Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 145

Chapter 145: Gradually Slipping into the Abyss

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Honestly, Brother Seiji is so

Shika was feeling embarrassed inside.

But, strangely enough, it wasnt uncomfortable in fact, it felt rather nice.

Eating together with him, speaking with him, and being praised by him was really enjoyable.

She almost felt like crying when she compared her current life with the way she used to live.

No, I shouldnt cry here. I should be smiling in front of him at such a time.

Shika displayed a smile that came from her heart again.

Her slightly shy and moving smile almost caused Seiji to fall into a daze.

Only when she sat down again did Seiji regain his senses.

My little sisters too cute! What should I do!?

He felt that he was gradually slipping into the abyss No, he had to stop thinking about it!

"Thank you for your performance. I understand what a ritual is now, so we can finish our meal."


Neither of them spoke for a while after this, and only the sound of the pair eating remained.

Since the ritual was what Shika just performed then the [Beginning Technique] in the system was probably referring to the most basic version of what she just performed.

Seiji presumed it was similar to an entry-level technique in martial arts.

If he truly wanted to learn cultivation, he would have to wear a special outfit he was rather curious about its appearance.

Would Shika-chan look even prettier if she performed that ritual again while wearing it? Seiji really wanted to see it. Well, Ill have plenty of chances in the future!

The abyss was beckoning.

So what!? I really want to see!!

Seiji forcefully banished his idle thoughts after inwardly commenting on himself.

"Ah I have one last question: how do I become a Yin Yang Master? Are there any other conditions apart from Mana and Spiritual Power?"

Shika shook her head. "I dont know. I Im just a retainer, so I only know about retainers."



"Eh? You dont need to apologize, its not like this is anything to apologize for. If you dont know, you dont know." Seiji smiled again as he patted her on the head. "Dont say sorry so often, especially to me," he said in a forceful yet gentle tone as he looked into her eyes.

"Okay" Shika nodded slightly.

She felt like crying again. How unseemly

She needed to get used to this feeling.

The warmth and comfort that she received from being together with him.

After they finished eating dinner.

Seiji brought the trays and plates back to the kitchen, where Mai informed him that Natsuya still hadnt returned.

Due to this, he decided to go back to his room and grind for some points.

Even though absorbing the [Reapers Curse] today cost him 25 points, he still had plenty left over, so he wanted to exchange for something, but

I have a new statistic now, with a new category of options and four lesser options within it, but theres no new [Items] to go along with this update! Just what are you thinking, system!? As usual, Seiji had a stream of energetic comments.

This was completely against the maxims of any successful MMORPG!

A massive update must be accompanied by new items that people could spend money on! If a huge update didnt have any new products to purchase, not only would the game lose out on large potential profits, the richest players would curse at the game developers!!

This otaku that wanted to spend his money (okay, points) was angry!

But in the end, it was all useless.

After finishing his immature small fit of rage, Seiji could only silently grind whatever he could.

Then he logged on to his email and discovered that Editor Yoshizawa had sent him a new message.

The contents of the message stated that his short novel "Ill Die If I Dont Become Handsome!" had been formally accepted by Thunderbolt Literature.

As long as he printed the contract in this email, signed the bottom, and mailed it to their editing department, his novel would be published in next weeks magazine.

Published! Published! Published!! Important things need to be repeated three times.

My story is going to be published! Just imagining it filled Seiji with a burst of overwhelming excitement.

This story wasnt one that he plagiarized from his own world; it was an original work completely created using his own imagination!

Although his system improved his writing level, he still came up with his own characters, story, and setting. Everything he wrote was a product of his own mind.

This type of accomplishment and joy was wonderful.

Seiji had high expectations for when he would be able to first witness his story in a magazine.

But before that, he needed to sign the contract.

Was there a printer in this residence?

Seiji left his room in order to search for Mai.

There were some sounds coming from the main hallway.

"Houjou-san, Id like to" Seiji startedbut when he entered the hallway, he instantly retracted his words.

That was because he witnessed the scene of Mai Houjou watching TV while imitating the singing and dancing actions of the idol girl group that was performing.

"I truly wish~~ Youd embrace me~~ On that sunset-stained hillside~~ I like you~~"

The beautiful girl in black-and-white maid attire was dancing happily with light, quick steps as she smiled brilliantly while making various cute poses with her hands.

Seiji was completely stunned at this sight.

He just stood there at the entranceway to the main hallway with eyes wide open and mouth agape, watching Mai flutter around like she was a little girl.

The former student council president

The Smiling Executioner

The person that even the drama club president, no that every Genhana High School senior feared.

The older sister figure whom Natsuya trusted so wholeheartedly, the mysterious maid that Seiji felt seemed gentle on the surface and reserved on the inside, was actually doing such

Seiji didnt know how to describe his current feelings, nor did he know what his current expression was anymore.

He was only capable of staring in shock at the figure before him.

"Sunset shimmer~~ Color the sky orange~~ Your passion~~ Is burning like the sun~~ I love you~~"

The idols song on television reached its climax.

Mai also jumped together with them, forming a heart with her fingers as she sang together with them in a small voice.

Finally, she turned around and did an extravagant pause for her finishing flourish.

Of course, she locked gazes with the boy who was frozen solid.

Mai froze solid as well.

The idols on the television finished their poses and smiled as they stood in a neat row, bowed towards the audience, and left the stage.

In the hallway, however, time itself seemed to freeze.

The air was so heavy that it felt tangible.

It was just as if Izayoi Sakuya cast her time manipulation ability oh right, that character was a maid as well.

As was typical of Seijis mind, it started commenting energetically as soon as it began working again.

Mai was still frozen in that ridiculous cute pose. Not even her smile budged a centimeter, despite the fact that quite a while had passed.

She seemed petrified.

"Um Senpai?" Seiji decided to break the silence.

Mais body trembled.

She slowly straightened herself from her pose, retracted her smile, lowered her head, and averted her gaze.

Seiji could detect that something was brewing within her.

It seemed rather ominous.

Just as he felt a sensation of danger and was about to do something to defuse it, Mai opened her mouth and spoke.

"You saw everything?"

A low, chilling voice came from the maid who still refused to meet Seijis eyes.