradually quickened his footsteps.

His room was right before him.

He reached out to turn the door handle, but right at this moment a hand was silently on his shoulder.

"Junior actually wouldnt it be impossible for you to forget it?" A low and gentle female voice sounded from behind him.


This is so scary!!

Seiji felt as if all his hairs were standing up on their ends.

Houjou-san, youll really scare me to death like this! Dont use your skills as a maid to move around soundlessly like this!!

She almost seemed like a ghost.


If she said a line like "vengeance~~" right now, it would literally be like a classical ghost haunting.

"Senpai" Seijis cheeks were twitching slightly. "I definitely wont tell anyone. You can relax about it and let me go."

Seiji felt like he was about to be forcefully sent to heaven!

"How could I possibly relax" The gentle female voice began to sound abnormal no, it sounded abnormal from the very start. "If Milady learns about this, I"

Seijis shoulder was about to pop out from being clutched so tightly.

This maids strength sure is abnormal.

"She wont find out, I promise."

"You what do you promise with?"

Eh, he felt like he heard something similar to this before?

Oh right, last time, he gave such an embarrassing response.

He didnt expect to hear such a question again, but this time he wasnt going to respond that way!

Seiji had a flash of inspiration.

"I promise on my virginity!"

This time he would answer Gintama style! Cough cough, stop going off on a tangent.

The hand on his shoulder shook at this answer.

"Virginity?" The ghost whoops, Mai was confused at this response.

"Virginity is a gentlemans an otakus most important asset," Seiji explained in a serious tone. "You can understand it as something similar to a normal persons most important moral principle."


It sounded rather strange to Mai, but since Seiji had explained it to such an extent, she felt like she had no choice but to let it go.

"Alright, I will believe you Junior."

The hand on Seijis shoulder was finally retracted.

Seiji inwardly breathed a sigh of relief.

"Good night, Senpai."

He was about to open the door to his room.

But he was grabbed on the shoulder yet again!

Just what else are you about to do, Sister!?

"Thank you for being willing to keep my secret. Allow me to treat you to some good food."

This time, her voice finally sounded normal.

Well, this is much better.

Seiji tugged at his lips. "Can I call for Shika-chan for Shika Kagura to join us?"

Mai paused in surprise for a short second at hearing this, before smiling.

"Of course."

The gentle yet bright orange-yellow glow of the lights in the corridor illuminated the three people walking through it.

"So Senpai was referring to red bean cakes when you said you would treat me to something delicious."

Seiji recognized the object that Mai showed him.

Mai smiled as she nodded.

"I personally made these red bean cakes. I didnt put too much sugar into these, so theyre not particularly sweet, but I hope that youll enjoy them."

Red bean cakes were a traditional dessert in Sakura Island. It was a gelatin-style dessert made using beans. Usually, they were made with red beans and chestnuts, but there were a large variety of available flavors.

The red bean cakes that Mai shared with them were a translucent blue. They looked beautifulalmost like works of artunder the light in their porcelain dishes.

Shika, who was beside Seiji, stared unblinkingly at the red bean cakes for a good while.

Although her face was expressionless on the surface, Seiji could tell that she was really looking forward to tasting them.

Mai began pouring tea after she set out the red bean cakes for them.

When the clear green tea was poured into the cups, the fragrant aroma of tea began to envelop them, causing this atmosphere to seem almost poetic.

No, not seem; it definitely is poetic, Seiji thought to himself.

Watching the quiet night scenery together with two beauties while drinking top-class tea and enjoying sweets personally made by one of the beauties how could such a scene not be poetic?

At this moment, Seiji experienced peace, quietness, and bliss.

"Please enjoy." Mai smiled and invited them to begin after she finished pouring tea for everyone.

Seiji and Shika exchanged glances before both reaching out and placing the teacups on their palms as they took a sip.

Yep, delicious tea.

The teas temperature was just perfectit was neither scalding nor lukewarm. The teas rich flavor lingered in his mouth, leaving him with a feeling of deep satisfaction.

Next up were the red bean cakes.

Shikas eyes sparkled as she took a toothpick, pierced one of the red bean cakes, and placed it into her mouth.

Her eyes widened, and her expression was filled with joy as she closed her eyes in ecstasy.

So she didnt turn into a character from a cooking manga

Cough, stop getting sidetracked.

"Is it delicious?" Seiji asked, smiling at Shika.

Shika nodded vigorously.

"Then you should properly thank Houjou-senpai, as she treated us out of the kindness of her heart."

"Mmm Thank you." Shika gave the maid Mai her sincere thanks.

"No need to be so polite." Mai smiled gently; she seemed quite pleased.

Seiji also tasted a red bean cake.

The moment he chewed, the cake melted in his mouth it truly dissolved instantaneously!

Its appealing taste combined with the aftertaste of the tea created a brand-new rich, complex flavor. The flavor seemed sweet, bitter, and aromatic at the same time, causing him to savor it.

Well, with Seijis level, that was the best description he could come up with.

If Mika or Chiaki were present, perhaps theyd be able to come up with long essays about it, or even show their climaxing faces just joking.

"Its truly delicious everything that Senpai cooks is so wonderful," Seiji praised sincerely. "Anyone that marries Senpai would surely lead a blessed life."

Full points in cooking skills and top-notch at housework! As long as you ignored some strange little things, hmm a perfect wife!

At any rate, any man that could be together with her would surely be a lucky one. That was what Seiji believed, anyway.

Suddenly he noticed that the atmosphere felt somewhat strange.

Turning around, he noticed that Shika was staring at him, and Mai was also looking at him, her eyes slightly widened in shock and her face flushed red.

Seiji was rendered speechless.

Did I say something wrong?