Neet Receives A Dating Sim System Chapter 119

Chapter 119: Fake Brother

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When Seiji regained his senses, he discovered that Shika was in his embrace.

I actually did such a thing!?

He was shocked at his own actions.

He discovered that he was more worried about her than he had previously believed.

Once again, he thought back to those innocent dying words of hers.

As she lay there dying, she never complained about any of the difficulties that she faced.

She had plenty of right to complain or to hate this unreasonably cruel world.

But she didnt.

She only smiled.

At him saying farewell to her only friend in the world.

Like this for such a girl such a death How could he possibly accept it!?

Seiji was unable to accept it.

That was why he was unable to control himself when he saw her alive and well in front of him again.

He went up to her, kneeled, and hugged her.

She must be confused at this situation.

Perhaps he would be pushed away by her.

Seiji laughed wryly at himself in his heart.

However, he didnt let go.

This is wonderful.

He had wanted to say that she was fine but he changed it in the end to "you came."

You came, youre safe, and youre here. How wonderful

Seiji was attempting to transmit his emotions.

At the same time, he also mentally prepared himself for him to be shoved aside.


No fist, foot, or any type of beating awaited him.

Shika Kagura didnt resist at all.

Rather, she also reached out and hugged him!

"Older brother"

Older brother?

Seiji paused in surprise at hearing her call him this.

"My older brothers coming for me" Those were the words she spoke last as she died during the last iteration.

Her "older brother" Seiji assumed this older brother was once a truly important figure in her life, but hed already passed away.

Was she mistaking me for her older brother?

Are her injuries that serious? Seijis heart skipped a beat as he imagined it.

No, that wasnt it! When she came down from the sky, she could still stand and now she was still kneeling on one knee! It meant that she still had some energy!

It was just perhaps she received some type of impact, and she temporarily wasnt in full possession of her faculties something like this.

Yes, that must be it. That was why she didnt push me away. Ive become someone else in her eyes.

Seiji was certain of this.

"Older brother Older brother" A soft and gentle voice was calling to him.

Seiji blinked.

"Yep your older brother is right here."

He decided to pretend to be her older brother.

Even if this was only a temporary fantasy, he decided to allow this girl to feel a sense of familial warmth, however brief.

She must have not felt it for such a long time already.

"Its okay. Everything will be fine. Your older brother has always been by your side and will always accompany you. You are not alone."

Seiji hugged her while speaking in the gentlest deep voice he possibly could.

He wished that his words would console her lonely heart at least a little.

"Older brother Wahh. Older brother Wahh"

She began to sob lightly.

"Wahh Ahh. Ahhhh!"

Her crying began to increase in intensity.

After a while, Shika Kagura was weeping in her loudest possible voice as she clung on to the warm, strong body in front of her.

This was crying that came from her soul.

Her older brother was here.

Her older brother had found her.

Her older brother would always accompany her.

She was no longer by herself

A huge warm feeling seemed to envelop her entire world and fill her heart.

It squeezed out the iciness, loneliness, and her original distant attitude.

It turned into unstoppable crying.

It turned into a never-ending flow of tears.

Just what type of crying is this?

Seiji trembled as he listened to her crying.

It seemed like her crying was venting all her cold, dark feelingsJust how deep did they run

Was she always shouldering such a burden?

By herself.

On her own.

In calmness.

She suppressed her feelings and treated it as normal.

Seiji felt terrible just thinking about it.

The only thing he could do for her right now was hug her tightly and accept her crying.

Even if he was only temporarily her fake brother.

Rain continued to pour down from the sky.

Tears continued to pour down the girls cheeks.



Everything dissolved together.

The crying continued for a long period of time, before it finally came to a slow halt.

Shikas hands also slowly fell downward from where she had been holding on to Seiji.

Seiji became nervous at this situation.

He hurriedly let go of her and inspected her face.

Shikas eyes were closed, and she was silent. Despite her pallid complexion, it was clear that she was still alive.

"Relax she merely fell unconscious."

Someone spoke up behind him.

Seiji turned around to see who it was.

He saw the red-haired girl standing there.


Hitaka Shuho had basically the same appearance as last time.

The difference was that veins werent bulging from her face, and her eyes were golden and calm. Nor was she wielding a weapon at the moment.

She hadnt gone crazy or lost control of herself.

"I learned from Milady everything is thanks to your help, Harano Haruta-kun." She walked towards Seiji as she spoke. "It was your inference that avoided something disastrous from occurring."

The red-haired girls voice contained a sliver of fear.

Thanks to Seijis warning to the president, she had held back when fighting. President Yoruhana also acted swiftly and went through the procedure to remove the Reapers Curse student from her status as a student, temporarily expelling her so that she was no longer a "Genhana student." This way Hitaka wouldnt feel any repercussions from the spell formation for having raised her hand against a student that she was supposed to have been protecting, which would inflict the Reapers Curse upon the entire schools population and spell formation.

Thats why, even though she even though Hitaka Shuho would probably still have some calamity befall her due to having fought with and injuring the Reapers Curse, it was a much better situation than falling for the enemys trap and having things turn into the worst-case scenario.

"Shika Kagura just as you believed, she was the enemys Spirit-branded Retainer, and the spirit she fused with was also Snow Girl. But she wasnt the Snow Girl who carried out all the dirty work for the enemy. Milady confirmed that already; Shika was definitely still at school when the enemy Snow Girl was active."

"Thats why we had a blind spot.

"We already eliminated Shika Kagura from our list of suspects, so we never expected her to be a Spirit-branded Retainer, not to mention a second Snow Girl!"

Hitaka sighed.

"Milady and I, we both fell for the enemys trap If it werent for you, Im afraid that"

Hitaka lowered her head.

She lifted it back up quickly again.

Then she lowered her head again this time in a bow.

"Thank you so much, Haruta-kun."

I owe you my life, she whispered to herself in her mind.

Seiji smiled at Hitaka.

"No need to be so polite, Shuho-san. Im so happy that youre safe."

A strange light flashed in Hitakas eyes as she slowly lifted her head and straightened her stance once more as she listened to Seijis sincere words.

She walked up to him and made a mysterious gesture with her hand. After forming some type of "seal," she uttered an incantation.

Seiji instantly felt a warm feeling wash over him as the chill from the rainwater disappeared.

His wet clothes quickly became dry Shikas clothes were the same as well.

"Thank you."

"Theres no need for thanks."

He exchanged glances with Hitaka, and both of them remained silent for a while.

Hitaka shifted her gaze to Shika.

"You seem to place a great deal of importance on her."

"Yeah Im surprised at it myself," Seiji answered honestly.

"You and her you dont know each other very well, right?"

"Thats right. This is just my third time meeting her. Weve barely even talked."

"Then just why?" The red-haired girl seemed slightly perplexed.

"I dont know either!" Seiji forced himself to inject spirit into his voice. "But thats just how it is I feel its rather strange as well, but thats just how things are, as you can see for yourself!"

Hitaka found no words to respond to this.

"If I had to come up with some forceful reason, it would be I think that Shika is a nice girl. She shouldnt be like the way she is" Seeing the vacant expression on Hitakas face, Seiji tried his best to justify himself.

"Oh" Hitaka still couldnt comprehend Seijis actions.

But there was a strange feeling inside her chest.

How to describe this feeling? Hmm

She tilted her head slightly as she considered it, and she had a sudden flash of inspiration as she found the word she believed she was looking for.

This word perfectly described a boy who had underhanded motives for showing an abnormal level of affection towards a beautiful girl that he hadnt known for all that long


Seiji was rendered speechless by this.