Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 141

    Chapter 141: From Now On

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    [A characters connectivity rating to you has surpassed 100. Youve received that characters reward card].

    [A female characters favorability or connectivity rating to you has surpassed 100. Youve now unlocked the Spiritual Power statistic, as well as the Spiritual Abilities option. You may now exchange points for items to increase your Spiritual Power stat and use Spiritual Abilities to obtain points or items].

    [A female character with spiritual powers has a favorability or connectivity rating to you that has surpassed 100. As a reward, youve received a card for free[Spiritual Ability activation card].

    A few lines of text appeared in front of Seiji.

    Spiritual Power statistic? Spiritual Abilities options!?

    Seijis system suddenly reminded him of its existence and helped him to come back to his senses.

    Although he was quite curious about his new abilities, it currently wasnt a good time for him to check them out.

    Seiji smiled back at Shika, who was smiling so movingly.

    "Calling me that seems a little embarrassing."

    He softly hugged the girl and slowly pulled her closer.

    Just like before.

    "But Im so happy. I dont even know how to express it."

    He enjoyed her warmth, becoming aware of just how inwardly moved he was.

    "You remember everything?"

    Shika slowly shook her head.

    "There are still some parts that are hazy, but I remember the main parts"

    Seiji took a deep breath.


    Those memories he saw as precious were recalled by her. She considered them important as well. This was the best outcome.

    The two of them hugged in silence for an indeterminate length of time.

    Seiji slowly let go of her as the tumultuous feelings in his chest finally calmed down.

    Shika also let go of him.

    Seiji scratched his face. "How did you remember?"

    He was under the impression that she would completely forget everything or only have faint impressions. Thats why Ahh, it was too embarrassing to remember!

    "Natsuya Yoruhana told me that you were the one who took care of me while I had amnesia. Seeing the items in this room gave me a strange feeling, and the maid here gave me some hints"

    Shika slowly and clearly explained things to Seiji while keeping her eyes constantly focused on his face.

    Seiji felt that his face was beginning to burn up a little as she watched him with those deep, emotion-filled eyes of hers.

    Wait a moment! Was this akin to some type of shameless role-playing?

    He wanted to stop himself but couldnt Eh? Was that the correct usage of this phrase?

    Forget it! Who cares? Ill just die in shame!

    "I thought that youd forgotten completely, so I didnt want to burden you any further. Thats why I didnt tell you" Seiji paused for a moment. "But Chiaki, the silver-haired girl in your sketch er, she always likes to wear the boys school uniform, so Shika-chan mightve mistaken her for a boy when you had amnesia. At any rate, she pointed out that I was making a huge mistake, which was why I wanted to explain everything to you now. Thats why"

    He seemed to be rambling? Just what was it that he wanted to say?

    Seiji averted his gaze, looking at everywhere except Shika as he somehow managed to explain things before looking back towards her again.

    He saw that Shika was still looking at him with such deep feelings in her eyes.


    He was no longer able to even speak.

    "Brother Seiji~"

    Seiji felt that his heart had been pierced!

    The black-haired girl was smiling in her own beautiful unique style, but she was using Shika-chans soft and cute tone of voice to call him brother. This was too much for him to handle!

    It felt like he was on the receiving end of a secret ultimate hidden combination technique from a fighting game.

    "Can I call you that from now on?"

    "Mmm of course."

    Rapidly increase mental resistance levels! Sergeant Haruta, construct fortifications to preserve your sense of logic and reason!

    Seiji was worried about whether or not he would but this type of request was impossible to refuse, so he definitely couldnt refuse it!

    Sergeant Haruta accepted the mission while resolving himself for possible death in the line of duty!

    "Brother Seiji" Shika was grinning at him.

    Yet her grin was tinged with a hint of sadness.

    "Im thankful for everything youve done for me," she said. "But I still possess the Reapers Curse. If you get too close to me, youll Thats why"

    "Theres no thats why!"

    Seiji decisively interrupted her when he realized what she was about to say.

    "Im already so close to you, but arent I still fine? Even if something happens to me in the future, Ill definitely be able to overcome it! Thats why you should never say something like that! Dont try to push me away, and dont try to keep me at a distance!

    "Shika Kagura Shika-chan, Im going to stick as annoyingly close to you as I can! Resolve yourself!"

    Ill never let you pass away from this world while in isolation again. Ill accompany you to the future together.

    Seiji stared directly into her eyes, his gaze filled with stubbornness and determination.

    Seiji seemed to be smiling, yet it was clear he was on the verge of crying.


    "Believe in me!"


    "Youre the Reapers Curse, I know! But you still dont know who I am yet!"

    Seiji Haruta pointed at himself with his thumb. His manner seemed to suddenly become imposing.

    "I am Seiji Haruta! The Haruta family is actually the Kamijou family! Im the descendant of the strongest Yin Yang Master in history, the only person who ever truly contained the Reapers Curse, Seimei Kamijou!

    "I have the strongest bloodline! Im truly powerful! Ill become even more powerful in the future!! Ill even surpass my ancestor!!!

    "The Reapers Curse cant do anything to me! Nothing will ever harm me!!"

    Well, I possess the ability to save and load. And my system just increased even further in strength just now, thanks to you. Ill use my newfound power to take care of everything!

    Thats why

    "Thats why you should stop thinking like that! Dont say or do such foolish things. Just obediently be my friendits fine to just be my little sister as well!"

    Seiji flashed Shika a brilliant smile brimming with self-confidence, energy, and passion.

    To Shika, Seijis smile seemed to be as blinding as the sun.

    The dark iciness in her heart could only melt under the suns warmth.

    Tears trickled out from her eyes once more.

    "I can I really?"

    Can I really enjoy such bliss? Its not only a temporary fantasy; Ill have it even now and in the future

    "Of course." Seijis tone was adamant.

    He reached out his hand to pat her on the head just like before.

    Pat pat, console.

    "You can I can We can go on living together. Shika-chan Im going to call you this from now on. Youre not allowed to object or refuse."

    His somewhat forceful words seemed to pierce through Shikas heart.

    She smiled through her tears, and the sadness in her smile disappeared.

    Believe in him.

    Her heart was telling her that.

    Objectively speaking, it still seemed like he was acting rather pretentiously, but rather mysteriously, it didnt sound like he was being hypocritical at all.

    His imposing manner was just that powerful.

    Even the gods would likely respect someone with such an imposing manner.

    Perhaps he really could turn his "pretentiousness" into reality

    Shika wanted to believe him.

    Shika was willing to believe him.

    She wanted to pin her hopes for leading a joyous life in the future on him.

    "Brother Seiji please take good care of me from now on."

    "Yep, Shika-chan me as well. Please take good care of me from now on."

    And thus, the two of them smiled as they promised to stay by each others sides.

    This promise started from her death, and it would continue until death do them part.