Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 143

Chapter 143: You're Actually...

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He instantly opened up the [Contract] option and saw

[Shika Kagura]

[Beginner-level Spiritual Retainer, uncontracted]

[Special characteristics: Possesses a unique ability. Well-balanced type. High growth rates. Incredible potential]

[Available contract: Connectivity Contract.]

Seiji inspected the [Connectivity Contract] more closely.

According to his systems explanation, a [Connectivity Contract] was a contract that would automatically become available when a potential retainer characters connectivity rating to him exceeded 100. After both parties agreed to the contract, the retainer would change from [Uncontracted] to [Connectivity Contract] status, which would decrease his [Spiritual Power] stat by 10 in order to maintain. In return, 10 points would be produced every day, and the retainers abilities and growth would be greatly increased, with new abilities being awakened as well!

All this seemed quite good.

However, Seiji tugged his lips when he saw the next message.

[Contracting condition: Make the potential retainer into a contracted Spirit-branded Retainer in the real world.]

Although he was willing to contract Shika as his personal Spirit-branded Retainer, he wasnt even a Yin Yang Master!

This thing wasnt something he could use immediately. Why did such an option appear, anyway?

Seiji checked his systems message history in order to understand what had happened.

Moments later, he understood.

After activating the [Spiritual Power Transference] ability, he had received a huge shock to his physical body and while he was in a state of semi-unconsciousness, many things had happened.

The [Spiritual Power Transference] ability activated automatically and began transforming the [Karma of Reapers Curse] power into [Spiritual Power].

The system didnt give any explanations for this so-called [Karma of Reapers Curse], but it was most likely referring to the abnormal catastrophes that were supposed to befall him as a result of approaching the [Reapers Curse].

This [Spiritual Power Transference] ability passively converted the [Reapers Curse] into his own [Spiritual Power]!

It also used up a portion of his stockpiled points as payment.

He was able to absorb 5 [Spiritual Power] in this conversion, costing him 25 points.

A ratio of 1:5 it was acceptable.

Seiji paid more attention to the fact that his dating sim system was able to transform the [Reapers Curse] ability into his [Spiritual Power], as it helped him to gain some insight into the systems workings.

His [Spiritual Power] increased to 5 points, and his two character reward cards from Hoshi and Shika gave him a bonus of +6 to all his stats, so he actually had 11 [Spiritual Power]. This helped to activate three new options: [Spiritual Power increase], [Mana increase], and [Contract].

The first two options required a minimum [Spiritual Power] of 10 points to activate.

The [Contract] option also required 10 points in addition to a retainer character with a favorability or connectivity rating of above 100 to activate.

That was how he obtained these three options.

It was quite wonderful that his system wasnt bugged.

Of course, the system didnt reply and stayed silent as always.

Seiji quietly stared at his systems menu as if he could pierce through it with his vision and see it for what it really was.

"According to Natsuya Yoruhana, the only person in history to ever successfully suppress the [Reapers Curse] was Seimei Kamijou, my ancestor. I as Seimei Kamijous descendent, I have a mysterious and powerful system.

"This system has the ability to absorb and transfer power from the [Reapers Curse]. In conclusion system dating sim system, DS system, whatever I call you, youre actually the strongest Yin Yang Master in history, Seimei Kamijou, arent you?" he stated his inference out loud in a light tone.

This was doubtlessly a shocking revelation.

Seimei Kamijou although Seiji still didnt know much about him, Seiji faintly detected just how far his ancestors power spread throughout the realm of Yin Yang Masters.

If this person was still alive or still existed somehow in a unique method in one of his descendants bodies just how much of a wave would it cause in the Yin Yang Master society?

Others notwithstanding, the Haruta family would surely be thrown into utter chaos!

Their most venerated ancestor still existed in this world, within the body of one of his descendants not to mention a descendant that had been exiled from the family! This would surely shake the entire family down to its core.

Seiji thought to himself that it even seemed like a clich story trope that he would often see in his previous life.

Well, this was still just his guess.

As always, the system didnt respond to anything he said.

Perhaps the dating sim system was actually Seimei Kamijou, or perhaps it was a power derived from his bloodline, or something else entirely.

Or maybe Seiji simply mistook everything in the first place, and this system had nothing to do with Seimei Kamijou. It simply had power equivalent to his ancestors.

The system he decided for himself to call it a dating sim system, but he still didnt know just exactly what it was.

It seemed probable that it was connected to Seimei Kamijou, but in the end it was just his guess.

Seiji smiled after silently thinking it over for a while.

"Well, no matter what you are, system, I Im truly grateful to you. I dont know whether or not you were responsible for taking my soul into this world after I died on Earth, so that I could live again. If you were responsible, then I owe you my life.

"Also, I was only able to save Mika, Hoshi, and Shika-chan thanks to you I have no words with which I can express my gratitude And apart from this, youve helped me learn how to fight, how to write and youve given me so much assistance.

"At any rate, thank you so much," Seiji sincerely said all this out loud.

Perhaps there was a hidden motive to the system helping him, but so what? He had already died in his previous life as an otaku, so even if something happened to him, it couldnt get much worse than dying again.

Seiji was rather open-minded.

He didnt know what the system was. Maybe he would find out in the future, or maybe he would never know.

Seiji continued checking out his menu after expressing his gratitude.

Unbeknownst to him, a hazy white shadow had appeared behind him.

The faint shadow seemed androgynous, and it exuded a gentle silver light from its eyes. Its mouth was arced upwards in a faint smile.

No need to be polite, Lin-kun, the white shadow silently mouthed before disappearing silently.

It was as if it had never appeared.

Seiji inspected the [Spiritual Power increase] and [Mana increase] options.

The only option under [Spiritual power increase] was called [Visualization], and it was grayed-out and not selectable. According to the explanation, a [Spirit Image] was required to assist him in [Visualization].

There was no explanation available as to what a [Spirit Image] was supposed to be.

As for [Mana increase], there was only one option of [Beginning Technique], which was also grayed-out. The explanation said that he could only choose it when he was wearing a [Mana Cultivation Outfit].

Fine then, a [Spirit Image] and a [Mana Cultivation Outfit]

Seiji felt that he would need to ask President Yoruhana about these.

But she viewed him as a normal person who knew nothing about spiritual cultivation, so asking these specialized vocabulary terms all of a sudden would surely raise her suspicions.

Hmm how should I ask her about it? Wait... perhaps I can ask Shika-chan instead?