Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 140

Chapter 140: Beautiful Name

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Seiji returned to the presidents residence.

He was rather nervous at what he was about to do next.

It felt almost like he was about to confess to a girl he was secretly in love with...

No, no, that wasnt it! All he needed to do was inform Shika about what happened during the past two days! Since Natsuya let him know that Shika seemed to be curious about it, then all he had to do was casually bring it up during their conversation and explain things clearly to her.

After explaining things, he would tell her that if she wanted, they could be good friends... or something like that.

But upon further consideration, wasnt this... exactly like a confession?

No, it definitely wasnt! Although they were similar, this wasnt a confession!

I merely awakened to becoming a sis-con! I like her younger form as a brother would, thats all!

...But didn't this seem even worse than a normal love confession?

Seiji discovered this important fact.

Seiji received a huge impact.

Seiji prostrated himself on the ground.

"Just how should I say it, damn it!" He hammered the ground with his fists.

If he went and explained it like this, he felt that it was highly probable for him to be misconstrued as a simple pervert. He would be rejected while being looked down upon.

But he really didnt have any improper intentions. He was simply a pure sis-con.

Hey, even sis-cons are considered perverts, arent they!?

"No, no! Even sis-cons are separated into pure sis-cons and dirty sis-cons! Im pure!!"

"Pure... what?" A gentle female voice sounded out from behind him.

Seiji was shocked to his core!

He hurriedly got up from the floor and turned around to see the maid, Mai, tilting her head slightly.

The Smiling Executioner... whoops, Houjou-san!

"What are you doing, Haruta-san? I seem to have overheard you saying something strange," Mai said with a faint smile on her face.

Seeing such a smile on her face, Seiji recalled his earlier conversation with her as well as the legends he had just heard and almost broke out into a cold sweat.

"No... I didnt say anything! I was just checking to see if the floor was clean or not! Yeah, I inspected it and found that it was extraordinarily clean! This must be Houjou-sans doing! Houjou-san is incredible!!"

He attempted to justify his strange actions, but it was only after the words left his mouth did he realize how he idiotic he sounded.

Mai slowly stopped smiling.

"You cant meet my eyes, your face is all tense, and your words sound clearly unnatural. I bet you wouldnt even be able to fool an elementary schooler with this, Haruta-san."

"Er... indeed..." Seiji awkwardly scratched his face.

"Lying children arent cute... If you dont want to say anything, then just do that. As a mere maid, I wont pry," Mai said lightly before turning around to leave.

"Wait please wait a moment, Senpai!"

"Hm?" Mais footsteps paused.

"Um I want to ask how Shika is doing right now"

Upon hearing this, Mais lips arced upwards slightly.

"Her bodys fine, but her mental state isnt that good," she responded as she turned around again.

"Mental state?" Seiji became tense at hearing this. "Could it be are there aftereffects?"

"I dont know she didnt say very much, nor did she request for treatment Id really like to ask Milady what I should do, but she currently isnt here right now. Her cell phone cant be reached, either," Mai stated calmly.

"Let me go take a look!" Seiji instantly started taking large strides towards Shikas room. However, he paused after taking only two steps.

"Um Senpai, just now, Im sorry!"

He left only after apologizing sincerely.

Mais smile reappeared as she watched his figure disappear into the distance.

"Honestly, him and her theyre all so silly."

Cute yet silly~

The maid continued her work in a joyous mood and even began humming some songs.

Seiji paused in front of Shikas room.

He wanted to open the door, but he stopped himself and knocked on the door instead.

"Shika, its me, Seigo Harano. May I enter?"

There was no response.

Just as Seiji was becoming even more worried, a gentle female voice spoke up from inside.

"Please enter."

Seiji pushed open the door and entered.

He saw the petite girl inside clutching and looking at a sketchbook.

That was

He raised his eyebrows in surprise as he scanned the room, finding that everything in it was the same as when he was playing together with Shika-chan!

Why wasnt any of this cleaned up? Doubts appeared in his mind.

Did Houjou-senpai forget to do it? Or was it that she was busy with other matters, so she left it for later?

Neither of those seemed like they were correct.

Forget it; that isnt important!

Seiji approached Shikas bed.

"Shika, I heard that your mental state isnt so good right now, so how are you feeling?" he asked in a gentle manner.

The girl who currently had her back to him slowly closed the sketchbook.

"Seigo Harano Your real name is Seiji Haruta, right?"

"Eh?" Seiji was surprised at this. "It it is," he admitted. "Who told you? President Yoruhana? Or Houjou, the maid?"

Shika didnt answer him.

"This I didnt intentionally try to conceal it from you. I just used an alias for some personal reasons." Seiji awkwardly scratched his face. "If youre unhappy due to this, I apologize."

"You dont need to apologize," Shika responded softly. "Seiji Haruta just like Seigo Harano, theyre both beautiful names."

"Eh?" Seiji was confused at being praised so suddenly. "Er thank you."

This was the first time someone had said something like this to him it was praise, right? He felt almost itchy and somewhat strange inside.

Thats right, this sentence

"Didnt I say this to you when we first met? I remember I said something like Shika Kagura is a beautiful name."

Seiji smiled as he recalled the fond memory.

"So its been returned to me. I never knew what it felt like to have someone praise your name."

It felt nostalgic, even though their first meeting was merely a few weeks ago.

"At that time I could never have imagined that things would turn out like this," Seiji exclaimed as he mused on the nature of the situation.

Watching the girls back, he felt like he had so much to tell her, but he didnt know how to begin.

There was a momentary silence in the room.

Seiji slowly turned to look outside the window.

"Hey, Shika. That time on that rainy night, you came. I told you that I would be there waiting for you at that time again you didnt respond, but you still came."

And then, you died in front of me. Leaving behind only those pure white dying words.

Seiji recalled the bitter memories that only he possessed; the ones he would never be able to forget.

During that rainstorm, he swore to become her friend.

She accepted it, but still ended up dying.

Being unable to accept it, he loaded back time and saved her.

"I was delighted at seeing you come that night.

"No matter if it was because you wanted to ask for help, or if it was simply because you didnt want me to wait there in vain, or even if you only went there coincidentally, Im still quite happy.

"Thats because I was worried about you."

Only when seeing her again did he notice that he cared so much for this girl, who, despite being lonely and struggling with intense pain, died smiling in the icy cold rain.

He sympathized greatly with her plight.

He truly worried about her.

"I dont quite know why Im so worried about you, since weve obviously only met twice before that, and we havent even talked all that much. But I just want to care for you."

Before he said that would be her friend. This was a promise.

Even though these were words that she didnt know about and hadnt heard before in this timeline, a promise was a promise.

"I want to become your friend. I want to help you. I want to see your joyous smile."

Not sadness, and not a smile that only comes when youre on the verge of death. I want to do so many things together with you.

I want you to experience the beautiful things the world has to offer. I made such a promise with you.

Seiji closed his eyes and recalled that scene during the rain.

In order to fulfill his promise in the current timeline, he had to exert his full effort to make her understand his feelings!

"I think that youre a good girl, Shika Kagura. You deserve a blissful life no, you absolutely must have one!"

For someone like you who never even complained about the world despite being in such a difficult situation, you have this right; you deserve it.

"I want you to know the feeling of bliss; thats why at that time I"

His words were interrupted.

Even though there were so many things he still wanted to saywhen he impulsively hugged her, and she mistakenly took him as her brother; how he decided to play the part of her fake brother, but didnt anticipate the fact that she lost her memories and truly treated him as her "brother."

He wanted to tell her about how she pleaded to be spoiled by him like she was a young child, and that he truly cared for her. He longed to tell her about his sadness when he saw all this disappear when she recovered her memories and so on.

He wasnt able to say any of that.

That was because he suddenly felt a warm, soft touch together with a faint and pleasant smell.

Seiji widened his eyes in surprise and saw Shika Kagura hugging him tightly.

Her embrace was reminiscent of Shika-chans.

"You dont need to say anything else," she whispered in a soft, emotion-filled voice. "I already understand. I know everything now."

Shika slowly raised her head.

She displayed a soft and cute expression, overflowing with gentleness and innocence, to the dazed boy.

"Seiji Brother."