Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 132

Chapter 132: The Strongest Technique in the Universe!

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A monster that was 100 meters tall no, over 100 meters tall appeared in Seijis field of vision. It was the same type as the other monsters, and it was wielding an enormous rifle which was pointed in his direction.

Seijis cannon formation was eradicated by this colossal monsters footsteps.

The previous cannon fire, which annihilated the smaller demons with ease, left nothing but white scratches on this huge monster.

Seijis robot seemed like nothing but a child in comparison to this monster's size. Even the Gatling guns and floating cannons werent able to inflict any damage on it, even after Seiji tried concentrating his fire on one location.

I need a stronger weapon!

Seiji dodged the gunfire coming from the colossus while simultaneously dealing with the endless waves of smaller demons. He felt like he was in danger for the first time.

'Something stronger bigger Yes, lets go with that!'

He drew back from the enemies and stayed as far out of the colossus range as he could. He used the floating cannons to deal with the smaller enemies which chased him and gave himself time to imagine.

Another golden glow enveloped Seijis robot.

The golden light rapidly increased in size to ten meters, thirty meters, then several hundred meters In just ten seconds, Seijis robot transformed into an enormous monstrosity which was over several hundred meters tall. Finally, the light gradually dissipated as the new robot took its form.

It was a gigantic orange-red demon fox with nine long tails!

Seijis current location in this robot was at the demon foxs chest.

Go! Nine-tailed demon fox from Naruto!!

With one sweep of its nine tails, the new robot instantly vaporized a huge amount of small demons.

When the colossus charged towards his new form, the demon fox batted away the enemys oversized rifle with one swipe of its left claw, closed the distance with a single leap, and viciously swiped its right claw!

*Boom!* The sound of the impact shook the heavens and earth.

This swipe left a deep bloody scar on the colossus body!

Excellent, this attack was effective.

"Again!" Seiji continued controlling the nine-tailed demon fox robot.

The huge demon fox headbutted the colossus, causing it to stagger.

Seiji took advantage of this opportunity and followed up with a brutal combo of claw attacksswipe swipe swipe swipe swipe!!

Using a combination attack after breaking through the enemys defense was a common tactic in many video games.

Finish it with an ultimate ability!

The demon fox opened its mouth and spat out a black energy ball towards heavily injured colossus!

*Rumble!!!* *Boom!!*

The energy ball crashed into the colossus chest. The impact sent the huge body flying! Finally, the ball of energy exploded, and golden flames engulfed the colossus entire body!!

"Its over," Seiji stated in a light tone, smiling likean immature middle schooler.

Several seconds later, the blaze disappeared.

There was a huge empty crater left in the ground the colossus had completely disintegrated.

A perfect victory.

"Who else dares face me!?"

Seiji felt like he was turning into a bastard whoops, a king!

The black wall responded to Seiji's coronation by...

One, two, four, eight

A total of more than thirty colossi, each one identical to the previous colossus, charged ferociously at him!

Seiji was rendered speechless at the situation.

"President, is your spell still not ready!?"

He instantly decided to call for assistance.

This number of enemies was no joke! Even if he went through the effort to defeat this wave of enemies, who knew how many the next wave would contain!!?

While battling was fun, battling nonstop would be exhausting!

"Its done," Natsuyas voice sounded in his ears.

Simultaneously, Seiji discovered that he was now glowing.

A soft golden glow that seemed to contain great power was exuded from his entire body.

Am I truly becoming light itself now?

He felt his cheek twitching.

"Haruta-kun, imagine yourself attacking that giant wall Use the all the force that you can possibly imagine!"

"Got it."

The actualization of light was about to defeat total darkness with a single blow!

Well, thats how it seemed to him.

Seiji closed his eyes and focused on his thoughts on visualization.

The giant demon fox stood up and reached its claws up to the sky.

Countless blueish-white balls of light appeared in the air and gathered at the demon foxs claws, forming a pulsating mass of energy.

The energy balls expansion was extremely rapid; by the time the enemy colossi drew close, the energy mass had grown several hundred times larger than even the demon foxs current size.

"Hmph, be proud that youre allowed to die to this technique."

Seiji opened his eyes and continued acting like an immature middle-schooler.

Although he was acting immature, it really did describe his true feelings right now.

Thats because this technique was one of the greatest legends of all time. In his previous life, he was also someone from that animes generation and one of its greatest fans. He would give the #1 ranking to this technique, which was the strongest in the world no, the greatest in the entire universe.


The gigantic demon-fox robot, driven by Seiji's will, forcefully chucked the blueish-white energy mass!

The energy mass crushed all the enemy colossi into a fine blood mist and continued forward towards the black wall without obstruction.

Seiji silently watched the energy mass collide into the huge wall and explode into a blinding white light!

The dark sky was bathed in radiance.

Everything was returned to its initial state.

Cough cough the last part was a bit of an exaggeration.

At any rate, Seiji followed Natsuyas instructions and imagined the strongest attack he could think of to destroy the black wall, which was also the defense spell.

"Ive succeeded, President."

"Thats good, then," Natsuyas voice replied. "Now continue investigating, but remember to be cautious."

"Got it."

Seiji continued onwards.

After having the demon fox robot run towards where the black wall had been, he saw it.

A pure white chain.

Countless white chains intertwined in a way which clearly violated the laws of physics. It seemed like some sort of spell formation.

A light blue diamond-shaped crystal hovered in the middle of the spell formation.

Seiji reported all this to Natsuya, who took a few minutes to research and confirm the details once more.

"This is the amnesia-inducing spell," she told Seiji after confirming it for herself. "The white chain is the limitation, and that crystal-like object contains the sealed memories."

So, theyd discovered the spell.

Seiji took a deep breath. "What next, then?

"Just like destroying the enemys defense spell, I can do it on my end, or you can do it on your end," Natsuya replied.

"Allow me to continue then. Thatll be the best for Shika-chan, right?"

"Yes, you have excellent talent in this area. It should be quite a suitable task for you. Compared to me trying to cancel out the spell, itll be much safer and easier for you to do it."

"Excellent talent?" Seiji raised his eyebrows in surprise.

"Yeah. I detected it when you created that car using your imagination." Natsuya paused before continuing, "Haruta-kun, your spiritual poweror perhaps imaginationis at a far higher level than average. This is why your battles in Shikas soul layers were rather easy much easier than I anticipated."

"Oh" Seiji rubbed his chin. "President, you mean to say that all my actions up to now like creating a car for convenience and battling against monsters summoned by the defense spell... None of this could have been accomplished by an average person, is that it?"

"Thats right. Youre a special case." Natsuya seemed convinced.

Not only have you surpassed average people, even average Yin Yang Masters such as myself can't compare to you

After she cast her spell, Seiji took less than 30 seconds to perfectly destroy the enemys defense spell. This indisputable fact caused the president to feel a gap between their abilities.

She didnt feel that she herself had the ability to accomplish the same task in the same conditions in so little time.

'Should I say that it was to be expected of someone from the Haruta family?' Natsuya wondered as she sighed inwardly.